Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Memories Part II

Cousins Justin, KD & Deon have been going to MacKenzie Lake together for 20+ years.

Pake, Hunter, Brandon and Tater Jack (with a rib in his mouth) had some fun in the sun!

We saw some kayakers, actually we knew them... Newt and his Mom. 

Another son and Mom team, Deon and Pat going for a ride.

Enjoyed visiting with these sweet ladies Holly (Newt's sis), Judy, Barb and Sheree (Newt's Mom).

KD had to work alot this weekend but he got to come out Saturday night and Sunday.

These guys went fishing in the dark and had some luck!  Congrats to JT for graduating from Silverton.

And finally, Miley just wants to tell y'all she had fun at the Lake too!

Good 'ole Summer time is HERE!  Y'all have fun because I guarantee you we are!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Memories

I love group kid pictures!  The kids don't love that I scream and holler at them to get in the picture and smile and spit out your sunflower seeds or quit making that goofy face or hey you in the back stop hiding and you in the front duck etc....  Maybe 20 years from now they'll see the picture and smile and be thankful that I MADE them line up and say cheese.  So who are these punks:  Rusty, Rali, Ivy, Rexie, Jerzi, Tate, Bray, Pake, Meghan and Landry in front (aka Buggy)

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this, but Pake sorta likes to fish.

I took this self portrait to prove that I did in fact take Pake fishing in the boat by ourselves (unfortunately his Daddy farms and he can't play like we do all the time)  KD told me, "Tandy you're just going to have to take that boy fishing!"  I said, "Honey I can't back the boat and I can't load the boat!"  He said, "Well Pake can!"  So I confess, Pake backed the boat in and loaded it.  I did drive but he runs the trolling motor.  What it amounts to, is that Pake is only 13 and the game warden might frown on him being on the lake by himself so he needs his Momma to be legal.  One other point, I thought I might  mention,  uhhhh boats don't have a brake and I sorta forgot that when we were loading up.... almost ran the boat into the back of the ole Excursion.  That's when Pake says, "Momma move, I'll do it!"  I can't believe I'm telling on myself!

Pake, Miley and I went ATVing too!  So where's Tate y'all ask?

He was socializing of course.  Fishing with his buddies Brandon and Bray. 

We also found a good swimming hole down on the second boat dock.... There was a ledge with a straight drop off.... the kids had a ball!

Did I mention it was a bit breezy.  Well actually it was WINDY!  I thought this was a cute picture of the wind, well the girls make it cute, but they had to hang onto their towels for dear life...

Memorial Memories Part II coming soon!

Monday, May 21, 2012

19 Years with my Bestfriend

Today Kerry Don and I have been married 19 years!  Yes, I said 19!  WOW it's hard to believe.  The wagon is my anniversary present, built by KD.  He used old combine wheels and built the box!  It's AWESOME!  Thank you VERY much KD!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love him!

We had a great weekend at the lake.

Pake fished of course!

This is his bestest fishing buddy and fishing coach.  Thanks Lance for taking him!

Dena and Lance took our RZR for a ride.    Dena was so excited to go RTVing as she called it =)

I fixed kabobs!

Mr. Colby thought they were good!

Pake even liked them and decided he does in fact like mushrooms!

It's almost summertime y'all ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fishing Tales

Last weekend we headed over to one of the greatest fishin' holes in Texas (that's my opinion anyway), which is Millers Creek near Munday.  A couple other boat loads of Tulia folks happen to go on down there too, including the infamous Craker (aka KD's bro) and his little Crackers (aka my nephews).  They're in the nice blue boat with the nice shade.  Our shade on the other hand is just a umbrella from Family Dollar.  Ghetto, yes, but shade none the less.

We fished and it was HOT! 

Finally we started trolling and started catching some bass.  KD of course caught the biggest.

Pake the second biggest!

Tater caught the most keepers though.... little rat.  Thanks to Lance for giving him the best lure, he calls a humdinger.  KD had to clean 16 fish and he's not a fan of cleaning fish.  We are a fan of catching them though. 

These pictures are from Saturday.... Sunday well that's a whole different story.  We got on the water early, we were ready to catch the big ones.  However, KD ran into some bad luck.  Yep, bad luck.  If he didn't have bad luck he wouldn't have any at all.  He was on the bank, walking back to the boat, and ran into an old tree branch that jabbed him right in the shin.  OUCH!  So long story short.... that puncture wound is now infected with staph.  Yes STAPH and yes he's in the hospital now receiving IV antibiotics.  So, now I've finally had time to update my blog =(  not the circumstances I wished for!  None the less, I think it's getting better.  KD is not too happy, but he's hanging in there.