Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Trip to Denver for Pake

Pake and I flew to Denver on Sunday afternoon. He had surgery on Monday morning. We went to the hospital at 6 am and were out by 11 am. He did great... never complained! He didn't have any pain medicine. We went back to Aurora as it's on the way to the airport. We got pedicures! He says don't tell anyone..... sooo shhh! It's a way to kill some time and relax. Then, we looked at Target forever.... wish I could have Christmas shopped because I got tonz of ideas.... kinda hard to carry all that back on the plane though. We did buy him a little remote control jeep. He drove that thing all over the airport! It was great entertainment for him. Plus he was using his hand and arm. They used 12 cc this time and treated 10 areas. He has some swelling but no pain. I'm just thankful that we are able to make these trips to Denver and hopefully make his hand more functional someday. Pake is so brave and tough and I'm so proud of him. Didn't take any pics... sorry! Happy Turkey Day to all!

Monday, November 17, 2008

World Championship Ranch Rodeo 2008

My brother has a ranch rodeo team, Sandhill Cattle Co., and they have qualified for the World Championship 7 times. They have the rodeo every year in Amarillo! There are ranch cowboys there from all over the United States. My whole family comes and we have a great time. This is Harry Vold, Pake and I. He is a pro rodeo stock contractor and he brought the bucking horses for the rodeo. When we lived in Colorado, they lived across the river from us. His daughter Kristen and I were friends. He's an amazing man and has had a part in making the rodeo world what it is today.

My, baby sis, Tori and I! Zebra baby... love it!

Pake, Linc and Tate. Linc is not a cowboy, but we got him all fixed up for the rodeo!

My aunt Pat and Tori! Pat does a great job of keeping the books; she writes down all the scores and times.

Mimi, Papa and Tate.... Tate looks tired! We had a long day!

What would a rodeo be without some good old cotton candy!?

Fake mustaches! They look like true outlaws.

Tate riding Pink Panther bareback.

Hunter, Linc, Pake, Pink Panther and Tate

Trail and the boys watching Summer show in the Jr. Ranch Horse Contest.

Scout, Tori and Mom.... I bought her the little zebra shirt!

Tripp and Summer - Summer was warming up her horse for the ranch horse competition. She did a great job showing. They do a reining pattern, some cutting and working cowhorse work. I was very impressed! Autumn also showed on Friday and got 2nd... I wish I could have been there.

The boys with Brice Chapman, the trick roper. He was the entertainment for the rodeo on Thursday and Friday. He was so friendly to the boys, and he made it a point to ask all of them what they liked to do. I was sad that Hunter and Linc didn't get to see him perform.

Brice in action on Crossfire, his horse. He also has a dog, Sooner, in his act!

We got to see the Budweiser horses in their stalls and watch them washing one of them. They are huge. They also performed at the rodeo. The 6 horse team pulling the wagon is very impressive.

The boys with the Budweiser Dalmation.

The boys by one of the Budweiser Clydesdales trucks!

We had to take a break from all the rodeoing and go to Mimi's hotel for a quick swim!

Trail, Tate, Hunter, Linc and Pake!

We had a great weekend! Seeing the family at the Ranch Rodeo is an event that we always look forward to and enjoy! I had a great time with the boys! They are so fun! I bought them the ropes at the rodeo and they sure did have fun with them! Happy Trails Yall...... until we meet again!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Redneck Team Roping

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kerry Don took a PICTURE!

Kerry Don took this picture out in the field. They are stripping his brother, Dexter's cotton. He took it w/his blackberry phone and emailed it to me! I'm very impressed! He wanted to capture their DIRTY faces! The boys are into this cotton harvesting stuff.... I never see them. When they get home from school, they want to go to the field. Friday morning, I caught the boys talking about the fact they they could stay out in the field all night... because they didn't have school on Saturday. And they did, they got home last night at 11:00! And they were up at 7:00 this morning and ready to go again! This picture is of Brenden, Drew, Pake and Tate sitting on module tarps.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Spooks - Halloween 2008
Trick or TREAT! Rayli (the little Rhino), Meghan (the green witch), Jerzi (the little Chinese girl), Tate (without his bloody mask), Hunter, Pake (the Joker) and Brenden (the Cowboy) and Grandma Byrd!

Pake and a BLACK kitty at Dexter and Sherry's house.

Pake, Conchur, Brenden, Hunter, Tate,
Andee (the Texas Tech masked rider) and her little brother Landry

Another picture of the boys and Grandma Byrd.

The boys at Dan's.... he loves to scare the kids... glad they're big enough now that it's funny!

Cutter and Tripp Runnels... they're sooo cute! This is the little boy named "kinda" after my brother. Callie said she saw his name in cowboy magazines and liked it.
I was kinda sad this year, because it won't be long and the boys will be too big for trick or treating. Happy Halloween!