Monday, March 12, 2012

Chalkboard paint is COOL

I had this idea to paint the garage cabinet doors with chalkboard paint.  They were just plain ole white dirty doors and quite frankly well, they were boring.

After washing, taping, priming, and 2 coats, I was in LOVE!

Now, anyone can put their 2-cents on the doors and if I don't like it, I can erase it! 

Y'all come see us and you can write anything you like.... Well almost anything!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

the BIG black mystery CAT

Well this time I don't have any pictures, but I have a story to tell y'all.  I bring this story to you from stories a few other individuals have told me.  This is not made up, it's true.  I promise.

The story begins on one foggy Saturday night around midnight at a house about 1/4 mile from our house.  This kid I know (aka Hunter O) let his doggies out to take care of their business.  As he was waiting on Bevo and Bama, he noticed something in his circle drive.  He took a second look and saw that it was black.  BLACK?  Yes Black!  It was about 3 foot tall and turned and looked at him.  His eyes glowed YELLOW.  Now, this kid started to shake!  The last thing he saw was a tail, a LONG BLACK tail!  It didn't take him long to get back in the house, so he could go sleep with his Mamma! The next day his Momma, told me the story and I will admit I was skeptical.  I thought oh he saw a stray dog or something.  Or it was late and dark and foggy.  Hunter continued to insist, "I know what I saw!"

Three nights later, 3 friends of ours came out to visit for a bit.  When they came through the door, their eyes were HUGE and they said, "Y'all will never believe what we just saw!"  To back up a minute too, they had no prior knowledge of Hunter's sighting.  Anyway, as they drove down our road, they saw something very similar to what Hunter had described.  It was almost waist tall, BIG, black, and had yellow eyes and a long tail, plus it moved like a cat.  They slammed on the brakes and shined the headlights in the trees, but it was gone!  The guys went back with a spot light to see if they could see anything, but of course they had no luck.

So what is it?  A panther?  A black mountain lion?  We really don't know.... Come to find out there have been black cats spotted before around here.  We haven't seen him since and we really doubt we ever will.... BUT it's sorta scary to think, he could be roaming around!  Anyway, that's the story and that's about the most excitement we've had around here.

My Baby Sis

My baby sis came to visit!  Of course, Pake had to take us for a ride in the Scout.

Scout says, "Hey when I get big can I have the Scout?
  But please, please paint it a different color for me!" 

We had to show them the GIANT cross built at Roll-A-Cone.  I think it's like 40 feet tall and I think y'all will be seeing it soon, somewhere near Happy.

Tia Tandy and some cute punks.

I love how Reno is cheesing!  Scout on the other hand is soo serious!

It just happened to be someone's birthday.  Instead of a traditional cake, I made strawberry and chocolate cake balls and chocolate covered strawberries.  I wish I'd never learned to make cake balls, they're not any good!  Seriously they're horrible. 

Not really, I'm totally joking, they're too good!  I just can't make them too often because I can't stop eating them.... just saying.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pake's Project

Pake inherited some new wheels, well actually they're pretty old, but he's proud of them!
Of course, the old '77 Scout II needed a make over!

He stripped it down and sanded it.

There were some rust spots and dents, but for now we're not going to worry too much about them!

We all helped with the taping. 

We left the painting to the professional.
Cream colored you say?  Why?

Are you shocked yet?  Camoflauge?  Pake's hunting rig had to be CAMO!
Pake put it all back together all by himself.  I think it turned out pretty neat.  Not your typical camo, but it definitely fits the landscape of our area! Yes, he drives it.   His Momma worries, but so far he's a very safe driver!  Come see us and you can go rabbit hunting with Pake (if your into that sorta thing).