Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Texas Motorplex - NHRA Drags
September 19-21, 2008 Ennis, TX
Kerry Don and I at camp! We had about 7 campers in our camp and a few tents. The main people in our group were Joe and Julie Byrd, Marry Ann and Teddy, Jed and Paula Owens, Cheryl and Gary Vaughn, Danny and Barbara Morgan, Chad and Diana Morgan, Garret, Wesley, Newt, Kennedy, Jeff, Howie, and several other strays that I don't know that well! There were races everyday. Friday and Saturday were the elimnations, and Sunday the finals! The Nitro Funny Cars and Dragsters are soooo loud! The smell of nitro is overwhelming and burns your eyes, and when they take off you won't believe the power! It'll jiggle all your insides. We had super seats so we were right behind the start line!
Kerry Don and I at the finals on Sunday!
Kerry Don and I standing down by the finish line on Saturday! We had to have a break from the nitro! But the sound is overwhelming from the finish line too! We got lots of autographs. The caps we have on were signed by Ashely Force!
These are my favorite drivers, the Forces. It's a father and daughter. They had to go up against each other in the finals! John Force drives the black car and his 26 year old daughter drives the white car. They are the only Fords there, so you know we love them!
These are Nitro Funny Cars.
This is John Force on his scooter at the finish line on Saturday! He comes down to the finish line when his daughters are racing! Unless, he's actually going up against one of them!
This is Ashely! I think she's amazing! I can't imagine having the nerve to drive a car that goes 300 miles an hour!
This is me cooking.... Ok I just put some chicken on the grill! Kerry Don is the really the cook! He does an awesome job! We had hamburgers, chicken, sausage, steaks, corn on the cobb, zucchini and that doesn't count all the sides. We ate like PIGS!! This is the tractor wheel he made to cook on! When the cooking's done it's a fire pit!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Springlake-Earth Centenniel Reunion September 2008

It was Springlake-Earth's Centennial Homecoming Reunion on September 12, 2008. We went to Tori's for some prefestivies, festivies. I got to dress Scout and Kerry Don held her for a long time. Tate was pretty crazy about her too! Wish we'd had more time to hang out! I just love her outift Tori fixed for her. Her shirt had 2026 on it to show when she'll be graduating! It was sooo cute!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Channing Ranch Branding June 2008

We had a branding at the ranch in Channing in June. It didn't start out very good because the tan pickup broke down right before we got there and we almost missed the gathering. Joe Byrd and the cowboys had spent the night at the headquarters and he came and picked us up. We had a pretty good crew. Walter Parman and his family, Jim Hill, a couple of neighbors, Jim Cope, Justin Bradley, Alan Sturgess, Kerry Don, Pake, Tate, Hunter and I. I took lots of pictures and the boys had fun!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Texas Motorspeedway - Nascar Racing

Texas Motorspeedway, November 2007! We love Nascar! The boys went to their first race with us last fall.
Port Aransas Vacations 07-08

This is our Family Picture from the 2007 trip! We really enjoy our trips to Port Aransas! We went and stayed in a condo in 2007! This year we were able to go for almost a week! We took the bus and traveled in style. I call it my traveling motel room. The RV park was really nice and close to the beach.

Kerry Don, Leonard (the deckhand we've known for years), Pake and Tate! This is a JackFish that Kerry Don had a heck of a time pulling in! He was a fighter, but he's not good for eating!

The first morning we were in Port A this year... I decided we needed to go for a walk on the beach! It was so pretty, but the mosquitos were horrible! And it's soooo humid we were dripping wet even thought we didn't go swimming!

The boys loved finding sea shells and watching the little crabs that are tiny and wash up on the beach... then, they wiggle their way back into the sand.... really neat! Pake found some LIVE sand dollars too!

This is 182 lb shark that KD caught the summer of 2007! It was 8 ft long and put up quite a fight! If you look close you can see the shotgun holes, where they had to shoot it before they pulled it in the boat! We had lots of BIG fish fries with this shark!

The was at the Crazy Cajun: Todd and Dawn, Pake, Tate, me and KD! They boil it up cajun style and just dump it on the table: crabs, shrimp, snow crab legs, sausage, new potatoes and corn on the cob! YUMMY, but it is messy!

This is Tate and Pake's first trip out deep sea fishing. We went out 8 hours the first day! Tate got alittle sick and threw up alittle but then he was ok! We meet a Phillipino lady that had yummy snacks and he liked hanging out with her! The fishing was good snapper and kingfish!

We went out on a bay fishing trip! KD caught this little hammer head! Tate had more fun playing with this little shark! Dawn got sick though and it made up her mind about not going out on the 12 hour trip.

This is Pake riding his little hard surfboard.... you are supposed to ride in really shallow water.... It's hard to do, but he got pretty good at it!