Monday, October 26, 2009

Get those GUNS UP!

We went to the Tech game. We love our Red Raiders but let's just not talk about the actual game..... the boys had fun!
We had our guns up!

Nathan and Tate... I thought it was pretty cute that they had the same TT jersey.

Kealy and I..... so glad we got to visit!

My guys
Hunter, Traci and Brooks

We got a kick out of this guy that ran the flag across the field.... the flag is just about bigger than him. Well hopefully our Red Raiders will have a better game next weekend.... Wreck Em TECH!

It's Fall Yall

Every third week in October we go to Buffalo Gap, TX for our annual Glasscock Family Reunion. The boys always look forward to going This year they bought a POTATOE GUN in the auction from our cousin Rocky. Rocky and his boys made it. My boys think it is absolutely the coolest thing ever invented. You stick a potatoe down in the barrell, unscrew the bottom and spray some hairspray in it, then you push the trigger.... it even kicks alittle and it sends that potatoe sailing! Of course, Kerry Don loves it too!

Tori, Tate, me, Scout, Pake and Mimi

Pake learned to weld with the wire welder! I thought it was pretty cool for a 10 year old!

Cotton harvest time is upon us! They're finally getting going.... we just took them supper. Sonic is a girls best friend during harvest season.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Football & Pumpkins

We had to travel to Crosbyton for Pake's football game. So we loaded up with Traci's crew! On the way back, we saw this really neat pumpkin place!
The orange BUG! I know my Aunt Pat would love it!

Hunter, Lee, Dew, Pake and Tate

The pumpkins were HUGE!

They had some painted ones.... even a RED RAIDER!

They had kinds of pumpkins and goards.....

I loved this wagon.... I need that in my yard!