Monday, January 13, 2014

Locks of Love

Scout had the most beautiful long hair.

She decided she wanted to give it to Locks of Love!

Let me tell you it was LONG!

She was such a brave girl!

I think she's pretty special, of course I'm not partial or anything ;)
I'm just her proud Auntie, and some say she looks like me.

Scouty happened to really love my puppy, Pistol.

We love when Reno and Scout visit!

Tori's pretty fun too!  I love these special times with family!

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Eve at the Ranch

I took the guys out to the ranch New Year Eve.   Linc, Todd, Pake & Tate

This was Todd and LInc's first trip.

We love our 4 wheeled horses.

The kids hiked.

Tater giving Pake a hand.

Hanging at the ranch is never boring.  Happy New Year Y'all!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ski Trip

Pake & Tate in Red River!

They love sking!

Ok let's just be honest... I love taking them sking  Well because see Red River is this really cute town that has really cute shops and well I get to shop.... and I like to shop lol!

Pake, Tate and Pake's friend Justin

Tater sportin some pink!

The boys on the ski lift!  They wanted me to take pictures of them jumping, so I walked up the slope alittle ways.  I was glad I did, because you know I do love getting action shots.

Tate getting some air.

Pake flying high!

Justin getting big air!

All the boys on the lift.

I love hanging with these guys.  We can't wait to go back SOON!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Cousins

The Townsend cousins- Autumn, Pake, Summer, Scout, Tate, Trail & Reno

Reno's Howdy face ;)

Reno was just pretty happy about his gloves from Mimi!

Reno sitting on Tater!  

A couple days later we hung out with our Adams cousins! Back:  Cimaron, Brenden, Drew, Pake, Aaron, Ty, & Kaitlyn.  Front: Kendi, Kenley, Tate, Kyser, & Cassidy.  We are missing 8.  The babies we NOT happy.  So the big kids cried with them.
We loved seeing all our cousins this Christmas,