Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Boys' Calves

Last summer, Kerry Don let the boys pick a calf when we weined them. It was some of our calves from heifers and black long horn bulls. He even had ear tags made with their names on them. Anyway, when we're out checking cows the boys are always trying to find their calves. The other day I got a picture of both of them.

This is Pake's calf back in July when we weined them. I'd say he's grown!

Tate picked this red motley. You can't see the ear tag in this picture but it says TATE.

Tate and his baby back in July.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Painted my Front Doors

I have been wanting to paint the door in my entry to the garage for a long time. It was still gray just like it came from the store. Freida bought the paint and glaze and told me how to do it.

I started out by painting them red, then I brushed the glaze on and wiped it off! It was a fun project. Kerry Don helped me by moving them to the garage and taking all the hardware off.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

We had a great spring break... went tooo fast but it was fun. I shot this picture last night when we were out checking the cows. Pake was getting back in the pickup laughing because he got shocked by the electric fence when he was shutting the gate.

Mr. Pake coming in after a long day of riding. He's wearing tennis shoes with his motocross gear.... he's outgrown his motorcycle boots. I think his Honda 100 might almost be too big for him.

Tate Gunnar riding his little 50 with his splint. I don't think he had any problems riding. But his 50 got a flat tire Saturday and he rode his 70 on Sunday. He gets his cast today. I just hope we can keep it clean and dry for 3 wks.

This is one of the first days after Tate hurt his arm. He hung around the house with Maxie... while the other boys were out riding.
Well here it is Monday after Spring Break and I'm not wanting to be back at work. This school year will be over before we know it. But we're looking forward to summer!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I must stand corrected... the fox isn't a fox. I still hardly believe it, but he's actually a ring tail cat. Some of the guys got a picture of his tail and it does have rings around it. I have been reading on the internet this morning and they say a ring tail cat does resemble a fox. We've also heard they studied the ring tail cats in Palo Duro Canyon. Happy took the picture to Julius, the game warden, and he says it is a ring tail cat for sure. They are actually nocturnal animals, so I guess we're actually very lucky to see him. I want to get a picture of his little paws next, so I can if they're kitty paws or doggie paws. So now I guess I'm not so crazy for being shocked that a fox climbs that high in a tree.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Girls Golf Day

We had a girls golf day on Tuesday of Spring Break. We met on the driving range at 11 and Teddy gave us lessons. We had lunch at El Sarape. Then, we hit the course and golfed 9 holes. We scrambled which is lots of fun! In this picutre it's Leslie, Traci, Trisha, Paula, Julie, Marry, Judy and I.

Our golf course has lots of wild life. This is a fox that was up in a tree. I didn't know foxes got up this high in trees but sure enough. He's so cute!
Another shot of the fox. We've seen him before running around and he has the biggest bushiest tail.... I still am shocked that he gets up in the trees.

Tate did great yesterday. He stayed with his Daddy. Then, when KD came out to golf he brought him out to me. He has had very little pain and he's been so tough. He didn't ride his motorcycle yesterday. But I'm sure he's going to try it out soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A great start to Spring Break

Tate has a broken arm.... actually a buckle fracture. He fell out of a tree behind Traci's house last night. Kerry Don and I had golfed and were headed home when Traci called and said we needed to check on him. We took him in for an Xray and sure enough it's broke. Thankfully it's not a bad break. Dr. Culwell said the bone was smashed, kinda like a coke can smashs if you step on it. Dr. C splinted it and said he'll cast it next week. We told Tate that he didn't have a tail, that he isn't a monkey.

I thought his arm was really red.... well we got to looking at it, it was actually sunburned. The boys had been with Kerry Don all day and got a SUNBURN.... had snow last Friday and got a sunburn on Monday.... Kinda funny. Pake had on a sleeveless shirt and his arms were pretty red.
All and all I guess we're just getting started with Spring BREAK! Tate thinks he can still ride his motorcycle... but he says he's going to have to go back to his little 50.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Snow in MARCH!!!

The boys were so excited that it snowed. The flakes were HUGE!

Kerry Don wanted to check on the cows. We thought we might have some babies on the ground...

We only found one pair. But the cows were pretty in the snow.
That's my Tater... trying to catch snow flakes on his tongue.

Mr. Pake was way excited about the snow.

Maxie can't miss getting her picture taken....

Pake used their old John Deere tricycle to write their names in the snow. He did a great job!
Finally, some moisture! Of course, the pretty snow is already all gone. BUT, who knew mud could be so pretty!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break is finally here! We're sooo excited. We don't have plans to go anywhere at this time. We'll be babysitting Napolean (PoPo), Dexter's family pooch. He's alittle Yorkie and we love having him! And of course, we have plans to golf as much as possible. The boys are looking forward to riding too! Hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Miss Maxie Ruth Adams

This is Maxie our darling mutt. She came from Sandhill Feedyard in Earth, Texas, thanks to the Townsend's. Her daddy is Trail's boxer, Max, and her momma is Jenny, Tripp's feedyard dog. They ask me what kind of dog she is and I tell them half boxer, half cowdog.... they're like what. I say yeah, cowdog like border collie, austrailia shephard, blue heeler, and maybe some coyote. But Maxie has been a wonderful dog.
Just recently she has started coming in the house. Her spot is on the stairs so she can see everything going on. But, if she hears a dirt bike leave she is at the door wanting out. She has to go everywhere the boys go. This last weekend the boys were gone and she wanted in the house, went upstairs looking for them, and everytime she heard a vehicle pull up she was looking to see if it was her boys.
I always said I wanted a good for nothing dog and I got her... she's so sweet and wonderful.
Well I guess this post says it all, don't have much to write about.... so I write about my dog! We had a busy weekend though, I just didn't get any pictures. The boys went to Clarendon for Kendi's birthday to ride horses. Then Saturday we got a room in Amarillo and took the boys to the Arena Cross motorcycle races. Now we're ready for spring break and it looks like we're going to get some winter weather with it too!