Friday, January 29, 2010

Hayin Cows, Bustin Ice and Pullin out 4 Wheelers

Well we had another snow day... two in a row.... no more snow days.... booo! Now we'll have to give up a couple three day weekends in the spring. So instead of sitting at home this morning, I loaded up and went with KD to hay some cows. It was an eventful day!

These ole gals up at Wayside were sure glad to see us! They were crusted up with ice and snow! I just got the biggest kick out of the hay hangin out of their mouths.

They dumbed out 3 bales and rolled them out soo all the girls could get a bite.

"Thank you KD we love you man! We sure were hungry!" says the sassy ole heifers!

Super Brad loading up some round bales.

Oh and we ran into these two punks.... "Hey Daddy, ummm we got the 4 wheeler stuck! Reackon you can come pull us out?"

Yep it was stuck alright... in the pit!

Daddy came to the rescue and pulled it out.

A frozen float... nope these cattle weren't drinkin!

7 poles down on the Mote place.... no electricity for the hot wire and about 100 weining calves.... so KD went to town and got a battery powered fence charger.

ICE is destructive! Snapped that pole!

Our cute little fat fluffy weining calves, "Thanks KD we were thirsty!"

Opps aren't those wheels supposed to be on the ground. Hey what happened here? KD! LOL Umm, we flipped a hay trailer! LOL But we flipped it back over and were on our way.

It was a fun day.... nothing thawed out here... I'm getting ready for the MUD though! Do yall know how much of a mess my boys can make in the MUD?????

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thunder SNOW

It started raining this morning about 5:00, I got up and looked at the thermometer.... 29 degrees. Maria called me at 5:50 and said school was canceled. So most normal people would have rolled over and went back to sleep and enjoyed sleeping in. NOT US! At the Backwards K, we got up and cook breakfast at 6 AM! The rain covered everything in ICE.... then, it rained ICE. Then, it finally started snowing. I was watching Doppler Dave and it was snowing and thundering where he was reporting.

The boys got out in it, actually it's 5:00 and they're still out in it. Tater was frozen!

Under all that is HUNTER O!

KD stopped to talked to Cowboy Alan... he's been hauling hay all day!

Brooks and Pake

Tater on his hood/sled... ready for a ride!

My Pake is mister fix it... he's hooking up the car hood to his 4 wheeler. Remember he just had surgery Tuesday. He told me he's the only one responsible enough to drive the 4 wheeler.... he just thinks he's soo BIG.

Maxie has to be right there with her boys!

And they're off.... this is how we roll on Roll-a-Cone Road when it snows.

But as for Me and Daddy (camo coveralls are SEXY).... we're hanging out by the fireplace. Yall reackon we'll have school tomorrow?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Denver Dadgumit

Pake and I are having a great trip in Denver. We came a day early to see Dr. Snively. We really didn't learn alot, but we are still hopeful that plastic surgery is in the future. We still don't know when. He did say he thinks he can operate and hopefullly help, just still not sure when.
After seeing Dr. Snively, we went to this awesome mall! WAY cool.... good thing this place isn't anywhere near the Backwards K... whew.... KD would probably take credit card away....

Pake and I took a picture with the trusty ole timer.

The very best part of the day was finding The Cheesecake Company. Oh my!!!!!

Many of yall know Pake LOVES, LOVES cheesecake.... usually when he wakes up from anesthia... he wants cheescake! So he was in heaven! Ok his Momma was too!

We started with appetizers.... I had stuffed mushrooms.... just alittle slice of HEAVEN ;)

Pake had fried cheese.... they were YUMMY too!

Then, we were good for alittle bit.... we shared a great Santa Fe Salad.

DRUM roll please................

Key LIME CHEESECAKE..... absolutely out of this WORLD... and I'm not kidding.

So we're here at good old Swedish Medical now..... Pake was being particuraly ornery this morning but I got the picture of the hand after all :)

Sad face.... then he got his IV..... like a big boy! BUT it burned, stung, HURT and he wasn't happy. He really did turn pale.... but he's asleep now. Hopefully, Dr. Yakes will work some more magic. Then, well be back on a plane to Amarillo by 6:30.... hopefully CUZ I'm hearing something about some SNOW????? I hope so.... just let me get back on Roll-a-Cone RD ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gettin Gas

Gettin Gas..... ok yall not that kind.... not that we don't have plenty of that around our house ;)But anyway.....SO, I very much dislike gettin gas and I will put it off until I'm about to have to get out and push. But, my Pake loves to DRIVE (dadgumit he's gettin too BIG).
NOthing better than livin in the country and havin your own gas pump, EVEN better to have a punk to fill up for ya.

Monday, January 18, 2010

We've Been Huntin

The boys have been huntin' with their new pellet guns. Kerry Don has helped them site their guns in, and bought them better bullets. They load up on the 4 wheeler and go out to the junk yard and HUNT. What do they hunt? Rabbits and birds so far!

