Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Stairs

The stairs at my house always seem to be the main attraction.  I've caught the kids sliding down the stairs on a pillow with a mountain of pillows for the landing... I know once a kid jumped from the top stair to the bottom. I know they've slid, fell, skied, rolled, tumbled, jumped, leaped, coasted, glided, skipped, & skated down the stairs.  They've driven every remote contol vehicle they've ever had down the stairs.  More importantly these are just the things that I know about.... no telling what they've done when I wasn't around.  But last night I saw something I've never seen before.   
Yes I know a stair step of kids.  We actually didn't have enough steps for kids... they had to take turns.

And they made a game out of it, using my big red workout ball. (good thing someone's getting some use out of that ball, because I sure haven't)

They were having a ball, laying on the stairs rolling that ball down and then passing it back up.

Pretty soon they had an audience.

I don't think I've lauged that hard or heard so much laughter in a long time. 

Yall come see us and you can play on the stairs too!

Monday, January 16, 2012


We took the boys to Ruidoso.  You know the New Mexicans say it Ree-o-doe-soo and us Texans say it like this Ree-ah-doe-sah.  Course we say, hi yall and can I have some Ice -Tea, too.

Anyway, we skied one day.  Just so happens Cousin Bray was up at Ree-ah-doe-sah too.
It was his first day to ski and he did great.

My favorite part is riding the lift.  Ok, ok I admit, it's because I like to rest..  I'll admit too.. snow skiing pretty much kicks my booty these days. 

So these are the guys I skied with,

 best looking guys on the mountain too =)

The boys begged to go to Walmart for fishing poles.  They wanted to fish.

We'll be back so they can fish!  I'll guarantee that!

After a nice 3 day weekend, sadly =( it's time to go back to work.

Until next time Ree-ah-doe-sah, see ya when I see ya!