Thursday, July 28, 2011

Backwards K Backyard

The backyard needed some help...  Serious HELP!  

Here's a before picture (only one I could find, yes that's KD shooting a potatoe gun)
Anyway, it was pretty sad.  Seriously sad.... just a trampoline and some grass.
I mentioned to KD that it would be neat to have a little fire pit.

So we called in the professionals, and boy did we get a fire pit and then some!

Meet Emilio... he's awesome!  He layed the checkered blocks and brick trim. 
He also did all the rock and brick on my house. Thanks Emilio!

Meet Dusty....
he's the MAN when it comes to concrete. 
He's an artististic talented creative hardworking concrete man!
Ok I have to stop now or he'll get a big head.
But anyway thanks Dusty for everything and for power washing my balcony and patio!

His crew poured the concrete, stamped it, sanded it, stained it and stoned it. 
As I recall I cooked for these guys and made them homemade ice cream...
so guys please don't forget to come SEAL it =) 

Meet KD, Chad, Pake & Tate, who's not pictured I think he must have snuck off to watch Sponge Bob. Anyway, this is my landscaping crew.  They are fantanbulous!  I love them!  I couldn't have done this without them!  Thank you, Thank you guys!

Pake took alittle nap, and he'll kill me if he sees that I posted this picture!

So here's the finished project.

I love it!  The boys say they wanted a pool =(  Me too!  BUT hey we've got one heck of firepit!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Punks & Puppies

My little sis and her punks stopped by for a visit. 
 I think these might just be the cutest punks around =)

They liked the neighbor puppies.... they thought they were the cutest mutts around. 
Truth be told they are really cute..... Chin - Huahuas (Japanese Chin/ Chihuahua Mix)

The littlest punk tried to kiss my puppy and she didn't mind!

Punks or Puppies they're all cute, right?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pokey the Clown Came to Town

During all the Tulia Picnic festivities this year, Pokey the Clown came to town to put on his Jr. Ranch Rodeo.  Both of my punks participated along with some of their cousins and friends.

A LARGE time was had by all.

Meet the 4 Stooges.... Meghan, Tate, Logan and McCarley.

They hustled and worked well together.... it's all about the team work!

Tater branded for his team.   The 4 Stooges did an awesome job!

Meet the Jumping Jack Rabbits:  Bray, Matt, Pake & Hunter.

They worked great together and it sure helped that Matt and Bray are like lightening FAST!

Here the 4 Stooges and the Jumping Jack Rabbits competed against each other in the Wild Cow Milking.

It was a close race, but the Jumpin' Jack Rabbits came out on top! 
They'll be going to Amarillo to the finals in November.

These little guys will be going too:  Caden, Brodey, Cole & Hadley.
Let me tell y'all, these little future cowboys are sooo fun to watch,
I mean like slap your leg and laugh 'til your sides hurt kind of funny.  

We're glad Pokey the Clown came to town! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

The 4th Without Fireworks

It was the 4th of July 
fireworks were outlawed,
 the lake was just about dried up,
and it was HOT and windy!

But we made the best of it
Yes we did indeed
We went ATVin!

 We found Dusty's crack.  NO not that crack!

A huge crack in the rock, so big that kids can walk through it.  
And yes Dusty just happens to be the one that found it! 

I tried to capture this crack but I'm not sure I was successful. 
Let me just say I didn't want to fall in the crack.... that's for sure. 

 The kicker IS that it's not that easy to get to Dusty's crack.  Some of the trails were alittle scarey.
It took several guys to get the motorcycles up.

We wenched up a couple fourwheelers.
Well "they" did, I just took pictures.

 Again, this hill doesn't look too bad but it was STEEP and rocky.
They named it Pake's Peak.   We also went up Bray's hump. 
Needless to say, Bray and the hump didn't get along so well.

But everyone made it!

Todd and Dawn made it just fine in their RZR. 
Kerry Don says the RZRs are like goats... ain't no where they can't go!

I was so glad to be the passenger and not the driver!

Anyway, we had a good weekend but it just didn't seem like the 4th of July.....

I just had to throw this picture in, I really don't think, any comment is required..... do yall?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Port A

We love Port A!  Port Aransas, Texas that is! 
We got to spend a few days down by the ocean last week.

First rattle out of the box, we got in trouble for feeding sea gulls in the ferry line! 
 I told them it couldn't be right, but they didn't listen.

Tami took this picture of us in front of them, what a sight we were. 
 Actually I'm kind of embarrassed.... lol but it was funny and it was all KD's idea.

As soon as we got across on the ferry, we bought the kids boogy boards and headed for the beach!

The waves were great!

They rode a few!

Riding waves is awesome =)

Then, we fished, deep sea that is.  We passed some pretty awesome ships.

This Japenese, Chinese, Oriental ship anyway, was massive, I'm talking HUGE.

We had a great day on the 8 hour!  Snapper and shark =)

KD and Pake went on the 12 hour too and they caught a ling.  Ling is the BEST I've ever had! 
It's almost as good as steak!

Here's the deep sea fishing crew on the first day!  The boat limited out on snapper and shark.

Speaking of shark, the kids almost got swallowed by one.  Really they did!

The last day we walked out on the pier, it was something we've never done.

But it was a great view.

We ate at the Crazy Cajun too!  Shrimp Boil just dumped on the table.  YUM =)

We dropped KD & Justin off at a golf course. They said the course was tough, but beautiful.

Then, all the fun was over and this is the last shot I got on the ferry early the morning we left. 

Bye, Bye Port A, hopefully we'll see you next year.