Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Miniature Motorcycle Trailer

Pake's a big bad freshman this year.  I know I can't believe it :/  Every year at our high school open house, Pake and I would go down and see the welding projects.  He just couldn't wait to be in high school so he could have Mr. Wilfong's class.  The year started out great, welding was his favorite class.  Then, Mr. Wilfong had a heart episode and was out of school for a couple months.  Pake was sure worried about his favorite teacher.  Fortunately, the sub was one of our cowboys and he helped Pake get started.   I think when he started everyone thought he was crazy.... 

But little by little, we all starting seeing that he knew what he was doing.

Pake has welding two periods a day.   The kids really learn a lot and some even become certified welders.  And by the way, his teacher is doing much better and is back teaching these kids skills!

It really turned out good.

Then, he brought it home for bondo,  I really wouldn't consider this the fun part. 

He made a few more changes.


By the way where in the world did he get this idea?  Well Pake's great uncle rides Harley's quite a bit.  Well actually he's been everywhere from the Artic Circle to Nova Scotia, Canada to Mexico and California to Florida.  Anyway, he had this idea for Pake to build him a little mini trailer.  He likes things that are different and he just thought it would look neat.  Who knows he may even haul his dogs.  I think he needs a miniature donkey!  lol 

Painting is tricky... he had a few runs that had to be sanded out.

This is Mr Reyes. owner of Reyes Trailers. He helped pin stripe, and it really added a special touch. 

Then, came the lights.  Actually wiring a trailer is pretty complicated.

It turned out soo good!  I want to say it's cute, because it really is.
  I'm not sure Pake wants us to call it cute... just because it's little!  lol

It was exciting to see it hooked up behind a motorcycle!

Well Pake did a great job and he did well at contest.  He received Best of Show and this little trailer is going to state for Skills USA.  The best part is state is in Corpus Christi and we can't wait to go!