Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Longhorns Go Undefeated

Tate played basketball this year.  He had never played before and he knew nothing about the game. Anyway, thank goodness he was picked by the Longhorns, because they are all stars. The twins are the coaches sons and they are the best little 4th grade basketball players I have ever see play!  I'm not even making that up, they are good!  I think they could whip some high school kids.... they are FAST and QUICK and can make a basket faster than lightening.  But this whole team, did great!   Everyone got to play!

 This group of boys were undefeated! They beat all the Silverton, Nazareth and Happy teams.  They were awesome!  Ok, ok I know I'm braggin sorry, I'm just a proud Momma!

This kid was so excited and his brother was excited for him too!

And best of all, Little Linc came to his first basketball game and we had to get his picture!

Well basketball is over, now it's time for some baseball! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Redneck Country Bumpkin Landscaping

I had this idea to put a fake ranch entrance in my circle driveway.  I needed cedar post and I couldn't find them, especially not tall ones.  So I found this guy down by Burnet and Marble Falls that had every size I needed plus he would cut the tall ones with a Y in the top.  So yes I know I'm CRAZY! I drove 400 miles to get the posts......
My sweet husband rounded up the guys Saturday morning and started on the project!  I'm not so sure Chad and Butch were too excited about the whole thing.... but thank goodness for their help because we got 'er DONE =) 

They had to stand up on a pallet to put the top rail on.... it fit perfect and was even level!

Who knew a little old cedar fence could make a girl so happy!

And the neighbors had to come see what the heck we were doing.... Daisy, Bootsie and Dixie said it was looking good!  And Dan Byrd even said he thought it was "alright". And if Dan Byrd says it's "alright" then by golly it's "alright".  I'm just saying.... te/he

The boys worked hard!  We put down landscaping cloth to keep out the weeds. I hope it works.... I'm not too much on pulling weeds.
Then, JoeByrd came by and wanted to know why in the heck I wanted that old rusty plow???? 
He just doesn't get it! Does he?!  He said it's gotta be John Deere green for JoeByrd.

 I wanted the plow.... the older and the rustier the bettter. 
 Kerry Don says this is an old horse drawn plow and I assume it was Wylie Byrds.
 I'm sure there's a story behind it. Anyone know it?  I wonder how old it is?

Then we filled it in with gravel.  It's a start but we've got a LONG ways to go. 
I'm also hoping to get a sign to hang from the top.... Justin? 
Will you help me, can you put a windmilll on it?

 We can't plant til mid April.  My goal is to have drought resistant plants that don't require ANY attention.  BUT what I really want is a Yucca that has a trunk, but they are very hard to find and hard to transplant.  Anyone know where I could get one?  Anyone have any suggestions? 

Thank yall for listening to my Redneck Country Bumpkin Landscaping and Y'all Come See Us! ;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break Road Trip II

So the coolest part of the the Horseshoe Bay Resort was the golf course.  Well it was an 18 hole putt putt golf course, but all the greens were real greens.  It was awesome!

They had a blast with the water arch... see the water shooting over their head.... kinda cool!

We putted and putted and we weren't too good.  Probably not a big surprise though... ha/ha

I loved it... it was so pretty!

Tater Jack thought it was baseball! 

It was the most beautiful landscaping, with waterfalls, streams, fountains, and palms.

Did I mention that they played in the water arch?  They got wet!

We had to park our redneck ATV trailer with cedar post at the airport
and this was the view looking down on Horsheshoe Bay.... it was a site to see!

Then, we hit the road and we passed this gorgeous ranch entrance!   
Then we stopped outside of Llano and saw the bald eagles.... WAY cool!

Next, we stopped and bought cactus!  I was on a mission.  And today we worked in the yard and if I may say so myself it looks good (guess what I will blog about it )!  It was all worth the 2 day road trip with 3 punks that fought and entertained me the whole way! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Road Trip

Good ole Spring Break finally came to see us and I was soo happy!  Then I started on a mission to find cedar posts because I have a project in mind for my yard (more on all that later), but I couldn't find cedar posts ANYWHERE in the Texas panhandle.  SO a friend found them listed in Craigslist, so I called the guy.... he had what I wanted and would even cut them fresh.  SO, we loaded up in the ole Excursion pulling our ATV trailer and headed south.  Heck 400 miles really isn't that FAR right?

Actually it was kinda far.  But we made it and these nice guys that had just cut the big posts loaded us up.  So we asked the landowner that had sold them to us, where we could go and spend the night and have alittle fun.  I had three punks in tow and they wanted to swim!  So he says..... aw yeah about 10 miles down the road at Marble Falls there's the Horseshoe Bay.  I though heck we'll check it out.....  so I plugged it into my GPS and hit the road....

So picture this in you head.... a beat up old Excursion pulling a beat up ATV trailer, full of cedar post that are hanging out, 3 snotty nose punks with ball caps and cowboy hats on and then, me, one red neck Momma with a thick hick accent.....

We pull up to the resort and see this........ Opps holy cow!  This place might be alittle fancy for us.  Can you imagine what the Valets thought when they saw us coming?  But come to find out, our money is just as good as city folks and they gave us a room.  And we felt like we were up town!

So we took the shuttle down to the Yacht Club and we thought we were at a beach!

That's Horseshoe Bay and to us that's alot of water!

Talk about beautiful landscaping.

We had supper (or as the city folk say... dinner) outside by the bay.  The boys loved it!  Our trip was quite eventful, so part two will be coming up!  Until then, hope everyone is enjoying spring break. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tate Gunnar

His name is Tate.
He's my baby.
He rides his dirtbike everyday.

He gets BIG air!
He's not chicken.
He's actually way too brave!

His Mom likes to take his picture.
She thinks he's cute.
She hopes he doesn't wreck!
The end.

P.S.  Tandy ain't no poet!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green Chile Breakfast Omelet

My sweet, sweet hubby made me the most delicious breakfast omelet!

 Sausage, jalepenos, and pepper jack cheese!

Then, there's this secret sauce! 

Well it really ain't no secret..... but it's GOOD, GOOD!

Roll it up... like a burrito, top with more green chili sauce and cheese! 

Can I just say YUM!  It'll make you wanna slap yo Momma!