Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pictures of the Snow!

It snowed!  
Tate, Cade, Hunter, Pake, and Bray plus Maxie and Remi had a ball playing in it!

Guess who?  Yep it's Pake!
 They got all the snow clothes out they had, most of them don't fit!  They were swapping and trading around with their friends and cousins.  They have outgrown everything!  Needless to say, there were a few pairs of high water coverall!  

Before long they'll be as tall as their Daddy.

Some of the crew!

These girls came from Texarkana and they don't quite know what to think about the snow!

Pistol didn't quite know what to think either...

Kerry Don hauled hay.  I took pictures...

These girls were happy to see us!

This is my favorite shot of the day.

It's so funny to watch the cows play in the hay! 

And last but not least.... I had to throw in this picture in.  This is my guys unhappy about me making them take a family picture in the snow.  Now work and playing in the snow is one thing, but the second I request a family picture... GEEZ!  I think I might have to stick to taking pictures of the cows!  They at least cooperate!  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Las Vegas

It's been about 15 years since Kerry Don and I have been to Vegas.  
I had forgotten how crazy it is out there!
We stayed downtown... the signs are so bright.  

The light shows are amazing.

We went out to the drag strip for some NHRA drag racing.  Let me tell you there is something about this dragway.  When the cars race, you feel it!  It will rattle your insides and burn your ears.  

Cheryl loves the drags too!

She wanted me to meet her drag racing friend, Jack Beckman.

He's also a cancer survivor.  Plus he was stationed in Clovis and raced in Idalou.

He was so sweet!  He told me to STAY strong!  I wish he'd told me to open my eyes too!!!!

Glad I got this pic with him too ;)

Kerry Don likes his racers too ;)

The Vegas Drag strip did NOT disappoint... it was awesome!

It was awesome to share it with good friends!

Gary wants to drive too!

I thought this pink car was cool!  Speaking of cool, it was not COOL in Vegas.  
Thank goodness for good iced tea!

You just have to roll the dice alittle in Vegas.

Speaking of rolling the dice.... I decided to ditch the wig!  Who needs a wig in Vegas? Or ever? 
 I haven't worn it since!

Then, before you could blink your eyes at the bright lights of Vegas we were on the plane home. 
 Look at the pretty white snow on the mountains.  Bye Bye Vegas!