Saturday, November 28, 2009

World Championship Wanch Wodeo!

We enjoyed another year at the Ranch Rodeo.
Me and my guys!

The Killer Coyotes.... the Pokey the Clown Jr. Ranch Rodeo! The boys had a blast!

The branding

Harry Vold has a book out... He was signing a copy for Traci!

Autumn and Summer showed their horses in the Ranch Horse Contest... they did awesome!

Tripp getting ready to rope in the doctoring.

The wild cowing milking... got a little wild! JC was running the milk back and the cow chased him down, he tripped and fell and she ran right over him. His mother said it was like it was out of circus! We all LAUGHED!

Papa Preston and Mimi Jane

Carolyn, Uncle Don and Aunty Pat... loving the ranch rodeo!

Trail and the Smiths.... that Scout is something else!

Scouty eating a messy sucker (just another trick to keeping her happy)

Summer and Scouty

Autumn and her cool new boots that Preston made!

My crew of boys on Thursday night!
Another year gone by... Sandhill didn't win but they won some outstanding prizes... Riley (my bro in law) was named Top Hand and Tripp got Top Ranch Horse. We've made lots of good memories at the Ranch Rodeo!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Finally Family Fotos :)

Andreia Rice came and took our family picture a couple of months ago. They really turned out great! Kerry Don isn't much on taking pictures, but Andreia made it pretty painless - Thanks Andreia! It was a really overcast ugly day, but you can't tell it from the pictures. I like the candid, not soo posey pictures.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Good News in Denver

Pake and I flew into Denver yesterday. He had an MRI and now he's in surgery. I got to sit down with his doctor and look at the MRI. We are FINALLY getting there! Most of the malformation is gone in his hand, but there are still several bad spots in his arm. But, Dr. Yakes wants us to see the plastic surgeon to see if he thinks he make his hand more functional. We'll be anxious to meet with Dr. Snively next time to see what he thinks. Dr. Yakes said it's possible that he won't be able to operate and make it better, but if he can we'll try to do that next summer. Our flight is at 4:10 today and we just HOPE we make it.... Anway, wanted to share my kinda good news. It's made me kinda teary eyed!