Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Chemo Hair Loss Story

This is me with hair... taken in December 2012.

I had my first chemo in May 2013.  They said it usually starts to fall out in 3 weeks.  Well it did.  In fact, I was sitting at my desk at school talking to a student.  I said yes I wonder when it will start falling out.  I pulled a chunk of hair and it all came out.  It was freaky.  My students shared that time with me and I'm sure they will always remember it.  My students were very supportive and I am so thankful for them and all the tears and laughs we shared.  It continued to fall out for another week or so. It fell out so bad, I would have to go to the bathroom.  Take off my shirt to pick off all the hair.  Every time I showered or even barely picked it, handfuls fell out. There was hair everywhere, and it was driving me crazy.  
 I finally told Kerry Don he had to shave it and he did!  I know it had to be hard on him too, but he never showed it.  He said he loved me whether I had hair or not!  He was my rock and still continues to be each day!

End of May 2013....This was my first day to go to school, but I wore a wig.  No one even noticed the wig.  

Yes this really is my wig. They just thought I had colored my real hair and styled it. But let me tell you I noticed the wig, I hated it.  My head was sore, itchy and broke out.... and it was hot!  I soon figured out that wigs were not my fav.

June 2013.... I wore lots of hats and this was my favorite.  

June 2013.... I was a baldy.

June 2013  Sitting in the chemo chair.... another one of my favorite hats.

July 2013...... It felt weird being bald.  And let me tell you, a bald head is sweaty!

July 2013.....  This was my very last chemo treatment #6.  I finally figured out that bandanas were my friend. 

August 2013.... I started having to paint on my eyebrows. Let me tell you, I had some scary eyebrows for awhile until I got better at drawing them on. lol

August 2013.... Seriously, I really did not have eyebrows or eyelashes.  Most people never even knew, because I wore a wig and lots of makeup.

August 2013....Everyone liked this shorter wig.  I did too!  Except have I mentioned that wigs are really itchy and hot! I would go to the bathroom at school just to take off my wig for a few minutes. And let me tell you, the wig came off every day on the way home from school.  Tate told me, it was ok as long as I waited until after the STOP sign heading out to Roll A Cone.

August 2013:  This is my scariest picture. I mainly wanted to show I was able to hike.  Anyway, this was the peach fuzz stage....I was freaking out because I thought it was grey but Kerry Don assured me it was just clear.  lol

September 2013..... Now I was starting to see brown fuzz but notice my eyebrows were painted on and I was only wearing eyeliner, no eyelashes either.  

September 2013..... I thought I really had lots of hair here.  

 September 2013: Hiking again, but still wearing a bandana, hat or wig.

October 2013:  This is the first time I ever went with out a wig.   I figured Vegas was a good place to be brave!

November 2013.... Finally I got brave enough to go to school with out my wig!  My students were actually proud of me!   I know I shocked a few people!  Bless Pake's heart, he's a freshmen and I'm sure it's not easy for him with his Mom being a teacher.  He's never shown me it bothered him though.    

December 2013:  My sister and I on Christmas day!

New Years Eve 2013 - I have enough hair for it to blow in the wind!

Celebrating New Years with my bestie Judy.  Everyone kept asking me if it was curly...

February 2014......But guess what!  It's CURLY and I kinda like it!
I wanted to share this in case it helps someone that is going through hair loss from cancer treatment.  One of my friends and also a breast cancer survivor, told me that losing your hair is the hardest part.  She was right!  It's the hardest, but you just have to be BRAVE and hold your head up.  It's almost been a year since my diagnoses and I'm so thankful to say, I beat it!  I will admit, I still have days I feel weak and tired but I know I will only get stronger everyday!