Sunday, September 23, 2012

Walkin' for Diabetes

We walked for diabetes in Lubbock!  Our cousin, Kory Koontz who is a PRCA team roper has diabetes, so his Mom gets the "D" runners together to participate in the event.  I have never participated in anything like this, but I really enjoyed it! 

Tori & Sandy, and btw Tori, check out who's in the background.... I had to laugh =)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

the Ranch

We spent the weekend at the ranch.  We rode!

Kerry Don took the road grader and worked on the roads.

We hiked.  Yikes

Pake, Tate, Aaron and Drew

I made it to the top!  Pake's looking at me like... BIG deal Mom!

It was a narrow plateau... it was a big deal!  To me anyway =)

Then, we came down through this crack... I barely fit!  
 I almost cried once, but I made it ;) Now I'm crying because it's time to go back to work!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

50 Years!

Kerry Don's parents have been married for 50 years!  50 years is a LONG time in my book!

We surprised them with supper, cake, friends and family.  Oh and how could I forget the ice cream!

These five boys are Don and Freva's boys. 

This is our Adams family.

These gals make up their better half!  =)  I'm just keeping it real here! LOL

These are a few of the punks that we got a picture of, some of them had already ran off and the others are married or off at college.
Oh dear these two.... what can I say they keep us entertained.

Monday, September 3, 2012

ReDnEcK dIvInG bOaRd

As I've said before.... Y'all ain't gonna BeLiEvE this...
We had the ultimate rEdNeCk country bumpkin diving board at Lake MacKenzie this weekend. 
Yes that's a Skytrack.
My kid was the second punk to jump in.... no fear!
Wow... cool diving board huh?

The kids were definitely entertained!

What could be more fun than a high dive at the lake? I promise it's very deep.  As a result of the drought, the lake has gone way down... but it turns out there is a huge ledge or drop off here and it was the perfect location for a skytrack diving board.

KD & Newt (owner of the skytrack).  Newt is a just a BIG kid and he gets a big kick out of the little kids having fun too!  Well truth be told, I'm not sure who had more fun the big kids or the little kids.  I do know two big kids that just supervised though (hint... KD & Tandy) =)

A couple times they loaded up and went up higher!  Yikes!

This guy was the bravest and took the highest jump... go sPeEdO!
Then they had to get a ski rope and make a swing.... everyone lOvEd it too!  Especially tAtEr Jack!
lAbOr DaY has now come and gone. Summer's over y'all (sniff/sniff).
We went out with a bAnG though!
But hey on a bRiGhTeR note.... it's time for some fOoTbAlL y'all and hArVeSt and then comes pUmPkInS and then tUrKeYs.... wait I might be getting ahead of myself.