Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ski lifts, Snow skis , Long johns and lots of FUN!

We took the boys to Red River this year. They learned last year at Angel Fire and we thought it'd be neat to try somewhere different. Pake started out great, but Tate on the other hand had to relearn. But as soon as he caught on he was flying down the mountain right past his old, out of shape Mom and Dad.
Tater and I on the lift!

KD and the boys stopped because I thought this was a pretty place for a picture!

Of course I have to get a family picture using my camera's self timer.... NOTE: my boys are very impatient with me and my picture taking! The sun was glaring in their eyes as you can see with Tater's squinting.

The boys and their wimpy MOM! Note to self: get in better shape next year before hitting the slopes!

KD and Tater in the chair in front of Pake and I.... the lift chairs were just 3 seaters... so we had to split up!

Another shot of KD and Tater!

They don't recommend ski poles for the smaller skiers (Pake calls them "sticks," he wanted sticks real bad but we convinced him that he'd do better with out them). Anyway, KD would lend Tater a pole to help him a long. Thank goodness for KD's patience!

Mr. Pake he will be sking like a pro before we know it!

Pake about to head down to the lift again!

Tater Man was not paying attention when it was time to get on the lift and he missed the chair..... so he had to ride all by himself in the next.... he looks so little!

On Saturday night, they have a light show down the face of the mountain! Each skier has a torch and it makes for a real pretty show!

We FINALLY got to eat at Texas Reds and it was every bit as good as we anticipated!

Our Motel was right beside the 2nd lift which was really handy. The boys were so excited the first day we got there... They just couldn't wait to rent their skis and get on the slopes!

We had a great trip and the boys can't wait until next year. We've decided we might do a few things different next year.... like bring some FOOD! It got pretty expensive eating out, so on our last night we went to the grocery store and bought hotdogs.... we used the microwave in our room and it was just pretty good stuff!
Well it's snowing in the Texas Panhandle today.... I bet we have about 2-3 inches... It's really pretty especially when you're sitting by the warm fireplace! Happy New Years Yall!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at Mimi and Papa's in New Mexico

While we were cooking, I looked at the front window and saw the horses under this cool OLD tree in front of Mom's house. Me thinking I'm such a photographer (LOL), I went out to get some pics. The horses were pretty on this crisp COLD Christmas morning!

Mimi Jane with Pistol Pake, Scout and Shotgun Tate.... Mimi you have to come up with a nickname for Scout!

Tripp holding Scout up to touch OLD JOE the longhorn steer that Preston had for years. He was getting sooo old Preston decided to have him stuffed! I want him in my house! But he looks awesome at Mom's!

Tater (that's a coyote call he's blowin on!) and Pake...... Thanks MOM! LOL the boys loved them, but we've still got them hidden!

Papa Preston and Scout... she loved her shoes!

Aunty Tandy and Scout

KD cutting up the turkey! He did an awesome job as always.

Mimi Jane and Aunty Pat.... everyone worked hard in the kitchen and the food was GREAT!

Trail and Tate.... Mimi Jane got out her BIG bad wolf and Little Red Riding costumes... the funniest part is Tater was scared to death and screamed like a little girl... and yall all think he's sooo tough!

Preston's antique stove (another thing I'd like in my house) and the homemade pies we had, chocolate (Mimi Jane), buttermilk (Tandy) and pumpkin (Aunty Pat), and we can't leave out the fact that Tori Beth made the crust!

These rolls were to DIE for yum!

So we had another awesome time for Christmas... it was pretty chilly out so we hung out in the house... we cooked of course, played Guesstures (when Mimi and Tori drug us off the couch and made us), they watched Australia, and I read my new cookbook "Pioneer Woman" that Tori Beth game me.... great cookbook.... if you don't know about the Pioneer Woman you should check her out and buy her cookbook!
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Adams Cousins

We always get together with Dexter's family around Christmas... this year we had a whole turkey and dressing meal.... yum! Then the kids played games on the Wii. They played Rock Band, so we had a little concert... KD even sang Pretty Woman... he'd kill me if he knew I told, but hey he never gets on here anyway...shhh :) lol
Oldest to youngest: Bay, Aaron, Drew, Pake, Brenden and Tate!

Sher, Dex, Aaron, Brenden, Drew and Bailey

Kerry Don wasn't cooperating so this picture of him is horrible... but it's the best one.... sometimes he needs a whoopin!
The boys stayed the night and Linc and Hunter came over too! They played the new fishing Wii game until wee hours of the morning, and they all crashed out in the living room! Of course, they were up early catching BIG fish on the Wii, playing with the race track and playing wall ball in the garge (which get pretty wild). I fixed them pancakes, bacon and eggs. Now they're out hunting with BB guns and pellet guns... I love having all the boys over!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fun at the Ranch

This morning we loaded up and went up to Channing to the ranch. I know people probably think I'm weird, but I'm always taking pictures of the cows. You gotta love a pretty set of cows... these will have their 2nd calf in the spring.

They have been putting in some new gates, an entrance and working on the pens. We went to check out the handy work! It looked good.... As you can see in the picture below... they used Roll-a-Cone punch out materail. The circles are where they punch out plow discs for Roll-a-Cone plows. These panels make a great easy, fast, efficient fence.

On the south side there's a plateau.... KD drove to the top of it and we had a pretty cool view.

A picture using my self timer and the hood of the pickup!

My little guys.... the BIG town of Channing in the background!

Love my boys!

Antelope!!!! We saw several big herds of them.

We came across this cute little family of white tail deer.... they sure were gentle!

This little buck thought he was a stud, because he let me snap several pictures.

More pictures of my guys... they put an alley in at these pens.

Locking up! Wish we had more time to go to ranch, hopefully in the future!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Hunting Crew

Last weekend we hosted a big pheasant hunt. Jim Bob brings a whole crew from the San Antonio and we have loads of fun. The sad thing is that they didn't get many birds. We don't know why it was such a bad year but it was.

Tate with a few birds.

Mr. Pake all bundled up... it was just 17 that morning when they headed out.

Justin and KD putting steaks on the rim. Now we did cook a steak dinner!

Look at those ribeyes!

KD and Randy B chewing the fat.

The Pheasant hunt is always a large time. I love to fill up my house and we did that. We had 12 guys and 2 dogs. Until next year and we hope the bird hunting is better!

A Visit with Aunt Pat

I love this picture of the boys walking with Scout

We had a Thanksgiving lunch with Pat in Muleshoe. Bet yall can't guess where we ate! Leals.... the best Mexican food EVER. This is Aunt Pat with her great neices and nephews.

Trail and Tater were going to try to catch a praire dog with a net. Oh man these guys are something else. They worked hard trying to catch a critter, but I guess they didn't have any luck.

Pake and Miss Scout We always enjoy our visits to Aunt Pat's.