Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peter the Delivery Truck

Kerry Don's latest project has been a delivery truck for RollACone. Dan bought an old Pete. I think Peterbilt trucks are too cool for school. I regretfully didn't get a before picture... the truck had a sleeper on it. It was somewhat UGLY I must say.

They stripped it down...

Built a new bed for it and repainted it.

And WOW! Looky, looky!

The bed is designed just for hauling plows.
I would elaborate but KD's not here to tell me what to write.
Yall know I'm not mechanically minded, nope not one lick.

I just wish I had a picture of it with a plow behind it.
Just wanted to share my talented mechanically smart husband's latest project.
"I'm not braggin or anything." (that's one of Papa Byrd's old sayings)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Picture Practice

I read all about aperture and shutter speed on Pioneer Woman's site today, and thought I had my brain wrapped around it. Well, I didn't. However, I did have some events to photograph on this beautiful day. And yall know I like that!

The wheat field beside my house has become my favorite place for pictures. The wheat is soo dadgum pretty this year.... and what a blessing!

Little Bro and Big Bro

And guess what Miss Scout came to visit us. She has been telling Tori, "Tanni, Pake, Tate, Maxie, Don pway" So, they came for a quick visit this afternoon.

I was going for the blurry background.... not sure about it though.

What a darling little family. They are 3 now, when will they be four????

Tori and Scout with the Motorcylce Monsters

Yikes, now that's some air. I used to have to sit for hours it seemed like to get this shot. Well with the new cam, I got it the first time! WOW!
Did I mention I'm stoked about my new camera?

And little wild man, works hard to keep up with his big brother.

Now there are a couple of hardworkin country boys.

"Don" as Scout calls him, had no time to play. He was running the Big Green Monster Machine, trying to get the wheat sprayed.

Oh Lord! Who's this FREAK? Oh that's me... Tori was playing with my camera.
I cooked a steak for my guest.

This sweet girl is Meghan Jace.

Hunter O and Tate being a ham.
Hunter started to pop a wheely and Tater screamed like a little girl.

And the back flip, I just love that I can capture it!
So I'm no photographer, that's for certain. But I have fun trying.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Motorcross at the Cowboys Stadium

One word.... HUGE!
And I'm not kidding!

The place is sooo big I had to get about a mile away to gt a picture of the WHOLE thing.

Do you see the fake smiles? Taking pictures just aggravates the snot out of my boys.

They had Ford vehicles on display waaaay up there.
From where we sat they looked like they were toy size.

Justin and Meghan were there too. We had fun hanging out with them and climbing all the way to the highest seats! It made me a little nervous and sick to my stomach.

The kids sitting in the highest row!

This is the view from the top row. I usually don't mind heights but I tell you this really bothered me. I mean it is STEEP like looking off of a cliff! Did I mention that I did not like it? Ok I seriously almost freaked out. So I sat down on my bottom and scooted on down.
Yep I did! Not really, but I had a death grip on the railing.

The race is on! We were right behind the starting line. It was a cool view.


The finish line... look closely there are motocycles in the air. Really there are.
And this is even with my zoom action lense...

The BIG screen!

Tate gave his undivided attention to the whole event.
I bet his teachers wish that he did in class too!

Free Style!

And when we came out of the stadium, it was snowing! Yes, snowing in Dallas, Texas on March 20th. Did I mention it was cold? Brrrr.... But we still had fun and enjoyed our first trip to the new Cowboys Stadium. Now we're all set to go to a Cowboys Football game.

New Camera

I got a new camera.... I'm SOOO excited! It's a Canon Rebel T2i SLR.... I don't have a clue how to use it, but I'm trying! So here are some of my first pictures.

I love how you can barely see Pake laying in the wheat in the background.

My motorcycle riders

Mister Pake getting AIR

Little Tater gettin BIG air for his size of bike.

Yep that's Tater.... I know, I know, you don't even have to say it!


It's time to ship cattle!

Yep those two are mine.

Cowboy Alan

But the wheat is still so pretty and green, why are we already shipping? Well because they're saving this wheat for harvest. It will hopefully be a great wheat crop with all the moisture we've had this year.

The COWBOYS heading out to go gather another pasture.

This calf was not cooperating.... sorry for his luck!

Butch and Brad loading the semi. A cold front blew in and it got plenty chilly. The guys had a long but successful day! There will be some pretty black calves at TLA this Monday.