Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Some Rambling Thoughts of Mine....

This year is flying! It is so hard to believe that it's almost spring break. Where did this year go? Pake is almost 10 and Tate almost 7... WOW! Blows my mind. My boys are growing up way too fast!

We've been hanging out at the golf course this week since we've had unseasonably beautiful weather. Of course now here's the weekend and it's going to be cold! Pake is really loving golf.... He beat several of my shots on Wednesday evening (course that's not saying much, but he just loves to say... "I beat you Mom!"). On hole number 7 he hit it on the edge of the green with his first hit! He just amazes me! Most of the time he hits it straight basically just using one arm. I hope golf is something he can have fun with. Tater gets frustrated but I told him he has to keep practicing. Kerry Don's been improving his golf game too... shot only 5 over Par on 9 holes last night! I'm going to have to take some lessons I guess! Looks like this is what the boys are going to be wanting to do.

I'm looking forward to the weekend.... even though it involves a mountain of laundry!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Saturday in Silverton

Pake and JT .... Sweet 4 wheeler
Tate got to drive the Rhino! He loved it... thought he was such a big boy!

We had an eventful day hanging out with the Wests and Holts in Silverton!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Dinner for City Church
Our Kaleidoscope Club did a meal for City Church this week. We fixed them lasagna, French bread and brownies. All the kids loved it. Our boys got to help serve. I thought it was a good experience for them. Sometimes its a blessing to just be able to help out!
The Owens and Adams boys
Traci put the whole thing together. She did a great job!

Julie, LeeAnn, and Audra helped in the serving line!
Francis and Marry Ann fixing the bread.

Happy Valentines Everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Saturday to Remember
Mimi took us out to eat for our birthdays. Summer's was in December, KD & Autumn's in January, Tori, Tripp & Hope in February and mine in March. We went to Kabuki! Pake, Quiton, Summer, Autumn, Trail & Tate... we're glad that Summer's beau came too!
Little Miss Scout... The cutest and best baby ever!

Mimi, Scout and Uncle Tripp
Tripp won't look at the camera.
Tori and Riley... cute couple!

Trail and Tate

I had to get a picture of Tate's favorite part... the "bolcano" as he calls it!

KD on the phone.... imagine that! But it's amazing I got him to go with us, because Saturday was a beautiful day and he wanted to golf!

A new 100.... One Happy little BOY!

Tate's way excited too because this means he gets to take over the 70!

Can we ride it in the excursion!?
They rode all day yesterday.... Pake loves his new Honda 100.... Tate got a new back tire on the 70! They LOVE their dirt bikes!
We had a nice dinner with family on Saturday. Then, we got our first taste of the new Nascar season! Yeah.... we're glad it's back to hearing "Gentleman Start your Engines" EVERY weekend! My Biffle wrecked 3 times though... ehhhh! BUT, It's Daytona next weekend!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Hobby
I have a new hobby that I am sooooo excited about! Kerry Don has many hobbies: restoring old cars, building things-- anything he puts his mind to, and now his latest... golfing (which I'm also getting it to as well and don't know when I'm going to have to time for it). My little sister has taken up sewing which I'm extremely impressed by and jealous-- TORI!

Anyway, my new hobby is digital scrapbooking. I have always loved pictures and taking them. I enjoyed scrapbooking, but could never find the time to sit down and get it done. I have been aggravated at myself for not getting any albums done. So, I started looking on the the computer at digital scrapbooking. There's tons of information out there. I have spent many hours trying to figure it all out..... I still have sooo much to learn. But, I finally got about 20 pages done and sent them to the printer. I was really pleased with the results. I think it is so awesome that I never have to go to a scrapbooking store for supplies. I just download them right off the internet and create my pages. Then, I send my pages to a printing company online and they just mail them right to me. Plus, they are even 12x12 pages. So, finally I have something to occupy all my extra time (LOL) and I can perserve all the memories my boys are creating for our family! Actually, sometimes it's funny how much I can get done around the house in such a short amount of time, so I can sit down at the computer and play with my digi scrapping!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Motorcycle Monsters
Hunter, Pake, Linc and Tate
This is what my front porch looks like most of the time!

Pake getting air... Riding is great therapy for his hand! I think it has strengthened his arm too!
Tate jumping Pake's 70.... he's growing out of his Honda 50. He gets on Pake's 70 every chance he gets! And that's my old JEEP I love it!

BIG AIR.... this is Tate! Yes he's only in the 1st grade! NO FEAR!

Linc.... NO HANDS!

Their favorite place to ride... the pit! They can get lots of air coming out of it!

I love taking pictures of the boys riding.... these were some of the first pictures I took with my new camera... I have lots to learn!

Brother Brian's Surprise Birthday Party
Kerry Don and I hosted a birthday party for Brian this weekend. Christy and I teach together and have been good friends for several years. Brian works for the electric company, but he's also a preacher on the side. He is such an awesome guy! The West Family: Emily, Brianna, Christy, Addie and Brian. They have 3 sweet beautiful girls!
Kerry Don made Brian a disk to cook on. They use these on the turkey fryer burners. They work great for cooking breakfast at the lake!

Kerry Don cheesing! He cooked ribs and chicken legs.... finger lickin GOOD!

Brian and his oldest daughter Brianna! What a pretty girl... I can't believe she's getting married in May!

Jeanine and JT..... These two are something else! This is Brian's sister-in-law and nephew. They sure are missing Brad (Brian's brother).... it has almost been a year since he's been gone. They are so strong though and JT is a very respectful young man. It has been great getting to know them! JT is a freshmen in Silverton.

Me, Jeanine, and Christy.... We have lots of fun together!

Hunter O and Traci! Hunter and Pake are just 2 weeks apart and have been friends since before they could walk. I think this is a very sweet picture! Traci is also a school teacher and working on her master... I'm so proud of her!

Jack and Tay... Tay and I also teach together! Jack (a cop) decided he liked my new camera and he took lots of pics for me!

Brian told JT, "Don't look"..... and he wouldn't!

It took some coaxing but I finally got their picture. I think they surprised Brian pretty good.
The good thing about hosting something at the house is that it motivates me to CLEAN. I gave the garage a major cleaning! It was sooo filthy and junky.... I'm trying to figure out how we accumulate sooo much junk! Seriously where does it come from? Maybe it will stay clean for a few days!