Sunday, April 25, 2010


We planted a few little shrubs in the front. It was a minor project, but fun all at the same time.
This is the cutest little JD tractor , and I happen think the boys are kinda cute too!
I just love watching my boys work!
And this is the part where KD says, "Honey are you going to put that camera down and help us get this job done?" So I had to get to work, too.

And we got the job done... now the little boogers just need a couple years to grow and fill in.

So, then we went to Lake MacKenzie. We heard the water level has come up several feet, so we had to check it out. Now, we just need a couple more "turd floaters" as KD says. It sure would be nice to see the lake full, with plenty of room for lots of boats.
Anyway, the boys asked to go down to the beach.
We found them on the side of the canyon sliding, good thing their pants were already holey.

Taking the boys to the lake was a mistake, now all they can talk about is going back.
The part I left out, about this wonderful Saturday is that the wind blew all day!
BUT today is supposed to be beautiful. So, we're going to help with a "pool raising," not in our yard, even better... next door. I just can't wait to see Tami's pool.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Go Racing Boys

Annually, we take a road trip to TMS (Texas Motor Speedway that is). It's always a fun trip. We found this funny hat for KD in Red River.
So, we named our bus driver Bubba Don. Those curls almost looked too real.

We had a couple of roomies in our bus.... Justin and Tami

And Ricky Rod and Judy Bug... it was their first trip and I do believe they loved it!

My sweetie (yall just thought he had grown long hair.... te/he that's Bubba Don)
I like this picture because you can see my reflextion in his glasses =)

These two farm boys are smiling because they love RAIN. And they know at home it rained 4 inches and that makes them happy.

Yall know we ate good. We always do! Our meal was hamburgers and I think we did pretty dadgum good. Of course we got lucky when we cooked, it hadn't started raining yet.

I have no idea who this crazy guy is. Realy I don't.
Oh wait....
I think I do know him, yeah he used me as a roping dummie.
So I grabbed the rope from him and roped him back. And I caught him! True story.

Somebody took these crazy girls picture at breakfast.... I hope it was breakfast, because I recognize those zebra pjs. Oh wait I think that might be me. And no yall that's not Bubba Don's sister. The real reason for the picture was for the cute rainboots. Ummmm yes they came in handy, because guess what???? It rained...

It rained alot. Yes it rained for two days.

And that's me in the muddy road, showing how excited I am about all the rain.

Thankfully, the guys kept the fire burning, because everything was soaked.

These are my girls and we're headed to the track to shop, but aren't our rainboots cute? Actually, shopping is all we did Friday, Saturday, and Sunday..... because it rained and rained. And race cars can't go around and around at 200 mph on a slick track.
So, we had to stay an extra day!

FINALLY, on Monday we got to hear this! "Gentlemen START your engines!"

BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY! Let's go racing boys!

This is Mr. Greg Biffle and he drives the #16 3M Ford Fusion in the Sprint Cup races.
And I love him, he's my race car driver. He started 3rd and led a few laps, but he just couldn't get his car just right, but he ended up 10th.

Now Judy BUG, she's a #17 kinda girl!
It was great fun to see her so excited on her first trip to TMS.

Justin and Tami smiling because we finally got to hear the roar of the cars!

This is a shot of the first pitt stop. So first we watched the Samsung 500. Then, they turned around and ran the O'Reily 300. We saw 800 miles in one day... not many can say that.

My favorite guy drove in both races. This is his #27 car in the Nationwide race. He started dead last and ended up 6th. I love cheering for the BIFF!

As one of my Nascar sisters said, "Well girls it was fun and long and short!" It was a long trip since we had to stay an extra day. I'm upset because I didn't get a group picture with all the girls. We had a big group... about 30 of us! So until next year, TMS we will miss you! Wait I think they have a race in November... who knows we might get lucky and make that one too! But, I will sure take my boys because I missed them!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 AM

I woke up at 2:00 AM and layed there for an hour thinking about everything I have to get done. Prom invitations, paying bills, making a payroll deposit.... then cooking, washing, packing, and cleaning for our annual trip to the races. Plus, I got-ta thinking I need to update my blog..... oh my goodness! So at 3:00 I just got up! I started KD's laundry, started downloading pictures off my camera and started cooking... all at once. Not really, but kinda.

Last Friday when KD and Pake were gone to Denver, Traci, Hunter, Tate and I hung out.

I told Traci heck, go with me to look at the babies.... I love to watch the mommas and their babies.

This is my baby and his Honda 80... he scares me... he's only 7.

