Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer Time!

The team is Fuzion sponsored by Roll-a-Cone. Their coaches are Tami and Leigh.
Many of the team mates are cousins: Tate, Kyser, Meghan and Rexie.
So it's great fun going to the game and hanging out with the fam!

They've had a great time and worked hard. They get better with each game!
Go FUZION... two more games I know we can win one yet!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


In Swisher County, we have an annual mud boggin'. It's actually an event to raise money for our 4-H and Buyers Association. And when you're from a small town, it's not often that anything big is happening. Well, a MUD Boggin' is big in Tulia, Texas

Yes that's my youngest punk. He loves the mud!

The firetruck is even nice enough to come out and wash off the muddy little punks.

So here's what it's all about and this was a good run...
this one made it through and that's the whole point.

These two punks didn't get muddy. I guess that makes the smart little punks.

The Smith's visited on this monumental Saturday. They didn't even know how lucky they were going to be, getting to watch such a grand event. I'm just sure they'll be back next year.

Isn't my little sis too cute preggars! Little Reno will be here before we know it!

Sorry for all yall that missed the mud boggin', maybe yall can make it next year.
But come to think of it, maybe next year I'll go shopping instead. I'm just saying.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crappie Fishing

The guys went fishing today.....

They came home with a pretty impressive stringer of crappie! Actually they came home with a live well full of live crappie! I made them string 'em up for my picture. Yes their mother is crazy like that, but they're used to it.

Talk about some excited boys. And how come, they always catch when I don't go?

Tate caught the biggest one! Now that's BIG for a crappie.

Then they cleaned them little suckers and we had them for dinner.

And they were good, good!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Handy Girl

I was showing these cute new twin beds I ordered for Tate's bedroom to my friend Barbara. See they had been in for a week, but were still sitting in their shipping package. I had been admiring them but I knew there was no way I'd be able to put them together.
My handyman was busy sowin' wheat.
So Barb says, "Well Tandy, what are we waiting on, let's put them together!"
I said, "But Barb I can't operate power tools"
She says, "Oh you big ole SISSY!"
So her and Pake put them together for me. I was lots of help too!
I took pictures and handed them tools
Aren't they cute though? The only problem is, half the time Tate sleeps with his brother. I guess he's a big ole sissy like his Momma! Now I need to find a cute night stand and lamp. Hmmmm... might be time to go junkin'
Thanks again Barb, you rock!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cool Mountain Air

We went to the mountains for Labor Day. I had never been there in the summer,

only in the winter. It's beautiful! Breath taking! I want to go back! NOW..... today!

Of course, I took lots of pictures from the seat of my RZR!

The Cool Red River!

Breath taking view!

Goose Lake

The forest FIRE tree line up from Questa.

Cabresto Lake

Cabresto Canyon

Greenie Peak overlooking Red River =)

And yes we got dirty, but I loved every minute of it! I'll tell yall more about it later too.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Krazy KIDS

Yes I said KRAZY kids, and it's normal for me to have half a dozen running around.

On this occasion all the kids on the road, showed up to play hide and go seek.

Let me tell yall, it got alittle wild.

I thought this was a good picture... I didn't know they were already acting sillly.....
thanks Tate and Brooks!

Here they're all REAL silly! KRAZY kids! Could it be the Dr. Pepper and brownies?

This one... we'll call him Erkel, Steve Erkel and he says.... "Did I do thaaat?"

Normally, this kid is very quiet and reserved, it has to be the Dr. Pepper!

I'm not going to say I didn't tell the kids to settle down, slow down or quietin' down about

50 times (ok I finally kicked them outside),

BUT I love them all and I love them hanging out at my house!

Sowin' Wheat

The guys have been sowin' wheat ninety to nothing.
They had over 7,000 acers to plant and that takes awhile.
Here KD loads his wheat drill the easy way.

He said this auger beats the heck out of a 5 gallon bucket. So how long will this filled wheat drill last? 3 hours according to Farmer KD and a truck will last a day.

So off he goes plantin' wheat or sowin' wheat, how ever you want to say it.... WHY you ask?
So the cows can eat this winter!! That's why and that's kind of important on this operation.

Chad and Butch have been planting like crazy too...
they are running the BIG drills KD says and they've been running over 2 weeks.

So who's this guy? This is Mr Chad (and little Mac) and he's the new guy on this operation.
He's great and we're real glad to have him.

And the reason his picture is on my blog???
well unfortunately he got bit by a rattlesnake yesterday....

He was sowin at Wayside, ran over a rattler, got out to kill him, the rattler was in between the dual wheels, and anyway the durn sucker got him. He's still in the hospital after receive a dose of anti-venom. Thankfully, he's going to be fine.

So yall be careful, watch out for rattle snakes! Ain't that what your Momma always said?!