Saturday, June 25, 2011


Some of our bestest golfin' buddies!

We golfed in a 4-man scramble for my club, Kaleidoscope to benefit City Church. Pake played too and I'm so upset I didn't get a picture of his team.  This was no boring serious tournament, it was all about the fun.  We had to tee off on a mattress, putt with a pool stick & hammer & we got 5 feet of string for our mullies.  As my little friend Judy says,  PAR Tee!  


We attdended a birthday party at my brother and sister's feedyard.  I know exactly what you're thinking.... a birthday party at a feedyard?  That's just not right!  Actually it is just right.  Right in the middle of a sandy round pen which is almost like the beach.  They had a slip in slide, a water tank swimming pool, a calf scramble, a pinata and brisket nachos!  It was a large time.

Scouty and Trail, the birthday punks

Calf scramblin!

Two more punks.... they're cute punks though!

Two ornery punks that just got finished doing what Tripp told them to do which involved the giant water hose and their older cousins.  They're smiling!

My family knows how to throw one heck of a sandy goodtime. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Little Red Beauty Shop

A friend of ours recently moved from Silverton and she couldn't leave her cute little beauty shop behind.  I say little, it's just 14' by 30'.  So KD, not knowing how heavy it was said, sure I'll move you're little building for you.  Afterall, she is the secretary at the family's farm implement business and she's helped KD out ALOT!!!!  Thanks girl! 

 So here goes the story of moving the little red beauty shop from Silverton to Tulia.

KD finally backs the trailer under the building in Silverton, after we had to send for a 3rd forklift.

It hung off the sides of the trailer about a foot on each side and a foot off the back. 
But we hauled it all the way from Silverton, it was soo heavy they didn't even have to tie it down. 

Here are two of the forklifts used....

This is Lisa's backyard in Tulia.

KD backs the building into her backyard.... after backing down 2 blocks of alley.

Here the 3 forklifts hold it up, right after the pickup pulled the trailer out from under it.

So here's the crew with the Little Red Beauty Shop owner.....
she's so happy it lives in her backyard in Tulia and KD is so happy the job is done. 

My husband can pretty much do anything!  I'm not bragging or anything.  

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Golfin' With My Punks

It was a beautiful morning on the golf course. 

My punks came along....

They enjoy the game and....

they're BOTH leftys (I haven't EVER mentioned that before or have I?)

They're such sweet boys...

don't worry though they act like little turkeys half the time!

We played 15 holes and I only wanted to hit them with a club a couple time...
 not really I love golfing with my boys, I just wish KD could have been there too!

BTW, if you're in to golfin', come on out for a round at Tule Lake Golf Course. 
 Yes the fairways are dry but considering the drought... it still looks pretty darn good!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Short Road Trip

Pake had a follow-up appointment at Scottish Rites in Dallas. 

First, we had to go to Cabelas in Fort Worth!

The boys REALLY like this place!

A day at Cabela's is a day in heaven for my punks.

So after Pake's appointment, we went to Oklahoma.  We visited Lake Texoma.

We visited my Uncle Eddie and he took the boys for a spin on his RZR!

My Uncle lives in the woods near Lake Texoma... it was a neat place and the boys loved it!

Next we caught up with my Aunt Brenda Kay. It was great to see her!

We finished the day off with Hopey and Aunt Jan (and Montana, Hopey's daughter).  It was awesome to see everyone!  I'd like to thank Aunt Jan for letting us crash at her place.  We also saw Mikka and her kids, but guess what?  I didn't get a picture with them and I'm still kicking myself! 

So after our short 1/2 day visit, we headed out over the Lake Texoma Dam and said good bye to a beautiful lake with lots of pretty water.  Of course, the boys want to know when we're going back so they can go fishing!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Hometown

Ever so often, I have to sneak over to Earth, my hometown. 
 Usually I call my brother up and ask if I can dump my punks off with him. 

They like to play cowboy.

They like to go to brandings, too.  Brandings are just the highlight of the cowboy life this time of year.  Consequently, after a full day of playing like they were "real cowboys," they inform me they want horses.  I reminded them that they have motorcycles..... BUT actually I don't think I've heard the end of it!

In the meantime, I was shopping.  Yes shopping with the girls at their new shop. 
It's in downtown Muleshoe and it's WAAAY cute, with REALLY cute stuff. 
Bonnie Concho is the name and you should stop by if you're in Muleshoe.... you won't regret it!

Of course, you can't go to Muleshoe without visiting Aunt Pat, aka The Goat Lady. 
Scouty loved petting Velvet.

And this is Lucille and her baby Jeronamo... not really,
 I don't know their names but I just don't think there's anything cuter than a kid goat!

Actually baby RENO is cuter.  He's a doll and have I ever mentioned,
 I was the first person to take his picture!!!  MAN he's growing waaaay too fast!

So while the boys and I run around, Kerry Don and the crew have been working on the farm.  
 Sorry KD, but I did bring yall ice cream, BUTTERfinger ICE cream =)

We're loving the days of summer,
but in the back of my mind I can't stop from worrying it'll all be over too soon!  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Old Grain Elevator

What little bit of wheat we'll cut this year, will be stored in this old elevator KD is leasing.

It's been fun seeing how it works.  Chad likes climbing to the top!

I took the crew a BBQ sandwich and of course JoeByrd had to stop by and see what we were up to.

After taking lots of pictures, I realized Tater had in fact enjoyed his BBQ sandwich.

Pake well he's serious..... he's serious about farming too!

So they'll be hauling wheat seed to this old elevator.  Usually during wheat harvest we worry that we'll get rained out... well doesn't look like we'll have to worry about that this year!  Is it ever going to rain y'all?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baseball Baby

The boys signed up to play baseball this year.  I have to say I really didn't even know anything about baseball.  Yes I'll admit, I didn't even know what an inning was.  I know it's pathetic, totally embarrassing.  However, I can now say (thanks to Traci) that I know what an inning is and a few other things.  Baseball is pretty fun after all!

Pake's up to bat for the Astros.  He's on the same team as Hunter; James and Coey are the coaches. 
I admire anyone brave enough to coach little league... I'm just saying!  So thanks guys.

Mr Lefty had some good hits this year.   

First base.... ready for some one to bring him home!

Mr. Tater Jack played machine pitch for the Orioles.  He played short stop! 

He's another lefty!.

It's been fun out at the ball park.  I learned a few things about baseball and perhaps the most important is.... don't forget your sunflower seeds!