Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family Pictures

I'm always making the boys take pictures and quite frankly it is NOT their favorite thing.  But I usually, ok most of the time, get my way.  So I scheduled a photo sessions with Melissa Simons, 719 Main Photography from Happy, Texas.  I was super pleased with the photos and wanted to share a few of my favorites. 

I think this is my favorite!  Happy New Years Y'all!

Christmas at the Backwards K

Boys and their new Bogs =)

A spotlight and a new .22!


 Game time!  Pool, Shuffleboard, Jenga

and cards,

plus some trap shooting!
These boys are happy happy happy! 

Christmas Day, we had chocolate snow, the result of blowing dirt and snow.  Only in West Texas!
We've been checking our old cows everyday.  They were all bedded down here, trying to stay out of the cold blowing chocolate snow.
We're feeling the blessings of family, friends and the holidays!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family Christmas Time

We had a lovely gathering at my brother's house this weekend for Christmas.  These are just some random pictures....
Aren't Miss Scout's boots cute?!

Mimi and Tate helping Reno ride the bronc.

Preston and my Uncle Don

Reno and his Momma

Autumn, Summer, Tori and Mimi

We had a feast, it was delicious!

I think this is when Hopey was telling a story about me and my horrible driving as a teenager.

Miss Aunty Patty got some new bogs!

The kids were spoiled!

Then, they walked the hogs.
I also took a picture of Trail's rooster, because he was so purty ;)
Merry Christmas Y'all!

Dirty Sista Santa Scarf Exchange

Usually this blog is all about huntin', farmin' and ranchin'.  Believe it or not though... I do get time with the girls every once in a while.  We kicked the boys out and had our Kaledioscope Christmas party.  We had a Dirty Sista Santa Scarf exchange.  Well these girls aren't particularly sweet.... YES they steal!  I got stolen from 4 times!  Ok, Ok truth be told, I started by stealing.  Yes I admit, Cara had the cutest bright colored dingly bobber scarf, I just fell in love with it.  So when it was my turn, I stole it .  I knew I wasn't going to keep it though.  So then when some one stole Cara's yep she stole it right back.  Then, I got this cute chevron infinity scarf and of course Kymm snatched it up.  I didn't think I'd ever recover, but then I got this cute red, black and white polka dot scarf.  I thought ok surely everyone will quit picking on me, but NO Sonya stole it too!  WOW!  That's not even the end of it.... I finally got this cute sparkly leopard print scarf, it was perfect.  But NO my best friend Judy, I thought anyway, stole it.  But when all the dust settled, I admit I got a beautiful black and white fuzzy warm scarf and smart tip gloves.  We had a lots of laughs.  And laughin' is really what it's all about.
Here's the crew:  (back row) Sammy, me, Sher, Twaci, LeeAnn, Sonya, Lizbeth, (front row) Dr. Kimmy, JudyBug, Cara, Paula and Kymm.  We also all came together and bought for several angels. 'Tis the season y'all!  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Colorful Cows

We've been getting in old bred mamma cows for the last several weeks.  The best part is they are all different colors.  Why?  Well while I love our beautiful black mammas and their babies, to tell the truth they're boring!  It's nice to have some colorful cows around here!  My favorite color is brindle.  See I want to raise Brafords, but that's a whole different story. 

Tater tearing off sale barn tags.

I gave the wormer while Kerry Don branded.

Pake ran the shoot or is he texting?!

Then, the cowboys loaded them on the truck. We're thankful for these guys because these old gals can be alittle wild and being a horseback is much better than being a foot.

I named this black baldy horned beauty, Helen, and she wasn't too happy about getting on the truck.

This here is Lucy (she's a brindled beauty wink/wink), and quite frankly she was just ready to get the heck out of dodge!

I just had to share this picture of my camo clad cattleman =)

We call this semi, Kenny.  Yes it's true, we name our semis, too.

These punks, Miley and Maxie rode along in the sleeper.

Then we turned the colorful ole gals out to pasture.

Lucy says, "I'm happy now leave me a lone!"  That's the end of my colorful cow story.

Actually, it's probably not because now these ole gals will start calving.  Then we'll have colorful calves and I'll have tell y'all about them too ;)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Deer Jerky

I must admit that I was very skeptical about actually eating Pake's deer.  I've had deer before and frankly my dear it's never been my fav.  Kerry Don and Pake went to Gander and bought all this meat processing, meat grinding, jerky making stuff and I told them they were CRAZy!  Yes I admit I did, and now I have to admit, I was WRONg yes I was!
Pake's deer is like beef, I guess it's all of Kerry Don's milo he consumed the last few months of his life that made him so good!

Jerky seasoning

They figured out that Red Creek Jerky seasoning is the best!

Tater was all about the grinding!

Kerry Don was the master and making the jerky strips.

Pake got pretty good at making the jerky strips too!  We all helped babysit the dehydrater.  Here's a pile of the jerky!  Again, I will admit, it's really good!