Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cousins and Puppy Dogs

Last Friday evening, Pat had us all over for chili dogs, cake and ice cream. We celebrated Greg and Bray's birthday. The kids always have a great time. I, of course, love to take pictures of them.
Back: Meghan, Hunter, Brenden, Bray, Pake
Front: Tate, Rustie, Jerzi, Rexie, Cedar and Rayli

Aren't they all sooo cute.... Ok maybe alittle orney too!

A new tradition.... they have to get cake icing all over the birthday boy's face.

Rayli Girl!

The guys... yes that's my rascal on the end!

Cute little girls... playing dress up and eating cupcakes!

Papa Dan with Daisy and Nanny Pat with Dixie, these puppy dogs were rescued from the animal shelter. Dan is so attached to his Daisy! She sat in his lap and ate ice cream. Now that's one spoiled dog. He also said, "Did yall notice the girls have been to the beauty shop?" Yes he was talking about his puppy dogs. Awwww.... how sweet his that.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well Pulling Rig Gets An Overhaul

Mr. KD never ceases to amaze me! He always has to have a project. So, it was becoming apparent that his well pulling rig pickup was on its last leg.... so he bought this used international truck and moved everything from the old rig over to the new one.

The project took a couple weeks. And the whole farm crew had a hand in the overhaul.

Yall 'member this old pickup? This is what he started with.

He looked and looked for a used utility bed to fit on the truck, but never had any luck finding one. So, he just built one! Well he used parts of the old bed and added to it.

The backend is all new.

And waa-laa! A whole new RIG! Turned out pretty good. And yep my KD did it!
Pake was looking over my shoulder at these pictures. He said, "Momma you're going to have to go with us next time we pull a well, cuz it's pretty cool!" I think it's pretty cool my kid thinks that's cool. Wait he's an Adams boy, and they dig anything mechanical. But we don't want any wells going out, cuz it's Saturday. And we don't want to work too much. But wells tend to go out in the most inconvenient times. Like on Saturday afternoon, or in the middle of a storm, or when we've made plans. But hey with this rig it's that much easier to get the job done.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Laaazy Sunday

This has been quite possibly the LAAAZIEST Sunday ever.
Maxie agrees. She's chillin. Glad nobody got a pictue of me snoozing, because I've done my fair share of it today.

The boys are looking up educational stuff on the computer. Not really. They're watching bloopers on YOUTUBE.COM.

Then, they realize I'm taking pictures of them. They don't like it. But I tell them oh just ignore me. Seriously, I've gotta have something to blog about.

Later, this afternoon I caught KD giving the kids a math lesson up stairs in the game room. Ok so they were playing cards. Actually, they were playing 31... so I guess they kinda were getting a math lesson.

And yes they were betting but just with chips.... no harm right.

Tater was the first one out of chips... maybe he needs some more math lessons.

And this dang CAKE.... I've just eaten two pieces today... maybe more.... maybe I lost count. I made this lovely RED VELVET cake for our Kalediescope Club Party. Yep I made it from scratch. Seriously. Ok I lied it came out of a box and the icing came out of a tub. I know I should be ashamed, my Grandma Hazel would scold me and tell me to use her recipe. It was the best..... but I can't make divinity icing.... that stuff was soo good.
Wait I'm supposed to be a on a diet... Oh well, Tater told me the other day, and he was serious. He said, "Momma you're really not THAT fat for your age." Gotta laugh at that kid. Now, I'm going to finish off the evening, watching Nascar and eating a medium rare RIBEYE!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flying High

Our friend Kyle took us up in his plane. It was way cool. I can't say I wasn't alittle nervous, I was! But Kyle is a great pilot and I have total confidence in him. Kerry Don loves flying. Honestly, he'd love to have his own plane. His Papa Adams and Dad both flew, too. It was a short flight, maybe 30 minutes. We went over Roll-a-Cone, Lake MacKenzie and back around over Tulia. Pake absolutely LOVED it, but Tater Man well, he pitched his cookies.

There's our house, the RED roof on the end!

There's a picture of all of Roll-a-Cone. Our house is on the top right corner.

Lake MacKenzie... kinda makes you sad to see how low it is!

More of MacKenzie


KD's parents place and D/A MFG.

Beside Tulia getting ready to land.

KD up in the cockpit... thinking maybe someday.

Aww.... poor Tater, huggin the trash can.


Kyle was all worried about Tate. He was telling him, "Sorry little man! I've got a coke for you in the office" He was soo sweet. Thanks KYLE! You rock! Soo..... where are we going next time?

I want to go back here, in the RV of course!
Lake MacKenzie and MacKenzie Ranch.... come on warm weather!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surprise 29th

My baby sis is turning 29, so we surprised her at Texas Roadhouse!

Hopey our super crafty sister-in-law made this cake. HOW cute is that! It says "OML TORI CNT BELIEVE UR 29 :)" Her phone looks exactly like it, too. She calls it her blueberry. NOTE: OML means Oh My Lands.... ok yall probably all knew that but I didn't. LOL

Papa Preston and Tori... she's like, ok yeah yall got me!

Riley, ATL, Sum and Hopey...

Mimi Jane and Papa Preston drove all the WAY from Springer, just for the surprise!
Yall see that box.... LODGE COLOR it's porcelain enamel on cast iron pot that Mom got for us girls. It's like the pot Pioneer Woman uses but cheaper. I used it already and I know I'm going to LOVE it!

OK.... yall are like whaaaaat? A loveseat in the back of the pickup! Yes indeed, one of Tori's Craiglist finds that I picked up for her. It's got great wood carved legs and details.... I think covered in cowhide it would be toooo COOL.... TORI bring it back, I want it!


We finished up the evening watching MONSTER TRUCKS! Monkey Tate, Conchur, Bray and Pake all paid very good attention!

Mr. Pake, Carson and Bray.... we were so glad we ran into Dennis, Carson, Bray, Kennedy and
Conchur because the boys like to hang out!

Getting AIR! I want to drive.... yall think they'd let me!
Wait yall know that would not be good!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PoPo and Maxie

We're babysitting for Dex and Sher since they've gone to Ft Worth to the stockshow. PoPo (AKA Napolean) is a little Yorkie... isn't he sweet. Awww he even has a sweater. Maxie has a red bandana coller (and I thought she was stylin')
Little Guy.... Fat Girl

I'm a STUD!

We've been having FUN!

Naw.... he wouldn't.... ummm yes he is. But hey it's harmless right. KD said I was wrong for posting this..... I said I thought it was cute.... kinda. It's not like anything is going to actually happen. I apologize.... LOL
Drew and Brenden are hanging out too. They're almost as much fun as PoPo.
It's snowing too! Yall come see me, I'm out numbered 5 to 1. Girlfriends where are yall?