Monday, August 31, 2009

Lake Rats

I got a great picture of all the kids, both friends and cousins. This is the weekend that I kept Tami and Nikki's kids at the lake. I had 5 girls, Linc and my boys... the boys slept in a tent and the girls slept in the bus. I hope they all remember it as a great time!

Starting in the back is JT, Conchur, Pake, Linc, Bray, Tate, Meghan, Sayler, Rayli, Sawyer, Rexie, Jerzi, and Rustie.

Toros at Tule Lake

Traci and James put on a Benefit Bullriding for Bailey Preston. She was in a tragic car accident last May. She beat all odds and is making an amazing recovery.

Pake, Hunter O, and Tate behind the bucking shoots.
Paige (Bailey's sister), Bailey and her Mom, Cindy. Bailey is doing really well. She will have surgery on her knee soon, she's been fitted for her new leg, and even though she has lots of therapy ahead, her spirits are good. She's really a miracle!

That's Mr. Pake... the kids had fun helping getting ready for the BIG Bull Riding!

Tater Man

Marry Ann, KD and I working in the concession stand.

The Toros!

Mud Boggin

They had a Mud Boggin out at the Show Barns to raise money for 4-H. It was a BIG success! The kids had WAY too much fun!

This is Tate and Kyser.... they let the kids get in the pitt during an intermission.
Tate Gunnar Adams + MUD = one HAPPY KID

The big rig that got STUCK for the first time in TULIA, Texas. We heard he'd been doing this for 4 years and this was the first time he'd been stuck. It took them hours to get him out.
Later that evening, we went over to Silverton to see Casey Donahue in concert. Pake had fun but was pretty wiped out from the Mud Boggin. I though he looked pretty handsome in his cowboy duds.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Camping out in the backyard

Mimi gave them this tent for Christmas. Seems like everytime they've asked to set it up... it's looked like it could storm. So finally I let them and they loved it!

After they got it all set up... Tate said, "Man this is a nice tent, we need to get Mimi something nice for her birthday." I told him that we'd gotten her a skirt and shirt outfit. He was like "NO I mean we need to get her something really nice!" LOL He's too funny. The tent is still up 2 days later.... and they're still sleeping in it! Ahhh for the good ole summertimes! Sadly they're almost over.... but shhhh we'll play like school isn't starting in 2 weeks :(

Splish Splash

I took the boys and some friends to Splash in Amarillo!
The wave pool was fun!
Tate, Linc, Hunter and Pake!

Hunter and Tate after braving the famous Taco Ride.

Linc and Pake liked it too! I on the other didn't love it, because I banged my head..... OUCH! I decided to stick to taking pictures.