Friday, October 31, 2008


Pake and Tate laying in some cotton!
Kerry Don on his 8 row stripper... by the time he got back around to get supper it was dark! They started stripping cotton yesterday, 10/30/08! They worked until midnight and got 8 modules done!

Joe Byrd dumping into the module builder.... Pake and Tate leaning up against the first module of the season!

The boys sat on the hood of the jeep as we were waiting for KD to make a round.
It got dark in the meantime!

The boys and the purty white cotton!
The day before they started strippin cotton, the were cutting maze right beside it...
Pake, Hunter, Bray and Tate.

Pake and Tate in the cotton!

The boys delivering supper to Butch. He was running the 4 row stripper!

Hunter, Tate, Bray and Pake sitting on the back of KD's pickup when we took supper on Tuesday night.

The boys love playing in the grain trailer! My excursion was full of seed though! It gets in their pockets, pants, socks.... etc.... But they think it's the greatest thing!

Pake climbing in the trailer!

Tater getting out of the trailer!

The boys in the semi! They cut maze on Tuesday. Wish I had gotten a picture of the combines and the maze. It was a good crop!

We are excited that it's harvest time! But, it means long hours for the guys and lots of trips to the field. We're going to try to cook some yummy meals or hope that El Sarape, Sonic, El Camino, El Burrito, Ernies, or Conestoga will. BUT I will try to get some homemade ones in there part of the time!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Trail Ride at the Ranch

Sunday afternoon we headed out to the ranch near Lake MacKenzie for a trail ride with Kerry Don's family. KD comes from a large family, but there were only 21 of us (ha/ha)! 3 of his brothers and their families came Dexter, Delwin, and Joe Wayne plus his parents, Don and Freva. It was a very special day with the Adams' family! We had 7 four wheelers and 2 Razors.

The trail was smooth most of the time, but sometimes it got pretty rough and steep. They bulldozed this trail about a year ago!

When we got down in the bottom of the canyon, it was soo pretty especially with the fall foilage.

All the bigger kids that drove did such a good job! They were very responsible.
Pake road with Ty, Aaron drove Brenden, and Bailey had Drew.

We stopped off at Lake MacKenzie to see if it's gone down... unfortunately it has! No sking or water skis... not that you could this time of year, but we wish the water level would go back up!

Kerry Don and the boys with the beautiful canyon in the background.

We had to hike to some of the scenic outlooks. This one was pretty steep and slick! I told them I wasn't going but they made me! It was worth it though.

Dexter, Don Adams (KD's Dad), Kerry Don and Delwin looking and listening to whatever Dexter is telling them.

What awesome scenery! The picture really doesn't do it justice!

Another scenice overlook where we saw some audad sheep!

L to R: Kristie & Tate on the red 4 wheeler; Julia, Kaitlyn and Joe Wayne on the green Razor; Ty & Pake; Dewlin & Keiser and then Don & Freva on the red Razor!

Ty and Pake.... they had a windshield on their 4 wheeler... no fair!

Pake and Ty looking at the water in the bottom of the Canyon... they make me nervous!

Tate at the windmill... they saw catfish in the tank and drank straight out of the pipe!

Kerry Don and stopped and took a pic.... wish you could see the background better!

We road for about 2 hours and went back to camp and cooked! We had hamburgers, German sausage, cobbler, brownies and homemade ice cream.... then we ran out of daylight! And my camera ran out of charge... so I'll have to see if I can get some of Sherry, Kristie and Julia's pictures. The boys are already asking when we're going back and Kerry Don is already talking about a Razor... his toys!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The MR. Queen of Buffalo Gap Contest

We had some entertainment at our family reunion. Tori really came up with the idea! I got to be the MC even though I tried to get someone else to do it. For some reason, they thought I was just the person for the job (something about me being a loud mouth). I have no idea where they got that from. Anyway, we had 3 contestants, we tricked them and asked them if they would be judges. Then, we blindfolded them and dressed them up! We had made up funny names and things to say about them. We got some of their cousins to act as the judges and ask them funny pageant questions. Then, we had them go around and collect dollars. The one that collected the most won the crown. We raised $170 that went back into our reunion fund. It was absoluetly hilarious.
The picture is of Bobbie Sue Smith and myself.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Buffalo Gap Family Reunion 2008
Last weekend we went in the bus to our annual family reunion. There were 13 of us: Tripp, Hope, Summer, Autumm, Trail, Tori, Scout, Aunt Pat, Papa, Mimi, Pake, Tate and I. Preston was kind enough to be the chauffer. We all had a good time!
The boys and I! The boys love the Gap because they play with their cousins from Houston. And they go down to the railroad tracks and the river. I know that everytime they went down there they came back MUDDY! Imagine that!

Tori (my baby sister), me and my Mom!
Tate and Scout. She is the BEST baby! And CUTE!

