Thursday, January 22, 2009

Golfing in January!?
We have had some beautiful days here lately, so we've been hitting the golf course every chance we get. The boys love to go out there but we have to remind them to be quiet! Come to think of it... I have to keep reminding myself the same thing! If I actually hit a good shot, I tend to follow it with a big hoop and holler. The problem is hitting a good shot doesn't happen very often for me.

Pake got golf clubs for Christmas, so he loves trying his out! Hunter already had golf clubs and Tate just shares with them. NOTE: They are all lefties.... even Kerry Don! It's ironic that my husband and 2 boys are all left handed and even Hunter (my 3rd child) is a lefty!
Tate, Hunter O, and Pake...
Kerry Don had the priviledge of hauling the boys around.... acutally I think you're only supposed to have 3 on a cart... OPPS! We're already breaking the country club rules.

Tate being his normal goofy, right in the middle of the picture, cheesing, dramatic, arnory SELF!
Doesn't this make Hunter and Pake look so grown up! I'm glad they're interested and are learning when they're young! Maybe they'll become pros... lol

Miss Pat and I... we really enjoy golfing together... We mostly laugh!

KD looking to see if it's going to land on the green, I meant brown... golfin in January isn't very green! Pat behind him to see if she can spot it! We spend more time looking for Kerry Don's golf ball...

Miss Pat getting ready to hit the ball.

Me getting ready to hit my pink ball... I have better luck finding a pink ball than a white one!
Just wanted share some shots of us golfing.... Who knew we'd get to golf sooo much in January! It's cool and NO mosquitos makes it even better! The Tule Lake Golf Course is right beside a wildlife refugee... last night we saw the prettiest fox. He had a big ole bushy tail. We also saw deer and turkey last night!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Day of Fun at Aunt Pat's
We went to Muleshoe for our great Aunt LaVerne's 98th birthday party. Unfortunately, LaVerne got the stomach bug and didn't get to come. We sure were sad she didn't get to come, but I guess we basically had the party with out her. We had family come from as far as, east of Dallas. The food and fellowship as always were outstanding!
This is RARE! A picture with both my sister and brother.
Tori, me and Tripp. Tripp is the oldest, then me and then Tori.
Tripp always plays tag football with the kids... he had a pretty big group of us. Even Hope, Preston and I played. Pake isn't in this picture because he headed back in the house for more chocolate cake!
We had FOUR cakes... Yes Four! Tori made the red velvet, Hope made the way CUTE fondue 3 tierd cake, and Pat made Angel food and chocolate.

Trail, Tate and Carly (Carly is from Rockwall east of Dallas)...
these three became buddies in Buffalo Gap this year at our family reunion.
My neices: Autumn, Summer and Scout!

Me feeding Scout... ok this kid is funny because she doesn't lay down to take a bottle... she has to be sitting up! I think she's just afraid she's going to miss something. Her personality is really starting to come out, and I think she's going to be a character. Also, I have to comment on the orange chair.... you know this is Aunt Pat's house because she loves the color orange!

Cousins: Mary Beth, my Mom, Teresa and LaRue... these are some outstanding ladies!

This is Mr. TROUBE between two very sweet ladies (mother and daughter)..... Teresa, Pete and Juanice. Pete thinks he's the comedian of the family! WE love to give him a hard time!

My uncle Don and his boys Danny and Jimmy!
I had a great time visiting with Danny about deep sea fishing!
Mr. Pake with Hopey and Tori in the background!

Two little monkeys in the tree... Trail and Tate!

Mr. Pake WAY up in the tree!

Tripp heading up the flag football game... my boys love it!

Down set hut... Tate and Papa!

Tripp tagging Mr. Speedy Gonzales...

They always have to get a game of dominios going.... Hoyt, Preston, Riley and Tripp.
Even though Aunt LaVerne didn't get to come to her birthday celebration... we all had fun!