Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Sports

Fall sports are over.... We had fun though! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Building Modules

My oldest is all grown up.  He's been working on the cotton harvest crew. 
Kinda makes me sad... sniff, sniff

He runs the module builder all by himself... well except for his little helper. 
He's not too fond of little brother helping though... he says he doesn't need his help or want it.

These big ole deeres strip the cotton that my punk packs into a module. 
In fact, he was called to the field on our way home, and that's where he is as we speak....
In the meantime, Tater and I are off to his last soccer game. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hornet Homecoming

Last week was homecoming in hornet land! 

The homecoming queens rode in a convertible.  My niece was a candidate!

The court was beautiful and they decided to go barefoot.

So we put their shoes under their chairs.

Did I mention my niece, Marli, was a candidate?

Did I mention my niece was crowned THS Homecoming queen? 

Did I mention Tate had a date?

Pake did too!

Then, we played some hornet football and the hornets fought hard.  Unfortunately our little team has already been plagued with major injuries. However, I bet these kids will always remember their homecoming!

Note:  I antiqued these photos. Y'all like?  Dislike? 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Justin Bradley's Benefit Ranch Rodeo

Last night we honored an outstanding man and he just happened to be a cowboy.  A cowboy that we sure are missing.  Everytime I see his paint horse it hits me that he really is gone.  Everyone came together this weekend to celebrate Justin's life and donate to his wife and baby Pecos who we all can't wait to meet.  It always amazes me how so many people come together and do awesome things at times like these.  Thanks to everyone that donated and helped with the rodeo and silent auction.
There are so many people to recognize but Nicki Sturgess, I just want to say you did an awesome job with the silent auction!

And thanks to all the cowboys too!  There were 26 teams! 

The Happy Toy Maker is always a hit with the kids.  Yes Tate won a set of panels in the silent auction.  He had more fun bidding and watching the bid to make sure he still had it. 

KD helped Keith cook.  Thanks Keith for all your hardwork.

Tripp entered Sandhill. Thank you Sandhill, Tripp, Riley and Red and the other guys on the team! 
 Sandhill was second and they donated their winnings back to Brittany and Pecos.  I can't thank you guys enough.  I also want to thank Bonnie Concho for donating a cap to the silent auction.

Another awesome thing happened last night, Tripp's friend Rodey from the winning team gave his buckle to Pake..... it's the sweetest thing I've ever experienced in my life.  Brings a tear to my eye.

Pake is one happy kid. 

Rodey Wilson thank you for doing something so special for my boy.
  I wish I had a picture of Rodey and Pake.... maybe we can get one at the finals in November.

I wanted to share this picture of Kerry Don, Tate, Alan Sturgess,
JoeByrd, Jim Cope, Justin and Pake a few years ago after working calves.

Justin will always be remembered by our family, especially everytime we work cattle. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pake's First Big Hunt

Pake shot his first antelope at the ranch last weekend. 

I think he's hooked.
Now he wants to shoot
a deer,
an aoudad,
an elk,
a moose,
a BEAR...
not really I just know that he was one happy fellar!

Football y Futbol

It's fall y'all and with fall comes football and in our case futbol (aka soccer) too!

Pake's a big bad 7th grader and he's playing "real" football for the Tulia Dobbers.

He's been playing defensive corner.

The Dobbers are 2 for 2.

Tater is playing futbol on the Magic team.  By the way, that's cousin Jerzi on the opposing team.

Tater Jack has scored a few goals.  Team Magic is 3-1.

Then after soccer we head over for football practice. 
Tater is also playing 3rd & 4th grade tackle football for the Hornets.  I've always said there's no way we'd do two sports at once, but see Tater has lots of energy and we're trying to keep him busy.

It's the first year for these guys to play tackle football, but they're learning and having a blast. 

The ole Excursion has a few more miles on it.... but it's been fun!