Saturday, September 28, 2013

Walk for the Cure

I would like to thank everyone that walked for me today in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. 
 I am so blessed with supportive family and friends!  I can't even put into words, truly how thankful I am!  I also want to thank Cheryl (even though she ran off to the mountains lol) and Andreia for making our shirts!
Speaking of the shirts.... they are sooo cute!

And this is the backside!  You can't go wrong with camo and pink!  Thanks again girls!

Hope, Summer, Tori and my Mom - my wonderful family!

Julie, Traci, Tesla, Judy and Marry Ann - my awesome friends!

Leigh and thank you girl for raising lots of $$$!

Tami thank you for everything you did to help put this together!
Sherry thanks for all the support!

Rexie and Rustie... their shirts were so cute!
I told y'all they were cute!
Tami and her girls!
Pat so glad you walked too!
Marry Ann enough of the emotions!  Judy cute cap!

This picture shows all the love I felt today. 
I have been overwhelmed with emotions this week.
I finished radiation Friday! 
I'm done with treatments! 
GoodBYE cancer!
Unfortunately, there are many others still fighting the battle =(  It's days like today when everyone comes together that we help find a cure!  Girls get your mammograms!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hog Creek

These sweet girls,Rexie and Rustie stayed with us this weekend! 

We went for a hike first thing this morning!  
There's a hole in the plateau -- if you see the light shining through behind Rexie.

I love hiking!

The sunrise was beautiful and bright!

Bray, Pake, Rexie, Rustie and Tate

I never get tired of taking pictures of the kids at the ranch!
We hiked up Hog Creek.

We found this great overhand at the end.  This is newly explored territory for us!

Mister Pake

Rustie girl!

Pake, Rustie, Tater, and Rexie

We saw lots of hog tracks and we got a little muddy!

The trail back to camp with the pretty yellow flowers. 
 It was another great weekend at the ranch!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

the HOG

Pake finally trapped a hog!

He says, "See I told y'all my trap would work!"

Pake is happy, happy, happy!

We think he weighed about #180.

Talk about some excitement!

Bye, bye Mr. Hog!

I photo bombed this picture with my shadow.

Another shadow pic.

Hiking is what we do!

Drew, Braden, Aaron, Pake, Brenden and Tate

And I must share a funny story.... This was Tate's friend, Braden's first trip to the ranch.  He told Tate, "Your Mom is just like Mama Kay (from Duck Dynasty) because she's always like... look at this look at that and your Dad is like Phil... like whatever."  Then, my nephew Brenden said, "Yeah and she cooks good too!"  Well I think that's quite the compliment to be compared to Mama Kay.  Happy, Happy, Happy!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great Times

Have y'all ever been to Great Wolf Lodge?

It's pretty neat!

Pake & Tate do love water slides!

The Howlin Tornado is quite the ride!

 Kerry Don and I even rode all the slides!  It was GREAT fun at Great Wolf!

Then, we took Pake and Tate to their first Rangers game!

Great friends!

There's nothing like watching the Rangers win with my girls!

We have gotten really spoiled watching the rangers from the suite!

The boys got free Rangers wrestling mask at the front gate.  Well, they were too embarrassed to wear them.  But this guy, I won't mention names (lol), sure entertained us! 
This was a great way to end the summer!