Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One CRAZY week

I don't even know where to start.....
WELL, Pake had reconstructive surgery at Scottish Rites in Dallas on Friday, June 25th and it has been a rough road.... He was released on Saturday (which was a mistake because it was really too early). The bumpy ride in the car was too hard on him, so we got a hotel outside of Dallas and stayed one night. We came on home Sunday and he was such a trooper! Then, we couldn't get his pain under control, but finally got a different pain med. Also, we were having to give him shots in his tummy to help prevent blood clots... then, he started getting a bloody nose from his blood being so thin! So today they said we don't have to give the shots anymore. WHEW, thank goodness, because I did not like giving my baby shots. Plus, as to be expected, he doesn't have an appetite, so I have to MAKE him eat something when it's time for his meds. Anyway, he's been resting alot and getting alittle better every day. So, hopefully all of this will be worth it! Dr. Oishi said that he was able to straighten out his elbow, wrist and fingers some, and open up his hand some. If this works.... it will all be worth it... it just doesn't seem like it right now =(

Today, Hunter and Tate pose with Pake...
I took about 20 pictures before I got him to smile and look at me...

Maxie has been moping around... I think she knows her Pake is sick.

We were all smiles in the hospital right before he was released...
little did we know the long road ahead of us........ But each day it will get better!

On a lighter note: Mom and Preston came to Dallas and so the night before surgery we took Mom out for her birthday. I wanted to take her some where REAL special. Well I found this Medevial Times place very near our hotel and thought.... now that might be special. AND it was special and different and well pretty much weird and nerdy. LOL We toughed it out and had fun! I bet Mom will never forget this birthday!

Mimi and the boys outside the castle... I want to say that Mimi could have been in Hugo watching the Ranch Rodeo team and contestants. BUT I told her boy could she tell them about the wild show she saw of prancing and rearing horses and jousting knights.

I told yall she'll never forget it.

We all were issued a crown at the door, so we were on the yellow team.
Preston's smiling because he knew I was crazy before I brought him here.

Can you see the look on KD's face? I think, he's thinking,
"Tandy I'm really going to kill you for this one"

Then there was Tate... he was soo hungry and we had a to wait a bit. He said, "Mom I'm so hungry I'm dying and I don't even like PIRATES!" LOL he just cracks me up sometimes.

But we were finally seated and the show began and the boys liked it... well actually I think everyone ended up thinking it was kinda cool.... kinda barely.

They served everyone around the arena while the knights performed. It's all actually very entertaining (if you're into the Sir Lancelot and Lady Whoever shiny armor kinda thing). Nonetheless, the food was actually pretty good. Oh and the waiter said, "Raise your hand"
and then said, "Meet your fork and knife" No we didn't have any silverware.

The performance was pretty impressive.
It's funny to see horses perform in something other than a rodeo.

Before dinner, Pake got to swim one more time before being in a cast.

Earlier in the week, we all met at Wonderland for Trail's birthday.
These cousins had a great time.

It was Scout's first time at Wonderland and she was in AWE...
the boys took time out to ride a few rides with her.

And I just had to throw this picture in....
Brad and Pake in the field with matching sunglasses. I know Pake just can't wait to get back out in the field. He will be there though, eventually.... He has to wear the cast for 3 1/2 weeks....
Keep him in your thoughts because he's not having much fun right now. I also want to thank all my friends and family that have been bringing food. Pake might not have an appetite but we do and YALL are making me FATTer!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wheat Harvest Time

The guys started cutting wheat last week. I took ice cream up to Wayside.
The guys love ice cream breaks... especially the little punks.
I don't know if harvest is all that fun for the big boys, but for the little ones... well they love it!
Hunter, Bray, Pake, Tate and Kerry Don

The punks climbing on the combine.

That's my oldest boy... he thinks he's very grown up. Uhhh he's eleven, but he feels he has lots of responsibilities on the farm..... well except when I talk him into going to the lake with me =)

Tate and Bray playing in the grain trailer.

I personally think wheat is really pretty... the problem is this year, it doesn't really matter how pretty it looks pouring into the grain trailer... it ain't worth nothin' =(

This is the famous JoeByrd (he says his name as one word).
Here he poses with his classic '69 Pete.
I love it and everyone loves JoeByrd!

What in the heck? Ok I will explain.... when we are chasing the harvesters around and trying to find them in this vast flat country... we have specific landmarks we refer to. This here is Dolly Parton. Everyone that lives in Swisher County knows what you're talking about.

These two took a break from harvest and came to lake with me...
you might be a redneck if you wear your boots with your swimming trunks.

Nothing more pretty than combines running in a pretty golden wheat field.

The drivers are always real happy to see you about 7 of an evening!
Clay Bret is here to help his uncles and KD is real happy that he has someone to run his combine, because we're off to Dallas Thursday. Not for fun though.... Pake is having reconstructive surgery on his arm and hand at Scottish Rites Children's Hospital. Yall say a prayer for our brave Pake (and please say one for his Momma too cuz she's alittle freaked out)
Anyway... back on the farm they'll still be cutting wheat... Thanks to everyone here helping and to the girls that will be taking them supper.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Life at the LAKE

We've been spending lots of time at the lake... it's our favorite place.

My friend made this stepping stone for me... I think it pretty much sums it up =)

My Pake is such a hardworker... he mowed around our camp.

Boys will be boys!

Country boys around the fire pit that they worked so hard on.....

When we're lucky, we get to put the boat on the water. THANKS KD we love you man!

This one amazes me! He can do anything he wants.

As for this one... LOOK out! He popped up first try.

Hunter O and Tater getting a WILD ride from KD
(this is why KD likes to get the boat out.... he LOVEs to give a good ride)

Who the heck is that guy out there?
It's RICKY ROD... yes he got air! LOL

We all got a kick out of him, even little Judy BUG... she said he was sore for a week.

I was sore for a week too..... but it was fun at the time!

I love the lake!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ATV Adventures

All in all, Memorial Day weekend was great except I had to work Saturday morning..... but we won't talk about that, because SCHOOLS out for SUMMER!
The reflection of my punks.... I love it...
My friend Barbara (who is a great photographer) had the idea to shoot their reflection.
Boy am I glad I brought her along.

Speaking of Barb there she is, shooting the blooming prickly pair.

It's great to bring along a photographer, because yall know how I love to get family pictures.

My two punks on a BIG rock.

The Saturday group at the ranch.

I tried to copy Barb, my picture of the blooms.

We rode under the bridge that goes to MacKenzie.

My favorite plateau by the dam.

I know yall don't recogonize this guy do you? IT'S Kennedy.... he shaved and cut his hair =)

This punk is KD's nephew... guess he's mine too. He'll be a freshmen and he wore swimming trunks and purple top cowboy boots.... what's this world coming too?
Ok, ok Aaron I guess I'll still claim you.

Barb and Danny are pretty cool folks, with pretty cool 4 wheelers. Plus they hauled my punks.

The line up.... that dirty green RZR is our new toy which we love!
Come see me and I'll take you for a ride =)

My favorite look out point on the back side....

Hey yall might see this on our Christmas Card... I kinda like this picture.

That's Mr KD pointing at our pickups parked up on the ridge across the canyon.
We had a good ride.

Then, on Sunday we rode at the lake.... the little motorcycles got to go too!
I love trailing with a big group.

Thanks for checking out our Memorial DAY ATV adventures....