Sunday, April 26, 2009

ATVing on Sunday Afternoon

Tater and Kerry Don, KD got a dirt bike.... he couldn't stand it! He wanted to be able to ride with the boys!
Pake on his 100!

KD getting air!

The pit filled up with water with the big rain and the track is still a lake! So, they can only jump out of the sides....

Some of our bulls across the road....
Love the 4 wheeler... I'm glad my ATV has 4 wheels :D
What a weekend! We played in a golf scrambled on Saturday... KD and I made a pretty good team. The boys had Bray and Meg over for the night! I caught them high jumping the shower curtain rod in the guest bedroom! Yeah! I guess Bray and Pake are getting ready for the Swinburn track meet.
Then, we rode this afternoon and watched the Talladega race too! What a race! Carl Edwards flipped on the finish and his car hit the fence.
We've got a busy week ahead... but we're looking forward to going to MacKenzie next weekend for the boys' birthdays.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Friday

The boys and I went to Earth on Good Friday to visit everyone! It was a great day, the only problem was we were short on time!
Tori and Scout with the boys!
I love this picture! Yes Scout is really this adorable!

Hunter O, Pake, Sum, Trail, Tate, Autumn....
I wanted Scout in the picture too, but she was napping and we didn't want to wake her up.

The boys and Scout with their great aunt LaVerne in the nursing home in Muleshoe.
She loves to see the kids ,and she's CRAZY about Scout!

The best part of the day was going out to Aunt Pat's goat farm. I think she said she had about 200 head of goats. She said this year that they've had like 3 sets of quads. The little black kid's name is Velvet. The kids thought it was pretty cool to play with her.

The boys with Velvet... they fought over whose turn it was to hold her!

Scout loved it, but she wasn't quite sure what to think!

Pat let the kids give Velvet her bottle!

Thursday evening before Good Friday, the Murrell twins came home with the boys after school. The kids had lots of fun playing....

The kids playing on the trampoline with the slide that blew off the swing set.

Lots of good times!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The BIG Rain of Spring 2009

We had some excitement on Thursday, April 16th. There was a tornado warning at the schools. They held the kids until 4:30. At Tulia High School, we were hosting the district track meet, so all the schools were in our building, sitting in the hallways and in the classrooms with no windows. We finally got home about 5:00 and that's about the time the bottom fell out! It rained from 4 inches in about 3 hours.
The first picture is west of Ron and Kylene Miller's house. These cattle had high ground on the north end of the field, but for some crazy reason they thought they had to swim out on the southwest end. The barbed wire fence was coompletely under water and they swam right over/in it.... Some of the calves got hung up, too . If you look closely you can see some bobbing heads. They struggled and struggled, and I thought they were going to drown. Thankfully, they all got out, but some were all cut up and bleeding. I barely got the picture of the charlet calf and the blood showed the most! It was sooo sad but you'll all be glad to hear that they got a count and they all got out! We put them in a pen at Roll-a-Cone and gave them a big round bale of hay!

No this is not snow! It's hail! This is a picture of the Ford house... their back mechanic shop building collapsed.

This is the road that runs west of Dera's house! It looks like a river!

This is Roll-a-Cone road this Saturday morning (same place the calves swam out)! I was supposed to have Brianna's wedding shower at my house today but it's not happening. We had to move it to town to the Memorial Building.
What a mess! We prayed for rain and well we got it and we're thankful for it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


1.Choose the fourth folder where you store pictures on your computer.

2. Choose the fourth picture.

3. Explain that picture.

4. Tag 4 other people.

Ironically, this was 4th of July. The guys had to work so all the girls and kids stayed at the lake. We aired up this jumbo floating up at camp. Then we realized we need to get it to the beach. We put it on top of Bailey's pickup! Tate is on Austin's shoulders and Pake is on the bottom right side of the picture. The floaty fell off a couple times on the way down to the beach and it got some major holes in it. Needless to say, it didn't make it! But it was fun while it lasted. Makes me ready for the lake.

I tag Sherry, Andreia, Wendy, and Brooke!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas Motor Speedway

We went to the Nascar Race at TMS. Kerry Don didn't start out the trip very well. He was loading up the trailer that we haul behind the camper Wednesday night, and sprained his ankle stepping off of it. I took him to the ER for an Xray. It was not broken just sprained real bad. Thank goodness for Jack Todd, he hauled Kerry Don around, and he took us down in the pitt area. It was WAY cool. This is KD and I in front of our favorite driver's pitt, Biffle #16.

This is pitt row where every driver's crew has their tires, gas, crew chiefs, etc...
Me standing by pitt ROAD... prerace, during driver introductions.

Tami, Meg, me and Leslie at the Nationwide RACE on Saturday. Our seats were in the sun and it was a pretty day!

Kerry Don leaning on the wall...prerace Sunday!

Our view of the beginning of the race! Right on turn four! It was awesome.

Jack's the MAN. He works down at TMS during races. He gave us first class treatment, plus he saved Kerry Don since he had a hard time getting around.

PreRACE the fire fighters, EMTs, Chaplain and Jack on the end... they line up just like the pitt crews do during the national anthem and prayer. It looks neat to see them all lined up across pitt road.

Sitting in the stands, in the shade on Sunday during the race. It was sooo COLD! Tami made these blankets for us... they were great!

Kerry Don and I on Saturday at the Nationwide race... this was the WARM nice day... the only bad things was Kyle Busch won the race and we're not FANS of him.

The pace car pulled out right by us on Sunday before the race.

After the prerace introductions, the drivers get in the back of a pickup and ride around the track waving at the crowd.... Then some of them got out on turn 4 where we were standing. Unfortunately, Biffle didn't but I got some pictures of some of the other drivers. Bobby Labonte is from Texas and very popular here!

Bill Elliot, a legend, in the nascar world.

Reed Sorenson... a young driver.

Michael Waltrip... not a fan AT all, but he's a face everyone reckognizes.... He walked right in front of us.

The BUS and the trailer we pulled... we love the BUS!

Kerry Don's ankle... the swelling is down but it's turning all different colors.

Sunday night we had steaks on the grill! We ate good the whole time. We had beans, ham and cornbread on Friday and it ended up being everyone's favorte meal. Then, Saturday they fried gizzards! We're glad to be home but always have a great time at the races. Our driver, Greg Biffle got 3rd. He led about half the laps, but had a bad pitt stop and lost some spots.

Blizzard on March 27th

We had SNOW... blowing SNOW on March 27th! They let school out at noon! Pake, Meghan and Tate had to come home and put on their snow clothes and play in it! It sure was COLD though. This weather has been crazy!

This picture doesn't capture what the kids were doing very well, but I tried. There was a sheet of ice/snow on the balcony. They would run, jump, and slide on their bellies.

Then, they came in and built a fire in the fireplace, so they could thaw out.

Kerry Don fixed up his old pickup as a cake wagon. We went out during the blowing snow to hay and cake the cows.

A new baby... we were alittle concerned we'd lose some babies, but thankfully we didn't.

This baby was having fun in the snow.

This drift in the ditch was up to the fence line the next morning. It really blew!

The golf course on Friday night... Kerry Don was golfing on Sunday!

Kerry Don working on Hunter's dirt bike. He's Mr. Motorcylce mechanic... he keeps all the kids bikes running.