Saturday, November 24, 2012

Deer Jerky

I must admit that I was very skeptical about actually eating Pake's deer.  I've had deer before and frankly my dear it's never been my fav.  Kerry Don and Pake went to Gander and bought all this meat processing, meat grinding, jerky making stuff and I told them they were CRAZy!  Yes I admit I did, and now I have to admit, I was WRONg yes I was!
Pake's deer is like beef, I guess it's all of Kerry Don's milo he consumed the last few months of his life that made him so good!

Jerky seasoning

They figured out that Red Creek Jerky seasoning is the best!

Tater was all about the grinding!

Kerry Don was the master and making the jerky strips.

Pake got pretty good at making the jerky strips too!  We all helped babysit the dehydrater.  Here's a pile of the jerky!  Again, I will admit, it's really good!


Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

I am thankful for all these boys!

I'm very thankful for my two boys!

I'm also thankful for this guy!  I'm very thankful for all that I have to be thankful for!

Pake's First Deer

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that Pake likes to hunt?  Oh I have, that's right...  LOL  Well he has talked about shooting a deer this season since last season.  I'm serious!  Anyway, he had been watching the deer and scoping out this big buck for quite some time.

These boys were pretty excited!

This boy was especially excited!

Even his Momma was excited!

He's officially an 11 pointer!  The cool thing is Kerry Don and the boys processed all of the meat themselves and made deer jerky.... stay tuned I'll tell y'all all about it soon!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Boys of Cotton

We're still making modules, I mean the cotton boys are anyway. 
Modules are cool, they sorta look like trailer houses.... lol

The module builder has to keep up with how many dumps he gets...
that way all of trailer houses or modules are all the same height. 
There's actually an art to it =) Jose & Chinco are pretty talented!

Cotton gets spilled all over the place sometimes.  Don't worry it's not wasted,
 they vacuum it all up at the end of the night and put it on the last module!
Yes, they have a vaccuum on the boll buggy!

Here comes the stripper and boll buggy,

actually that's Chad and KD.
There's my boyfriend upclose =)

The whole crew:  Butch, Pake, Chad, and KD.
They're stripping in front of my house.... I went for a walk around the patch and got these shots!  Then, I jogged on back to the house and whooped up a gourmet meal.  Ok, ok I confess, it was Stouffer's lasagna, green beans, Texas Toast garlic bread, and a rum cake (I had in the freezer from a silent auction).  I call that Semi-Homemade.... thank goodness for the freezer section ;)
They're hoping to be done by the weekend, BUT of course, Butch's stripper blew a hose. 
Who knows?  Let's hear it for the boys of cotton!