Sunday, July 29, 2012

Splash Amarillo

Splash is a large time!

The kids ride the TACO!
 I do not ride the TACO! 
I just take pictures of the kids riding the taco!

The kids smile after riding the TACO.

The kids LOVE riding the TACO!

They even ride the TACO 3 at a time!
Ok, ok enough about the TACO, but it seems the TACO is the highlight at Splash!

Snack time with cousins!

Such a fun group of kids!

He's my youngest and he always has a LARGE time!

Scouty took a pic of me and my sis... glad we had a chance to hang!
Note:  these 2 Mommas really did not ride the TACO....  in case y'all were wondering!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shootin' Trap

We have a new toy at our house.  What is it?  Well it's a clay pigeon tosser/thrower/flinger thangy.  You know trap shootin'.  Come to find out it's fun!

Pake decided to spend his hard earned summer farmin', harvestin', plowin' money on a shotgun.  Yes he thinks he's old enough to hunt birds this fall.  Sad thing is, is I guess he is old enough.  (boohoo)

See his Momma took him to Gander Mtn and helped him buy the gun.  His Momma doesn't know much about guns, but now she knows there are 12 gauge, 20 gauge, pump action, semi automatic, Beretta, Mossbergs, Benelis etc. etc... and that's just shotguns.  Whew, so much info. The secret is, his Momma actually wanted to shoot his new shotgun.  The other secret is now his Momma wants a pink shotgun, maybe even pink camo. (wink/wink)

His Daddy said, "I almost forgot how fun trap shootin' is!"
Note:  I said "almost"

His little brother loves it too and he loved shootin' his Daddy's old 20 gauge pump shotgun. 
 Note:  with very close supervision.... just sayin'!

They played the monkey shoot game, where it's one person's turn but if they don't hit it,
then the next person has a shot etc....  I shot a few rounds, hit a few times, and now have a sore shoulder.  Oh my crazy life, trying to keep up with these boys =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Cool Farmin' Video

I just had to share this fun video. It promotes the farming way of life.  It's a music paraody from a popular song "I'm sexy and I know it"!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

More Vaca on the Coast

Here is the rest of the story about our vaca to the coast....
Who knew the ice cream man would be on the beach?

Our first dinner was with Dexter, Sherry, Aaron, Drew and Brenden!  Dex had caught a Mahi Mahi so we had Spaghetti Works cook up a mess of it for the whole family.  It was delish!

Too bad the other Adams crew were on their last day of vaca and we were on our first day. 
We missed hanging out with them.... maybe we can coordinate better next year! 

Mr JoeByrd OneWord, Wade (the trip coordinator.... thanks so much Wade you did good) and Mr KD at Pier 37 where we went out on our bay fishing trips.  This is actually on North Padre or basically at the end of Mustang Island.  We met some awesome Bay fishing guides and everyone caught lots of fish!

Crazy Cousins at the Crazy Cajun... note the sunburned faces.... we had fished all day!

All the boys aboard the Pelican, headed out for a day of deep sea fishing!  They're all smiling now, about 1 hour later some of them were pitchin their cookies. The seas were pretty rough going out! Pake, Kyler, Tate and Hunter all got sea sick, but they all reeled in some great fish and they all still say they will go back.

My sick boys.... not too fun and it's not like you can just go back when you're 30 miles out!

KD caught a Durado which is a fairly rare catch.  John was our deck hand and come to find out he's a teacher too!  Plus he's taught Credit Recovery... crazy small world... we had some great chats about school in between some great fishing!

KD also caught a Hammerhead shark.  It weighed in at 80 lbs! 

We had a crew of 11 on a chartered boat (which basically means we  had the whole boat and crew all to ourselves).  Deep Sea Headquarters took care of us again... we limited out on Red Snapper and Atlantic Sharp Nose Shark.  I wish I had a picture with my FAT Sow Momma Red Snapper because I just KNOW (lol) I had to have caught the biggest one!

Pake was Mr Sharkman.... he caught 3 in a row!

This is Mr Ed Gibhardt he did a happy dance on the boat everytime he caught a good fish... mind you he caught a shark too (but we couldn't keep it since we already had KD's in the boat)... This guy is a hoot and we had so much fun with him! 

Our last day in Port A was a day of resting, see we had fished for 3 days straight... that means getting up before 5 and getting on the water at 6.  Each day ended up being at least 10 hours.  So we were tired.  We took the boys down to the beach though for a couple hours so they could boogie board.

And then it happened faster than you can snap your fingers, we were on the ferry coming home =(
Adios Port A... until next year!  We hope ;)

Just Add Water

Our trip to the coast this year was quite memorable.
 We did something we've never done.
We went bay fishing. 

Our first morning out on the water was beautiful! 

We made a new friend, our guide, Jay Nichols!

We caught trout!  Nice trout!

Seriously nice trout and the boys loved it!  Jay was awesome with the boys too!
Note:  he was patient with me too, considering I forgot my fishing licenses and had to go to Walmart to get a replacement.... durn I always tell on myself!

Our first day we had a cooler full, 1 red fish and 20 trout!

We also saw this rare bird that flew by the boat and put on quite the show!

Our second day, while not as good as the first day, was just as fun!

A big plus is Jay even cleaned our fish!  He's the man.

If y'all go to Corpus, Port A, Rockport etc.... call him up! Just ADD Water!
 You won't be disappointed.

Fourth Friends Food Fireworks Fun

It was the fourth.  We had fun!  We had fun with friends, fireworks and food!

The boys talked about popping fireworks for days.  They were more excited than they are at Christmas... almost anyway!

We have cool friends.... this couple showed up on their Harley's!

The kids can't stand it, they're out there scheming to pop fireworks before dark.

Did I mention fireworks?  Well we had plenty!

Pake's firecracker lighting punk almost looks like cigar! lol

Kerry Don's expression says it all.... "Seriously how many more fireworks?"

Tater says, "Momma did ya see that one?"

They were beautiful!

Bray taking it all in!


The spectators said the show was awesome!

It was wild... several groups popping all at once.... lots of flashlights too!  Another "f" word...  lol!
fourth food flashlights fireworks firecrackers family friends = fun