This morning Bray showed up bright and early.... ready to go huntin'!
Aren't their huntin vest studly.... they can stuff birds in the back panel....
NOTE to self: make sure all birds are cleaned out before washing ;)

Last weekend, they were excited because they shot two little birds.

Last night they had 11 birds and a rabbit.... talk about proud!

Pake is going to be a hunter, I can already tell.

Hey yall want fried rabbit for supper? Or how bout rabbit stew? Ummmm.... I'll pass!

Maxie... she's sad! They make her stay home.

Boys, hey did yall leave me? Hey wait! I want to go huntin!

Guess it's just me and Maxie! I get to hang out at home in my favorite slippers (thanks JUDY) and blog and play on the computer and edit photos and blog and OPPS... I'm supposed to be working on KD Farms books.... See YALL!

Big Buck on the Golf Course

Well yall the Cowboys lost.... we were sad! So what do we do???? Go GOLF!!! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, plus I love taking pictures of the wildlife on our golf course! We have deer, turkey, bobcats, foxes and possibly a ring tail cat. Anyway, I got a new phone and I used it take these pictures. It takes pretty good pictures for a phone.
This BIG buck was just hanging out by the women's tee box on 9. He had a whole entourage of does. They're soo cute! I wouldn't mind him hangin on my wall, but I think hunting on the golf course might land you in JAIL! Guess I'll stick to golfing and taking pictures ;)

Kerry Don got his birthday alittle early! Golf Cart Curtains or cover or whatever you call it! It sure cuts the wind... but yesterday was soo pretty we really didn't even need "curtnans" (as Tate would say)

My favorite place on the golf course, in between #7 green and #8 men's tee box! And aren't golf carts CUTE... I just love them.... I wish I had a turquoise one with a zebra seat (Tandy... Hello dream on!)

Did I mention I golfed with the guys.... Justin, Shane, Kennedy and KD.... They're so sweet to let KD's wife tag along.

This is smaller buck that I caught in the brush. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Now, I bet yall are wondering what the boys were doing? That's a whole 'nother post!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Birthdays, Two Cakes

This blog post is not very organized.... but since my Aunty Pat is my biggest blog fan, I wanted to start off with her picture. Her 75th birthday is on January 12th, so we went this weekend to celebrate with her! We also celebrated with our great aunt LaVerne!
We got Aunty Pat this cool cake.... you see she really is the Goat Lady! She raises goats and I think she has at least 100 or more! She also has chickens and she is about the best cake maker I know (Angel Food is her specialty)! Mom surprised her and drove in from Springer just for her big sis's birthday!

Riley and Tripp with Pake, Trail and Tate..... this was the highlight of the day for my boys! They got to go hangout with their Cool Cowboy Uncles! See Tripp likes to take my boys to his feedlot and let them ride calves.... course no one is ever around to take pictures.... one of these days I'll be invited too!

Friday and Tripp.... I don't know for sure who started calling Uncle Don, Friday.... but I think it sounds pretty cool! And Friday is known for making handmade spurs. I even have a pair, but unfortunately I use them for decoration and a reminder of when I was a real Cowgirl (ha/ha... sometimes I crack myself up)

Summer and Autumn my sweet, quiet nieces that had a CAKE FIGHT!!!!!! Yes I didn't get a picture but Summer ended up smearing a whole piece on Autumn's face... some how I don't think this is over... yall watchout next time there' s a birthday cake around.

My madre and her siblings.

Mirt (actually a nickname: she got this name as a kid... someone called her and her sister Mirt and Squirt.... says she's just now starting to like the name... I love it) and Diana (who is in trouble for paying for EVERYONE's lunch at Leals... but it was good! Thanks Diana) and Stephanie and baby Ryan... Diana and Stephanie came all the way from Round Rock!

Mirt with one of the beautiful bouquets she brought for the birthday girls... my niece Scout is all about "piddy" things!

Our table at Leal's.... the best Mexican food EVER!!!! They've been in business forever too I think, well I've been eating there all my life!

Scouty and Pake... now this little chic is something else! Course I think she's cuter than a speckled pup!

Triple Trouble: Shotgun, Trigger and Pistol (Mim's nicknames for her grandsons) Matching caps too, thanks to Aunty Hopey!

Hopey and Tori making punch... notice Trysten's little head popping up there! Well let me tell you, he wanted to eat the goat from Pat's cake... and yes you guessed... we let him!

Cousins: Pat, Jane, Mary Beth, Diana, and Don.... I think it's awesome that they all still get together several times a year!

Hope showing LaVerne her cake! LaVerne is 99 years old today! She's an amazing woman... she is the oldest of her siblings and sadly the only one left. We can't wait until next year to celebrate her 100th birthday!
I always enjoy days like this... sometimes I even get a little teary eyed. Seriously.