Friday, September 30, 2011

The Badger Story

Y'all ain't gonna believe this!  Wait..... no if y'all know us actually you probably will.

Well y'all know my husband likes to collect critters.  AND he's always wanted a badger.  Yes I said a badger.  Why?  Heck if I know, you'll have to ask him.  ANYway, here's our badger story....

KD calls, "Hey Pake saw a badger go in hole over on the Keim place, you know right there where they swathed the corn stalks.  So we put a shovel in the hole and we're headed to get the water truck, you wanna come take some pictures?"

My reply, "Whatever, last time you had this bright idea it was just a skunk!!!!"

Anyway, I grabbed my camera and jumped in the pick-up.

Sure enough Pake wasn't seeing things, as soon as they started the water shooting down in her hole, here she came.  Pake was so excited, "It's a badger!  It really is!" 

And I'll be durn if it wasn't a badger. I've never seen one for more than a few seconds.  KD pulled the trigger and he still hasn't stopped smiling about gettin him a badger!

We have quality family time together, drowning out badgers on a Sunday afternoon.

Who knew the water truck could be so useful?

She was so nasty and smelled almost as nice as a skunk.

So KD promptly called his taxidermist (he has him on speed dial) and asked what we needed to do. 
"Should we wash her?  Blow dry her before we put her in the freezer?"  I'm serious, I'm not making that part up.

Yep y'all guessed it, they washed and blow dried her.  Yes they used my blow dryer....  I'm still not sure how I feel about this.  I might need counseling. 

Then, I proudly texted all my friends and family the picture.  Tori, my baby sis, matter of factly, texts me back.  Did you know that dachshunds are badger hunting dogs?  Come to find out her and Scout had been reading a book about dogs and they learned this valuable fact. 

I didn't really believe my sis, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and sure enough.....
The dachshund (UK: /ˈdæksənd/, US: /ˈdɑːkshənd/, German: [ˈdaksˌhʊnt]) is a short-legged, long-bodied dog breed belonging to the hound family. The standard size dachshund was bred to scent, chase, and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals, while the miniature dachshund was developed to hunt smaller prey such as rabbits. In the American West they have also been used to hunt prairie dogs.

Well I'll be durn, we got us a badger hunting dog and didn't even know it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

More About Miley

Miss Miley and I had a photo session this morning!  I think she did wonderful!

She's been a sweet sweet puppy so far!

She loves the boys and they love her!

Ok, yes she chews on everything!!!

I think she looks like a blue heeler, well except that she's tiny and her body is long and her legs are short.  But other than that, I think she might pass as a cowdog. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'd like y'all to meet Miley.  Miss Miley Sue Adams!

Believe it or not Miley was ALL Kerry Don's idea.  He's already been calling her "sugar."

We're all crazy about her. 
She's a miniature dapple dachshund.  And she's a darling!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day and Some Stitches

Labor Day this year brought some nice cool weather!
So we rode!

And we fished! 
Here Pake and Cole show off some crappie....
if you notice Tate is trying to catch one in the live well. 

Speaking of Tate.... boy do I have a story to tell!  Warning though this next picture is not pretty.

If you have a weak stomach.... don't look.

I warned you! 

Yes that's Tate's chin, and that's all his double chin fat looking all nasty and gross.

So he got 13 stitches. 

So what the heck did he do?  Well here's the story....

We were at the lake.  We'd just had our traditional Saturday night steak night and we were cleaning up, when I hear the scream "MOMMA!!!"  You know the scream that scares the snot out of you, the scream that you know something is wrong.  I drop everything and run to him and he's holding his neck.   I figured out real quick that there was in fact blood.  I sorta panicked and then I got it together and we loaded him up and took him to the ER.  So all the way to the ER, KD and I keep asking him.  "Tate what did you do?"  All he'd say was, "I fell out of the pickup." 

So we get in the ER, the nurse asks him his name, his age, etc.... and what happened.  Then, these are the words that came out of my youngest punk's mouth, "Well I was trying to do a front flip out of the side of the pickup"  So the story finally comes out.  He was using the bed of the pickup like monkey bars, he was going to flip his body over but keep holding on and he caught his chin on the tire well. Thankfully, it wasn't worse.  He promises this is the last stunt he's going to pull like this....
I hope I can believe him.


After weining some of our calves, KD decided to start a feedyard.  I can't decide if we should call it KD Adams Farms Feedyard or The Backwards K Feedyard or The Roll-A-Cone Feedyard or should  we just call it a feedlot.  Ok I know I'm being quite dramatic.  But times are tough with this drought and frankly we don't have anything else to feed these calves.  So we're feeding them canola pellets and hay and we're just thankful that we're still able to feed them.

I've heard KD say before.... I'll never be in the feedlot business. 

Well KD you should never say NEVER, cuz you're in the feedlot business.

But look at this face.... you'd go in the feedlot business for a face like that wouldn't you? 

Any how, that's the story around here.  We get up and we go feed.  The next day we get up and we go feed.   And we keep praying for rain, so we can turn these calves out on wheat.