Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Adams Family

 We had the WHOLE Adams family over for lunch and pictures.  Thanks to Ron and Kylene for taking them for us.... it was an ordeal.  But everyone was patient and cooperative and I think we managed to get everyone's mug shot.  My husband comes from a family of 5 boys, so I will start with the youngest son....

This is baby of the family.... Joe Wayne, Julia, Cimmaron and Kaitlyn. 
Aren't the girls too cute?  And you usually won't catch them without their cowgirl boots.

 Yall already know who these punks are...

 This is the middle child.... Delwin, Kyser, Kristie, Kendi, Marli and Ty. 
 See Kyser, Tate's twin, they are in the same grade
and I forsee them getting into some trouble at some point.

 Drew, Dexter (also know as Uncle Cracker), Bailey, Sherry, Brenden and Aaron.  These kids show pigs and I think they probably have like 16 pigs... now my boys want pigs =)

The oldest son is Kennen.....
Bradley, Ashton and his wife Jaime, Clay Bret, Joni Sue, Becky, Tyleigh (Ashton's daughter) and Kennen
They live in east Texas, too far away, but they visit a couple times a year.  They have an Amish Furniture Store and I really want to go and visit some day soon!

So here's the whole crew with Grandma Bryd and Freva and Don Adams

And then here are all the grandkids and one great grand.... are yall confused yet?  I know my boys griped and some of the other guys griped because we made them take these pictures... BUT won't we be so glad 20 years from now.  WOW I wonder how big the picture will be in 20 years?  BIG I bet.

So thanks for letting me share KD's side of the family. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Windmill

This is my Christmas!  A windmill! 

Oh wait, I already have a windmill.... a real one!  But it's still laying on its side, with its head in bits and pieces out back at the farm shop.  See KD has been reeeaaally busy and hasn't had time to put up my windmill.  So this morning, we let the boys open a Christmas present (and yes now they're playing Mario Cart and I will never get to watch TV in my living room again... but that's another story) and KD mentions that he had a Christmas present for me.  I was furious because we'd already said we weren't doing Christmas with each other this year, because well quite frankly I'm spoiled rotten as it is... anyway he presents this box to me and I open it, and there it was the cutest durn little windmill I've ever seen in my life.  It's like approximately 4 inches tall, and all the little details and parts are there.  KD snickers and says there's your windmill, then he promptly mentions that it was all Chad's idea...  I guess Chad is dreading my windmill project.  Chad you must remember who signs your check ha/ha!  Well I'm actually very proud of my miniature windmill and it just makes me look forward to seeing my 30 ft tall windmill in the yard.  So ha/ha the jokes on me but I like it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mi Familia

 We're a wild crazy bunch!  Can't you tell?
 So who are all these crazy folks? 
Summer, Hope, Tripp, Trail and Autumn Townsend
Mimi and Papa aka... Janey and Preston Wood
Pat Lindley
Reno, Tori, Riley and Scout Smith
Tandy, Tate, Kerry Don, and Pake Adams

And I just had to throw in the cute picture of Mimi and Papa, just cuz I really like Mimi's boots.  Yall know Papa made them right?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cowhide and Zebra

I fell in love....... with these pillows!

I found this lady from Oklahoma at the Ranch Rodeo that made them just for me.

See I have this ottoman and I wanted some pillows to go with it. Did I mention I'm in love with my ottoman too? I have always loved zebra and I finally figured out how to put it with my western stuff. Now, the only problem is I only ordered two pillows, so I hope Santa knows that I really need a couple more =)

A couple of months ago, I got this cabinet.... did I mention I'm in love with it too?

So while I'm talking about my house, I thought I'd include pictures of my new textured walls. The hall is turquoise with a brown glaze. I kinda went for it on this, but I"m so glad I did!

Then upstairs the walls are red with a brown glaze. Tami and her Aunt Mary did an awesome job. If you ever need any work done I would definetly recommend them!
So, the Backwards K has received a little makeover and it's been so much fun!
Tori requested this blog.... so this one's for you Tori Beth!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Huntin' Weekend

The first Saturday in December is the opening day for pheasant season. It's one of my favorite weekends of the year. It's always good to see the crew from south TEXAS. We've started an awesome tradition.

This guy is our favorite. He's a pretty cool cat.

The boys follow him around everywhere, because he lets them shoot his
JUDGE (a pistol that's like a shotgun..... not real sure I'm no expert on guns).

See Pake carrying the pistol.... these boys are 11 going on 20.

The crew heading out to walk a field.

Here they're walking through stalks, where Chuck shot one bird.

What a pretty bird!

So then, they're off to the next field.... hoping to scare up a few more birds.
As Tate, told me, "Momma you don't have to be quiet hunting pheasant because we're trying to scare them out!" I'm thinking it's a good thing because I know he can't be quiet.
I don't know where he got that from. ;)
The boys have more fun, maybe some day they'll be leading the crew just like their DAD.

Everyone is already used to my picture taking and they are somewhat cooperative,
well maybe not the dogs though.

Then, they cooked steaks, and they are the greatest!

We had a BIG crowd.

Randy B says it's good, but he's saving room for Sopapilla Cheesecake, too!

And I want to thank these girls for helping out,
cooking desserts, salads, and sides, and for washing dishes.
These chicks ROCK!
So the big hunt, has come and gone, once again.
Before we blink our eyes it'll be this time next year!
So until next time, happy hunting to all!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Time

We had a turkey injectin' PARtay!

Everyone was pretty interested.

Seriously how could you go wrong, injecting a turkey with 5 lbs of butter and seasonings. YUM

KD put Coey to work!

He tried to make me. I was good for about 5 shots and I said ok this is man's job.

I hope everyone gobbled 'til they wobbled.

TX Tech -vs- Weber State

Tech played Weber State and the cool part is that Linc's cousin plays for Weber.
Pake went to the game with the Rousseau crew. They even had purple shirts.

Notice Pake has his Tech jacket over the purple tshirt.

All the kids looked cute in purple, rootin' for their cousin.

Gotta love the Red Raiers though.

Gotta love the Masked Rider too!

Even Judy loved the game and was a Tech fan even if it was just for a day. I'm trying to convince her that red and black is much prettier than that dirty ole burnt orange.
Also, on this day, I took my Special Education Supplemental EXcET test.
I finally got the results and.........
Guess what??? I PASSED, I PASSED!!!!! I'm so excited and relieved!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Judy's First Rodeo

Can yall believe Judy Bug has NEVER been to a rodeo?

Well I'm proud to say, I got to take her to her FIRST!
We got to see Riley carry the flag,

and ride a bronc, too!

Sandhill Cattle Co. had a good time in the pennin'!

Bryce Chapman put on a great trick ropin' show too!

We got to see Mimi and Papa and Aunt Pat!

Best of all I finally got to see baby RENO again,

and his Momma, my favorite sis!

Plus, cousins got to see cousins, and what could be better than all that?!