Friday, July 30, 2010

Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop

I took the boys to both Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop and we can't decide which one is better. My boys completely loose their mind in stores like these. They go crazy, nuts, with excitement!!! All I hear is, "Momma look, Hey Momma look at this, Hey Momma I want one of these, Hey Momma etc, etc, etc...."

We went to Cabela's first, it's outside of Fort Worth!

Waterfalls, stuffed animals, fish........ it's all amazing to Pake and Tate.

"Momma that's the BIGGEST catfish I have ever seen in my life!!!!"

The next day, we went to Bass Pro Shops. What can I say they all look the same to me.
But to these boys, they were in heaven again.

Buggies, Boats, 4 wheelers........ they want one of each.

They want this coon for a pet too!
So I believe the consensus was that Cabela's is the coolest. I made them spend their own money and I think they're pretty much broke now....

We had to hang out a day in Dallas, not really by choice but we made the best of it....

The boys went golfing too... GLOW in the DARK golfing. They loved it too! I loved it because I shopped while they golfed. Grapevine Mills is a pretty neat place. I had a blast at the Tommy Hilfiger and Abercombie for kids outlets.

We're back at Scottish Rites now, waiting on surgery....... AGAIN. Pake's arm is not healing.... they are going to clean up the dead areas and possibly have to do a skin graft. The malformation is just not healing the way it should.... Pake is very tired of this, but looks like we're looking at least another month of this misery. I'll know more after we see the doctor. I hope they will figure out a plan to help his arm heal! Please pray for it to heal!

Friday, July 23, 2010

More Lake Fun

The fun never ends at the lake.... yesterday we hiked over to the Chili Bowl (well that's what my boys call it anyway). It's a large rock overhang in the shape of a bowl. We were on top looking down into it... it's deep and it makes me kinda nervous.

Traci with her boys.....she wasn't too keen on the idea, because she's scared of heights.
I can't believe I got her this close for a picture.

The boys and I, and Hunter served as my photographer here! Thank you my other son =)

Hunter O and Mr. Pake... bestest buddies... born 2 weeks apart and they're already 11!
How did that happen so fast!

These are my two.... Pake's hanging in there with the cast... it's not fun, but he's a trooper!

These boys are SILLY, no CRAZY, no they act like PUNKS most of the time,
but I guess I wouldn't trade them for anything.

And yes that's my oldest.... he frequently protest against my picture taking....
here he was acting like a punk.

But, I liked this old barn painted with an American flag... and guess what they posed for me!
Ok, OK I bribed them, I confess.

Pake found this cute little deer napping in a colvert....
The nerve of him to mess with her nap.

And here are some geese on the beach the other night.
Our lake days are numbered.... Shhhhh!!!!! though I don't want to talk about.
So I guess here in alittle while... we'll head back out there.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peace Love and Picnic

Every year, the third weekend of July the large city of Tulia Texas holds its annual celebration and it's called "PICNIC". It's a time for family, friends, class reunions, parades, rodeos, golfing, dances, and this year the BIG event was the goat roping.

Yes I said goat roping.... does that make us really redneck?

Yes, I think it makes us pretty country.

The kids loved it! (I don't really think the goats liked it that much though)

Tate and Tilly were helping at the chute. She's Newt's neice and she's just the cutest thing.

See Newt is responsible for putting on the goat roping!
Pake and Tate had so much FUN.... I forsee many more goat ropings in my future!
LORD help me!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pake's Colorful Cast

It's been hotter this week and I've been trying to keep Pake in. Today the kids were playing the game, SORRY, that Mom and Tori got for Pake. Of course, I heard several times that Tate was cheating... he must have gotten that from his Dad.

These cousins are together almost 24-7... Meg, Pake, Bray and Tate.

Pake's second cast is just white and everyone has enjoyed signing it! His goofy Mom of course went out and bought every color of Sharpie they make. Anyway, here's the lovely cast.... I mentioned it was white.... actually it's dingy colored now. This afternoon, Pake's phone dings, being the noisey Mom that I am I looked at the text. It said, "Hey u wanna go shoot somethin" I started not to tell Pake but then I knew it would make his day. I believe they went to shoot praire dogs.... typical boy stuff. Mom doesn't get invited of course you know I'd take pictures if I did.... that's probably the reason right there.

So, yes Pake is doing better. I'm taking him back to Dallas on Wednesday and they're going to take the cast off again and see how it's healing. I sure hope it looks good.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fireworks FUN

The boys were so excited about 4th of July.
Of course fire and blowing up something is always a big hit with them.
While I love beautiful fireworks, I was so glad when
(after 3 nights), they said they had finally popped them all!
Pake rested during the day, but let me tell you when it got close to dark he was rarin' to GO!

I worked hard to get good pictures of fireworks....
actuallly I took about 259 pictures and I had delete 250 of them.

Some of pictures are more funky than cool.

Pake decided he was up to riding the RZR on Sunday.

Did I mention it was MUDDY? They put a trash sack over his cast.

Tater caught a ride with Joe Borchardt. Thanks Joe!

Uncle Cracker (aka Dex) played with a tarantula, we wouldn't expect any less from him.

Love Jerz and Rali and the way they saw the Rs.

These two.... well we've decided they need to go to Hollywood! Caden and Tater, what a team.

A smoke bomb, not one of my favs.

We can't just light a firecracker and be satisfied. We must cram them in a can or bottle and then blow them up and marvel over how much it tore up the can.

Also, we can't light blackcats one at a time... we must light as many as possible at once.

Judy got us matching Ts.... thanks JUDY and yes you made my blog!

AND Tami GIRL!!!!! You're famous too! Tami knows what I'm talking about =)
I hope everyone's 4th of July was as exciting as ours.
We had a GRAND time with our lake village!