This is Traci's baby. He scares me too! But I love taking pictures of them.

Then, Saturday there was a Nascar Night race, so we had a gathering. These are some of the kids running around the place: Pake, Mr. Ty Todd, Drew, Hunter, and Collin.

Course yall know who Hunter and Tate are, but the little guys are Collin and Jarret Leathers (KD's cousin Danette's kids... aren't they the cutest) They remind me of when my boys were little.

Sunday, I caught Pake working on his motorcycle. You can tell his hand and arm are swollen, but it doesn't stop him. He hates when I talk about him on my blog... but I just can't help it.

These are sausage balls! I made enough for an army this morning. After a couple rounds on a cookie sheet, I finally just covered the whole oven rack in foil.

These little suckers are DONE. I chopped up some jalepenos and added them this time. I actually made these for NEWT. They're his fav. Mine too!

Well it's 6:00 now, so I guess I'll get ready for school. I'm still no where near being caught up. KD just got up and told me I'm not NORMAL... anyone that gets up at 3:00 and takes pictures of their cooking and puts it on the computer for public viewing... is just not NORMAL....
LOL I know he's probably right. Yall have a wonderful week!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Denver Trips May Finally Be Numbered

Kerry Don took Pake to Denver this time. They flew out last night, and he had surgery this morning. They fly back this afternoon. First of all, I'm so proud of KD for taking him. It helped me out because I didn't need to miss another day of school. Second, I think we MAY almost be done in Denver.

As most of you know Pake was born with a venous malformation on his right hand and arm (its like a birthmark). Anyway, Pake's surgery this morning was an embolization which is the treatment he's been receiving there. Dr. Yakes injects ethonol alcohol in Pake's extra veins, and this sclerosis or makes scar tissue so those veins don't fill back up with blood. This time they injected 22 ccs of ethonol alcohol. This is the most he's ever had. When we started taking him to Denver, they could only inject 4 ccs. Of course, that was 9 1/2 years ago when he was only 18 months old. We've come a long way with more than 60 surgeries over the years. After an embolization, Pake's hand and arm will be super swollen. Thankfully, he rarely has any major pain. Usually the IV is a bigger deal than his swollen hand and arm. Anyway, the good news is that KD said Dr. Yakes wants to do one more embolization and he thinks Pake will be ready for the reconstructive surgery in Dallas at Scottish Rites.

This is a major thing for us! Major! I can't imagine how nice it will be to not worry about when our next trip to Denver is. It's possible that he may require more than one reconstructive surgery. However, we've come a long way and we're hopefully maybe getting there. We just hope Pake's hand and arm will be as normal as it's going to be and he can just live with it. Of course it's not like it's stopped him from doing anything. I will say though that my Pake is a BRAVE boy and he always has a positive attitude! So anyway, thanks to all our family and friends and all the support and prayers over the years of this long journey.

On a lighter note, Tate and I had a nice evening last night. We picked up a new/used motorcyle for him to replace his that was stolen last fall. This is a Honda 80 which is alittle bigger than what he had, and it has a clutch. But, let me tell yall, he's the happiest kid around. I hope he payed attention in school today, because I know he will be raring to go as soon as schools out! I may have to go and watch him ride instead of golfing today.

Thanks yall for listening! And caring! We're so blessed. Thank YALL!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Dan and Pat had us over for Easter Sunday Lunch.
This is Pat's little house in her backyard that is decorated sooo cute.

The apple tree was blossoming and it was soo pretty. Kerry Don was hiding eggs.

Pake helped hide eggs too! He thinks he's too big to hunt.
This make his Momma real sad.

Yall know who this, of course. He's my youngest. He's WILD!

I love this action shot of Rexie and Tate scrambling for eggs.

These girls are my next door neighbors. Rayli, Jerzi and Meg!

And these kids are my next, next door neighbors. Rustie, Bray and Rexie!

Pake holding Carmel (she's a miniature dashhund and she's a doll) and Cedar.
Pake was so sweet to help Cedar find eggs.

The whole gang of cousins from Roll-a-Cone Road. I look at a picture like this, and I can't believe they are all this BIG.... where does the time go?

Mrs Pat and Mrs Loretta! Aren't they the cutest sisters?

Now this is serious talk here between Dan, KD, Justin and Deon.
You know whatever is being said is important. I'm serious!

So after our lovely lunch and exciting easter egg hunt, Tami and I took this crew golfing. It was such a beautiful day. Everything on the golf course is turning green, and it makes me so excited for summer. By the way, it felt like summer as it was 80 degrees today.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.