Mimi and Scout! Did I mention how cute and sweet Scout is?
Trail, Pake and Tate chillin in the bus!
Tripp organized a football game! In this picture starting from the left: Trail, Tate, Pake, Braden, Tripp, Hope, Autumn, Summer and Tori!
Huddle up! Hope has her huddle and Tripp his! I'd love to hear what Tripp's saying!
Pake, Scout and I! Oh and look at Scout isn't she a DOLL!
My aunt Pat, Tate, Tori, Scout and Trail! I think Pat enjoyed the trip! We're glad she came! And look at little Miss Scout!
Last year, mom spiked up Tater's hair..... guess she started a tradition. Silly boys!
My Tate and Pake!
Hope and Tripp.... my brother was being a ham!
Summer, me and Autumn.... aren't my nieces some good looking girls! They're growing up so fast though! I remember Summer when she was Scout's age like it was yesterday! Summer is a sophomore and Autumn is in the 7th grade!

Papa, Scout and Tori!
All and all it was large time! We did have a mishap.... Tate shot Trail in the eye with a plastic pellet gun! Tate has been around these guns for 2 years.... and why he would shoot Trail... I have no idea... don't think he knows either! It was a learning experience for him for sure! Trail's eye is very bloodshot and Hope took him to the dr. Said he should be fine, but they're going to watch it! I guess Trail has a battle scar to go back and show! But Aunt Tandy was a little upset for sure! Boys.... they're wild!
We always look forward to next year and another trip to Buffalo Gap! We have made alot of memories there!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I’ve been tagged by Brooke to tell 6 things that the blog world might not know about me….

1. I used to be a cowgirl! I showed horses and rodeoed in Jr. High and High School. I even won a saddle in our little 4-H club for All-Around. I showed in halter, western pleasure, reining, barrels, poles, even goat tying. I also used to team rope! Then, I married a farmer! He likes horses and roped some too! But it’s not really Kerry Don’s thing and I just never made time for my horses….. I gave all 5 of them to my brother-in-law last year. I cried about it for a week!

2. My whole family are cowboys! Like taco hats and tall top boots! My brother, sister, brother-in-law, and nieces have won the World Champion Ranch Rodeo several times. My Mom is very talented horseman too!

3. I moved 6 times growing up and have lived on ranches in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. Plus, the only time I have ever lived in “town,” was when I lived in the dorm at WT.

4. I like to karoke! My favorite song to sing is “Nobody” by Sylvia. Now note I said I like to, didn’t say I was good at it! I’m almost embarrassed to admit this!

5. I used to be a Harley Chic! Kerry Don had a motorcycle for several years and we used to go on trips with his Uncle Dan… even to Sturgis, SD!

6. I used to want to be a High School principal! I came to my senses though! Thank goodness!

I tag Tori and Sherry! Yall have fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rainy weekend

Despite the dreary weather, we had a great weekend. I'm not griping about the rain though! What a blessing! So needless to say, we watched sports all weekend! The Red Raiders game was very exciting! The Cowboys need a whoopin and I guess that's all I'll say about that! The Nascar race on Saturday night was pretty good, my Biff was 7th.... he's still 3rd in the points. And the drag racing last night was disappointing, since Asheley lost!

Yesterday, we had a laundry lessons.... I made them sort it by colors, look for stains, check the pockets, turn socks right side out etc.... I think Pake learned alot, I'm not so sure about Tate. But I'm bound and determined they're going to know how to wash their own clothes. The last load we did last night, someone had gum in their pockets, they spent 30 minuites picking gum off the wet pants..... I think they learned a good lesson!

But, now it's back to work on this cold dreary Monday morning! We are looking forward to this weekend, as it's our family reunion in Buffalo Gap! Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kids say the funniest things......

I thought I'd jot down some of the funny things that my boys say!

Pake: "I tried to catch the ball but it just "slick" right through my hands."
He called Milk Duds, "Milk Nuts."

Tate: "Momma that boy in my class gets on my "nurse."
"Momma I ran so fast and my heart was "beepin."

"Momma that hurt so bad my blood was shakin'"
After church on Wednesday night, Tate told me that he needed to learn his ten contenments!

When the boys want a snack before bed they say, "Can we have a night, night breakfast!"

I know there are tonz more, just can't think now and am running low on time. Maybe some others will share some funnies too!

I thought of another one.... my boys say they are "sockin" wet for soaking wet! And it rained a ton yesteray and they were "sockin" wet when they came in!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Hunter O, Tate, Madison Hoelting, Pake and Jaxton Hoelting. Hunter is my 3rd child! Madison and Jaxton are Kim's kids (she is the Biology teacher at THS) and I help her with Student Council.... I took this picture when we were taking the homecoming courts pictures! We couldn't get Tate to cooperate...that's why Hunter is holding on to him.

We had a parade for the homecoming pep rally. So the teachers decided to have a float too! Wilfong drove us! We had a blast! Debbie Criswell and I are in the back of the pickup. The boys are on the trailer towards the front! When the seniors passed us, they bombed us with water ballons.... I ducked and the ballon got Debbie dead on... she was soaked! The football team won their game! Finally a win! Shanea Brock was homecoming queen!

Flag Football

The boys are playing flag football. They are the Texans and their coach is Blaine Reed. The league has 5 teams: Naz, Happy Black, Happy Gold, The Gators (from Tulia) and the Texans. So far we haven't won any games, but they're getting better and having fun!
Tate is #7 (on the left with his back to us) and Pake is #10 on the far right. We have one girl on the team, Jaci Murrell... her twin brother is also on the team. Her and Tevyn play quarterback, Pake is the center, and Tate plays defense!

Kerry Don finally gets a new pickup!