Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cotton Modules

The boys have a new love!

They love playing on a module. They had me pull up real close to the module,
then they crawled out of the sunroof and hopped up on top.

A module is like a trampoline!

Except a module is even softer!

Now, when we go to the field, I have to let them play!
I asked KD if he could just put a module in my backyard,
but he didn't think that was such a good idea.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Boys of Fall

These are all the 6th grade Gators! They all went out for the coin toss at Ralls.
See next year they'll be in "real" football, 7th grade Dobber Football.

I know these guys are going to have many awesome football games ahead of them!
The Gators have had a great year and Pake finally got to join them a couple weeks ago.
They even let him call the coin toss... TAILS... we won!

He's been playing on the kick offs, but hey at least he's getting out there =)

Speaking of FALL, we stopped by the pumpkin barn at Floydada and saw all the purty punkins.

I wanted these "Boys of FALL" to pose for me... Uh.... they did not cooperate.

My girls, Jules and Trac cooperated for a photo though!
Course, Pake decides to pose here.... punk!
We have quite the time hauling the boys around. Yall know that commercial with the pig hangin' out the window... saying "WEEEEEE!" We we heard that all the way home.


Yep I said strippin'.
Stippin cotton of course, what were yall thinkin'?

I've come to appreciate the beauty of a cotton boll!
After all this is where our clothes come from and
our sheets and towels and curtains and the list goes on......
We have a crew of nine running.
3 strippers, 3 bowl buggies, and 3 module builders.

So I called El Camino and ordered 9 green chile cheese burgers
and fries, because that always seems to make the guys happy.

Hopefully they can run and wipe out the 2000 acres they have to strip.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

His Name is Reno

Reno Wade Smith born October 16, 2010 at 7:38 pm, he weighs 6 lbs 12 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long! I had the priviledge of being there when he made his debut!
He's my nephew!
He's a cute little fellar too!

His big sis is pretty proud of him too!

So Tripp and Hope were keeping Scout and they brought her to the hospital to visit her baby brother. Tripp says, "Hey Scout, wanna go take a nap"
She says, "Tripp you're NOT so funny!"
Scouty is something else, I think she might be the boss of the Smith household!
And now she has a baby brother to boss too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cow Pasture Pool

My Daddy called it cowpasture pool.
What am I talking about you ask?
Well GOLF of course.
We played in a golf tournament, well 2 man scramble, last Saturday.
We had a great time, but we won't talk about our actual score.
Let's just say we played way better on the back 9.

Justin and Tami golfed with us!

Isn't farmer KD cute, in his golfin' duds!

Justin and Tami chippin' it in.... see the ball in the air?

These deer hung out with us on #18... a Momma and her twins.

This guy keeps our cowpasture pretty and green. I love this picture =)
Yall come on out to Tule Lake Golf Course and play a round of cow pasture pool!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Oldest Youngin'

My oldest youngin' he's growing up too fasts.

He drives!

The mini pickup is perfect for him!
Everything is backwards but shifting gears works perfect for a lefty.
In my opinion, the best part is, it won't go over 40 mph.

He welds too! YES! They built a BOAT.

Yes I said a boat, a redneck barrell boat..... But it floated.

And then Dad had to get on and help them row and get it off the pond.

These youngin's grow up too fast! Pretty soon the little youngin' will be doing everything the big youngin is doing and then, they won't be youngin's any more.

And that might make me cry.

Speaking of Pake, his arm is healing up... I take him to Dallas tomorrow for a check up. He's hoping the Doc will say he can play football! I'm doubting this happens or hoping anyway.

There's not really anything that slows him down. He's been through alot and yet he has the best attitude! Can yall tell I'm pretty proud of my youngin's?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Campfire Eclair's

When we went to the mountains, Barb made Eclairs with the kids. My country bumpkin husband had never even heard of an Eclair. Anyway, it was so neat and fun for the kids!

Barb made the sticks with TV antennas and dowel rods.
So, this is how it works... you spray your dowel rod with Pam,
then you take a canned biscuit and mold it onto the end of the dowel rod.

Next, you slowly roast it over the fire, turning your stick so it cooks evenly.

You don't want your biscuit to catch on fire like a marshmallow though.

Chad helped little Mac make an eclair too!

So, when you're biscuit is done, then comes the good part!

You spoon whatever kind of pudding you like into your hollowed out biscuit.

My kids picked chocolate... I don't know where they learned that from???

BUT talk some yumminess!

Tate ate about 3 of them I think!
Thanks Barb for going to all the troube. The kids loved it!
Speaking of the mountains.... I want to go back!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Millers Creek

Guess WHAT yall!? We went fishin'! I know that just shocks the socks off of you, but sure enough we did. We drove 200 miles down by Munday, TX.

Millers Creek Reservior is the best little fishing lake around, and it's really pretty too!

We met up with these Tulia guys...... I thought Randy and Jerry only golfed but sure enough, they fish too! They took the boys to check their jug lines and they had a nice little cat!

He was kinda ugly, but Jerry said he's good eatin'!

Course Pake had to hold him too!

We caught alittle mess of crappie. See the biggest one... that one's mine!

Not braggin or anything =)

We had a secluded peaceful little camp area with lots of cow patties and mud.

I just thought I was home.

We had a nice peaceful campfire and beautiful full moon. It was a grand weekend, but waaaaaay too short. Course, I wanted to go somewhere this weekend too, but Kerry Don reminded me that he farms and that there are crops in the field. I sure did want to go ATVing at the river, instead I guess I'll be a good little farmer's wife and take them hard working guys some fried chicken.