Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eggs, Potato Guns & Strawberries

Easter eggs, potato guns and strawberries!  WHAT you say?  Huh?  Que?

Yes that is in fact what I said!  When we have Easter at the 'ole Backwards K,
well we hunt Easter eggs, shoot potato guns and eat strawberries....

Pake helped Tori stuff eggs.... they were supposed to be putting a dollar bill in there randomly,
I think he was randomly sticking those dollar bills in his pocket! 

Scouty hunted eggs!  She's a picky little Easter egg hunter though,
 if she didn't like the looks of the egg, well she wasn't going to put it her basket.

Tater Jack on the other hand, he's not picky.  He wants them ALL, well as long as they have $1 in them! 

Speaking of Tater Jack, he's a HAM! 
 I was trying to get a picture of Red and Keith........ anyway, I'm soo glad they came to see us.

So here's the potato gun part.... see the boys have a potato gun.  Actually, I bought them this potato gun at the family reunion (what kind of Mother am I?)  Anyway, thanks to Cousin Rocky!  So, my boys love to shoot the potato gun when we have company.... see this makes us look like real dignified folks. Or not?    I'd also like to mention Cousin Pete blessed us with his presence (he's in the orange).

The potato gun is absolutely the coolest thing since sliced bread.  It's loud and powerful! 

Pake said, "Daddy this thing don't kick too bad"!  Anyway, they shot potatoes and confetti eggs and anything they could shove down in there... What ignites it you ask?  Well if you notice on the ground there is a can of hairspray.  Yes hairspray... who knew right!

Scout posed with Papa and she had a new name for him,
CUPCAKE.... Oh my this child definitely entertains us!

Reno is going to entertain us too!  

Finally here's the strawberry part......
 I made chocolate covered strawberries,
Riley's grandmother made chocolate covered strawberries, 
Aunt Pat brought angel food cake and strawberries
and Summer aka Sweet T made strawberry cupcakes....
YUM  Oh and aren't my nieces cute?  BOYS get back =)

I'd also like to mention that Autumn and I beat Tripp and Tori in shuffle board... HA! 
Just had to throw that in there!

I think, these sweet cousins were entertained with all the fun!  

Actually I think everyone had fun!  Y'all come back to the Backward K Corral... You hear now! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Motley Mommas and Babies

What could possibly brighten your day more than a bunch of new babies calves?  Seriously???

This little booger brightened my day.... he was the cutest little fart I've seen in a while.

I named him Zorro, the masked Zorro! 
Then, I asked KD if I could load him up and bring him to the house and he said,  "NO TANDY!"
I'm still not over it either!

I also saw Lucy Lou and she and her calf seem to be doing just fine! 
She'd kill me if she knew I posted this picture of her... it does kinda make her butt look big.
Oh wait I think cows butts are supposed to big BIG! My mistake!

And I just LOVE how mommas and babies motley markings sometimes match.  I just love to go see the cows, especially this time year when they're calving.  It sure brightened my Friday and I had to share. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rubbin, son, is Racin'

We made our annual trip to TMS, Texas Motor Speedway that is!  I like that place... ALOT!  The weather was perfect!  Well except for the wind, but heck we're used to the wind.  The trip was great and more memories were made at TMS and I like that place!  Oh I think I already mentioned that =)

This year they raced under the lights!  Night races rock!

We got to go racin' two nights in a row.

My favorite part (well one of my favorite parts) was meeting Jeff Hammond...
 he's a commentator on Speed. 

Another favorite part, was when Jack took us to the end field and to pit row.  Judy thought it was cool too!

The next favorite part was getting to see them film speed.  Jeff Hammond was sporting his hat and PLUS Greg Biffle was a guest on the show.  And I'm a Biffle fan! 

Judy and I also took a picture with a pace car in victory lane. Again, thanks Jack!

Danny and Barb went for the first time... they're really drag racing fans. 
 They're not into all those left turns.  But we're glad they tried it!

Kerry Don and Boomer however, are into all those left turns.

Tami and I got a picture with Dale Jr.  Oh wait I think that's just his truck!  Oh well we still love JR.

Oh I forgot about this part... it's probably the best part!!!! When the jets fly over right after the national anthem, it'll make you have goose bumps and bring a tear to your eye.... it's true, really it is.

Then, when you see the checkered flag and one of your favorite drivers win!  Priceless.... well really it was Judy's favorite driver, but hey he drives a FORD and really that's all the matters, right?

Then, it was time to go home, and we all cried for a while... not really.  But we had a little mishap.  We parked the Painter's trailer backwards so their door would open up to camp.  But then their neighbors were in the way and they weren't going home... so they couldn't hook up.  Never fear though, we had a bunch of country boys and they figured it out, with a piece of plywood and floor jack... they scooted that baby right around so they could hook up.

Then it was time to load up and we took one more picture and said goodbye to TMS!

We will miss TMS, but we were sure glad to head home to see our boys.  I missed those punks, can't imagine why.  I also want to thank all my awesome friends that watched my punks.  You ladies are the best:  Lisa, Traci and Kymm... yall rock!   In the meantime, it's back to work =(  when's Good Friday?