Sunday, July 28, 2013

Louie Strange Benefit Golf Scramble

Kaleidoscope has a benefit golf scramble each year.  I enjoy helping put it on.  It's lots of work but lots of fun.  We had a total of 15 teams.  This year we honored Louie Strange and proceeds benefited the Driskill House.  Jeanne Johnson of Rocking J Photography took pictures.  I've really enjoyed having her pictures for the newspaper article and my blog of course!  lol

Kerry Don and I really enjoy our time at the golf course!

Tate and Bray didn't golf but they had fun running all of the course all day!

They got some time in at the putting green too!

Pake golfed on a team with a group of his buddies.

Looks like Newt is putting a turkey feather in Pake's cap. 

I can't believe that Jeanne got this picture....

it's priceless to me!  Makes me laugh out loud! LOL lOl LoL lol

We golfed with Tami and Justin and it was a great day!

Looks like these guys had fun... Newt especially! lol

These guys were 2nd and it appears they even had a large time!

Tule Lake Golf Course is beautiful right now, y'all come golf!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lake Alan Henry

We were lucky enough to get away for a few days and go down to Lake Alan Henry. 
We stay at this lodge, that we just love! The rain and cooler weather made the trip even better!

The first day, it rained on and off all day!

Tate caught a pretty nice bass!

I enjoyed the view while I waited on them.

Pake at the lodge, sitting on the porch while it rained!

Lake Alan Henry has beautiful clear water.

Pake is serious about fishing!

I love fishing with my boys!   

I caught this cute little feller! 

We caught lots of trees and rocks, and the boys got really good at saving our lures!

Remi made the trip quite memorable too!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The South Side of the Plateau

This is a new favorite picture of mine!  This is the north side of this plateau which is on the south west corner of the ranch... actually just south of our camp.... but my point is that this is the north side of this plateau.
 Hear me out!  lol

Pake was bound and determined to get to the south side of this plateau, so he made a new trail!
 So as you see the previous picture is the north side of the plateau and this is the south side.  
We've never been here... as far as we know, no one has... well no one in our family. 

Wait I think this might be my new favorite picture, Remi really is a doll, isn't she?

A boy and his pup, pretty soon she will be bigger than Pake!

This is an old trail we found on the south side.... but it's washed out.  
No one will be going up here!

Just a little cave they found.

Tate drove me around... it was a little scary.

Kerry Don took this awesome picture.

We love our time at the ranch! 

Wheat Harvest for 3 Whole Days

Well, wheat harvest lastest 3 whole days this year (we just wish it was 3 weeks). 
Some of the irrigated wheat made enough for some seed.
Guess we're lucky to have that!  These are Pake's pictures.

Thank you Pake for the pictures.  He ran the grain buggie. 
 He's getting to big for his britches.... well that's what his Momma thinks anyway.

Monday, July 1, 2013

An Electric Branding Iron

We finished up branding this year at Wayside.
We had a half inch rain, so it wasn't dusty and that made the day even better!

Pake did the "actual" branding.  We use an electric branding iron, therefore we need a generator.
In the old days, when I was a kid (lol), we used a butane bottle and fire blower.  
We're high tech now.... I guess that's what you call it!

Sometimes it's hard to get the brand on straight if the calf is kicking.

Pake didn't have any problems.

Look at that smokin' Byrd brand.

Branding can be a pretty smokey job... but there's just something about the smell of branding smoke.

Tate of course was on the sideline... and Tuffy was giving him a hard time.  I might add Mr. Thompson is very entertaining, and I just love listening to an ole timer!  But, I'm pretty sure he never used an electric branding iron.

Ewell dragging one, as they used to say, "to the fire" or now we would say "to the generator!"  lol

I'm so glad my boys get to experience the tradition of a good ole branding, 
even if we now use an electric branding iron ;)

We ended the day, hauling off the open cows.... there's just not enough grass to keep them!  We're very thankful for the moisture we've had, but we sure haven't recovered from this drought.... Pray for rain!