Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coming and Going

We don't know if we're coming or going around here....
Hey who's coming and who's going? 
Are you coming or am I going?
Am I going and are you coming?
Nevermind.... the point is we've been coming and going
from the field to the football game 
and back to the field and then to football practice
and then back to the field...
Milo field

The oldest kid of mine, can't decide what he likes more working in the field or playing football...
because Pake #18 really loves football!

He loves hunting too... last Friday he shot this nasty mangy ugly ole coyote!

The younger of my two, he's on the right, his cousin is on the left
and they are true BLUE GATORS. 
They love their football and they're having a heck of a good season. 
They're almost undefeated.... they lost in overtime last week by only a few yards!

These cousins came over to cheer on the Gators!

Back to the field... this is the first cotton module of the season!

They're putting netting over it...

My goodlookin' handsome boys!

Pake running the boll buggy!

KDawg stripping!
I've been cooking... chicken fried steak & gravy, Pioneer Woman smashed taters, green beans, chocolate cake and Halloween popcorn! 

Dr. Pepper Spicy Pork burrito, avocado pico, beans and sopapilla cheesecake!
Those are just the ones I've taken pictures of.... and yes I've been to El Burrito too =) 

I've also been taking pictures and I got this beautiful picture of the sky! 
All of these pictures are from my phone... the ole iPhone does pretty good.
I still don't know whether I'm coming or going, but I've gotta go to
Floydada and then back to field to feed the guys. 
 Two crews today... nevermind that's a whole different story!  See y'all soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hangin' With the Guys

I like hangin' out with the guys. 
This weekend Aaron took his deer stand that he built at school in his welding class.  He used recycled materails, and I was impressed... they still have to get the windows for it though.

Tate, Brenden, Pake, Aaron and Drew ready to see a big 'ole deer, aoudad or pig. 
Actually KD was looking at a couple aoudad that were on the canyon rim.

Of course they had to check on this deer feeder too, it was putting out too much corn!

These are Pake's pictures!  They sat in the deer stand this morning while the rest of use were all snug and warm in our beds in the camper.  I like Pake's pictures and I like my warm bed in my camper!

Then, we hiked and we went to places we've never been before.  And there were a couple places that KD and I decided we just might not try again.  And I guarantee we're going to be sore... Geez we're gettting old!

This is a big crack that turns into a cave...
KD wouldn't let us, uhhh I mean the boys go down in there though. 

This is Tate's favorite place and it is pretty and it is easy to get to, so we'll be back!
We're loving our time at the ranch this fall =)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homecoming Happenings

These kids were excited about homecoming! 
As part of STuCo duties, I help with the homecoming court by getting the roses and taking their pictures.  Aren't they a great looking bunch!  I know yall are wondering which beauty was crowned!  (hint she's in the white dress)

These guys are big bad 8th graders!  What?  How'd that happen?
I know! Makes me sad thinking of Pake being in high school next year!

As for these two, they'll be in junior high!  Ok now, I'm really depressed! 
Had to share this great picture of cousins too!

We had a great win on homecoming!  Go hornets!  It was quite chilly at the game, and so well truth be told, I left during 1st quarter to take supper to the harvest crew in the field. 
We are cutting milo too!  It's fall y'all