Sunday, August 19, 2012

the Mountains

Our last hooray of the summer, was a really quick trip to the mountains!  We have some really sweet friends that offered to share their camp with us.  It's a 10 hour drive, but it is oh so worth it! 

We were ready for some cool weather and boy was it nice!
Our first day, just Pake and KD took a ride....

and Pake fished at the beautiful Castle Lake in the park (cool reflection huh)!

BUT Tate on the other hand, slept the first day, oh and he threw up and threw up! 
We finally figured out he had altitude sickness.... it was not fun for him =( 
But after eating TUMS (yes TUMS is the best thing for it and lots of naps)... he was better!

As you can see here, he was better.  He was back to fighting with his brother....

My boys in the mountains... doesn't get much better than this!

So day two, we got to ride.... Again, I'd like to thank our sweet friends for letting us use Big RED!

We rode up to Cinnamon Pass which is way up, above the tree line....
Unfortunately, none of my pictures actually catch the beauty...

Pake rode with me awhile...

The park ranger stopped us... we were all good!

Tate rode with me too.... btw y'all he tends to talk alot...
I know huge surprise lol!  I don't have clue where he got it from ;)

Sometimes my boys take pictures for me.... they're usually goofy or maybe I'm just goofy!

We had a picnic....

And then, it was time to head down the mountain and pack up and come home.... 
Our trip was fast, but it was worth it and I'd like to again thank Gary and Cheryl Vaughn for the opportunity to stay in their digs and use their BIG RED... 
Lake City, Colorado, Castle LAKEs.... the coolest! 
We can't wait to go back!

On a sadder note... we had to rush back for Grandma Byrd's service...
We lost an awesome lady that we all looked up to!  She will surely be missed by everyone!
This picture was taken last Thanksgiving:  Grandma and a few of her great grandkids!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Yearly Corn Shuckin' Party

Traditionally, we plant sweet corn.  The guy that calls himself JoeByrd (one word), started the tradition and it's usually on his land.  KD planted it for him this year.
We always get a pickup load... this time we got alittle carried away.

We pull into the garage and crank the AC and start to shuckin'.

KD took the afternoon off to help (I know I had to check his temperature),
 but he does LOVE him some sweet corn.

I cut it off the cobb.  Yes, I'm smiling!

Basically the corn field blew up in garage!  So 6 hours and 45 quart bags later, 
with 50 pots and pans dirty, a sticky floor, and 3 cranky boys 
we were finally done!

KD even washed dishes.... I'm telling y'all he's awesome!
Note:  He's going to kill me because he recently started actually reading my blog!

There's still corn if y'all want some.... better hurry on up and get over here!

Mimi's and the Mountains

My Mom lives near the mountains in New Mexico.  My step dad took us for a very scenic drive up into the mountains to the Valle Vidal.  We drove and drove on a rough rub boarded caliche road. 

 It was worth it though.
This is at the summit... the view behind us was breath taking!

We had a picnic at Shuree Ponds!

Papa helped the kids fish!

Behind Mimi and Papa is Baldy Peak.

Me, Mom and my Sis

The view of the meadows was just beautiful.

My sweet niece and nephew loved the fishing! Scouty got pretty good with her pink Barbie fishing pole!  Reno calls a fish, Ishy, that little buggar is really starting to talk! 

We also stopped off at the Gravel Ponds in Cimmaron Canyon to attempt some more fishing....
I love the boys reflection!

I just love a good reflection shot....

Mimi's in the mountains is awesome!