Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We found a new trail this morning. It took us way back into the creek and at this spot it was so pretty with the rocks and ponds on each side. Me, KD, Justin, Jerzi and Meg Byrd, Pake & Tate, Carson Bryan and Conchur Montague.
On Saturday we rode on the north side all the way around to what they call the bowl. It's like the cove. It has a water fall and a cliff overhang. We had to go up and down some steep hills, but it was well worth it!

My BOYS... love them!

Megan Montague taking a break after a long ride and taking in the beautiful scenery.

KD, Tate and Conchur... I love this view!

Judy and Rick got to ride Kennedy's new 4 wheeler!

A crew of anxious dirt bike riders ready to hit the trail.

Brenden Adams, Pake, Daylen and Randon Mahana, Drew and Tate.... This was Saturday. Unfortunately we found out this morning... Daylen had a motorcycle race Sunday and broke his collar bone! We hope he has a speedy recovery because he's a good rider.

Now this is MISS JERZI Rae Byrd... she rode with Kenndy!

Justin and Meghan Bryd... she's one tough chick!

What a weekend! We had some great trail rides, attempted some fishing, cooked good food, and hung out with great friends and family! Now it's back to work... but just for one more week! We're ready for summer!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Rattlesnake

Tate and Meghan Byrd found a baby rattlesnake the other day. It was on the brick ledge on the east side of our house. The kids ride their razor scooter around and around the house. Meghan came around the corner and almost put her hand on it. We are very surprised that he was up there on that ledge, 3 foot up. I'm also wondering where the rest of his family is??? ehhh! Yall watch out for rattlesnakes!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Boys' Birthday Party

We took a crew to the lake for the boys' birthday. We hauled 7 motorcylces and a 4 wheeler. We had family and friends that met us out there too!

The whole crew!
Tate and Kerry Don above camp. Pretty good view!

My favorite picture of the weekend... Pake, KD & Tate

The whole crew after we made it up the major rock.

They unveiled the prehistoric horse bones that were escavated last summer. They say they are 3500 - 4000 years old, and it's on display at the Lake MacKenzie marina. The kids thought it was interesting and now are always on the look out for bones.

It was a cool and showered some... Saturday afternoon there was an awesome double rainbow over camp.

Tate's birthday cake....

he kept sticking his face down by it like he was smelling it and he finally got his face shoved into it.... just alittle icing on the face ;)

Pake and his cookie cake... it was gone in 5 minutes.... and since Tate had the icing incident... several of them had to play in it! KIDS!!!

Making smores on the camp fire... Does anyone else like burnt smarshmallows (as Tate says it)?
Although the weather was kind of dreary and overcast, I don't think anyone noticed. The kids did a great job riding on the trails, and we all enjoyed it. I did turn my 4 wheeler over... kinda scary. I was pretty sore for a couple of days, but am much better now. I have a new respect for that 4 wheeler though. Happy Trails Yall... until next time!