Monday, May 23, 2011

Back At the Ranch

Branding time rolled around, so we headed up to Channing for a morning of fun at the ranch.

The boys got to flank a few.  Just a few though because most of the calves were too big for them to handle.

Pake and Hunter flanked one too!

And they thought it was lots of fun... but flanking wasn't enough....

Tate decided he wanted to ride one....

he fell off! 

Pake had to try too!

He rode for half a jump....

it got alittle western.

After this weekend.... they want to be cowboys!

Tate played with... well you know the little things we count to see how many bull calves there were...
only Tate!  

Boys will be boys...

I like this horse.... but I don't think his owner would part... durn he was a pretty sucker.

Did I mention Tate tried to ride a calf?

Justin did an awesome job draggin! 
We sure appreciate all of our neighbors that come out to help!

KD made sure he got his brand on them... even if he got the backward K, backwards once ...
opps I shouldn't have told that one. I just found it ironic... he got the backwards K backwards... lol

Did I mention Tater fell off of a few calves?

And we did all this on KD and I's 18th Anniversary!  It was an awesome day =)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Redneck Country Bumpkin Landscaping, Part II

I haven't had much to blog about, not because we haven't been busy, mainly because I haven't been taking pictures.  I know that's a shocker!  We've been playing baseball, golfing, celebrating Cinco de Mayo and birthdays and NO!, I know, I haven't been taking pictures!  SHAME SHAME on me!

Anyway, we've been working in the yard so here are some updates on
my Redneck Country Bumpkin Landscaping project!

We planted a few Sundays back and it was a job! 
 Good thing I had some helpers, because we couldn't have done it with out them.

Tater was great help, especially when we let him drive!

Coey helped too, and when he pulled up, I said, "Coey if you're smart you'll get right back in your pickup and leave, because if you don't you're fixin' to be workin'!"  Well he's not smart, he stayed and yep, he ended up digging and planting, and we couldn't have done it with out him!  Thanks Sonny!

Kerry Don kept saying we're going be here until midnight! 
 But we weren't because we had all that good help!

A few weeks later we got the newest addition, our sign.

Justin made my sign... thanks Jun!  So all my plants are still living!  I know it's a miracle... even through all this drought, they're looking promising.  Oh and we don't want to forget my roadrunner (see him in the corner).  He's from my secret pal.  Secret Pal whoever  you are, thank you and you must know me pretty good.  The card said "BEEP!  BEEP!  Now your rooster has a roadrunner friend."   Too cute!  Adios, Y'all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Punk's Birthday Weekend

The boys are 3 years and 3 days apart! 
This is quite convenient for their Momma,
because she only has to have one party. 
 They, however, don't like this! 

They always want to have their own party.... Sorry guys, Momma's only buying one cake!

So we rode at the ranch!

The scenery out there is pretty nice!

Boys on their motorcycles.... nuff said!

Cute couple that joined us.... Yes that's Newt's girlfriend =)

We found a cave!

Tate's the only one that could stand up in it!

Pake sitting by a natural spring.... the picture doesn't do it justice.

BIG boys looking for another cave.

The boss man!

Coey and KD... they look like they're up to something! Actually I think they were cookin'!

More punks... their last name is Adams too!

Family Pic... didn't even know KD was back there.

Barb and Danny

Dee is just taller, but acts just like the little punks!

Wow, my baby is so talented!  

Ha/Ha not really they set him up there. 

The birthday weekend was great, even though it started out hot and windy and ended up with a chance of snow!