Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bald is Beautiful

I have these two friends.... they're crazy!  Well they're just..... let's say, free spirits! 
 They got a wild hair... a wild hair... sometimes I crack myself up! 
 Anyway, they decided since I lost most of my hair and shaved my head... 
that they would shave their heads too!

There's only one Newt but we love him!  Note: he left his a mohawk for a little while!

And Miss Barb is really brave letting Newt shave her head!

Bald is beautiful!

I thought I would be totally scary bald but I surprised myself, it's not as bad as I thought. 
 I'm truly thankful for some comic relief and these two crazy fun friends.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Smith's Ranch Visit

The Smith's got to visit us out at the ranch last weekend!

So glad they got to see where we hang out!

Aren't my niece and nephew the cutest?

These guys are pretty cute too!  But they stink.... just saying! lol

Speaking of these guys... they're crazy! They climbed this crazy narrow steep plateau... well actually I'm not even sure I would call it a plateau.... I got a picture and a video!  Note:  they did not ask permission.  Note: I am still mad!  Note:  I actually did not cuss them out, but I'm still thinking about it... not really!  Well maybe!  

I have a video but I'm having trouble loading it....


Tori and I went for a little hike that over looks camp.

Great view! Then we hiked on down and then....
well I slid and then my ankle caught and well....

it ain't pretty and I ain't one bit happy about it =/

But KDawg cooked us a burger.   He's a pretty good guy, most of the time.... 
btw we celebrated 20 years of being hitched this week.  Yes 20!  
 Might as well keep him after all this time, I've just about got him trained now....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Birthday Weekend

The boys had birthdays again... wow they're now 14 and 11!  I haven't figured out how that happened but evidently it did.  I'm very disappointed in myself as I only got one picture and Pake's not even in it.
Anyway, here's a few of the punks... they had a water balloon fight.  There were lots of wet stinky boys at my house, but I love them anyway.

Then, on Sunday afternoon the boys did some yard work for me!

They pulled out the t-post around some trees.

They're such good little workers.  Work hard, play hard!  
Hope y'all are enjoying the spring time as much as we are!

BTW I had my first chemo, I'm 2 days out and feeling really well (fingers crossed)