Monday, September 28, 2009

What a Weekend!

Pake was playing football on the trampoline with Hunter and Tate.... guess he kissed the side and ended up with this nice little gash. I said guys, "How do you play football on the trampoline?" Tate says, "Mom you just say HUT, HUT!"

On the way to the ER, I got to thinking that Pake could have a concussion. So I ask Pake if he thinks he thinking straight. So Tate says, "Hey Pake what's 4+4" Pake says, "8" Tate says, "He's fine Mom he knows what 4+4 is"
Anyway, Pake ended up with these nice pretty 8 stitches :( He was very BRAVE!

Kerry Don and I went on a nice little road trip... We saw some country we've never seen in Arizona and New Mexico .

I have seen pictures of cactus but never realized there are pastures that are covered in cactus.... they were cool! I'm not sure the ranch owners like them all that much though.

Then, we went on this little scenic route that was a little rougher than we bargained for!

This is Salt Creek Canyon.... didn't really get that good a picture... the deep part is in the shadow. It was plenty steep and curvy!

Of course, you know we had a golf! It was a nice little course in Gallup.

We only went about 1600 miles from Thursday evening - Sunday afternoon.... but it was a good trip! I was glad Pake's incident didn't happen while we were gone... I don't think Tami would have been too happy about an ER visit :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy - Ralls

We footballed it this weekend. We started out Saturday morning in Happy for Tate's flag football game. He's on the Texans team! They played really good for their first time. We're looking forward to a fun season. Brenden is on Tate's team so that makes it fun too!
I was also keeping the girls for Tami this weekend.... so Pake and Tate had their own cheerleading squad.

The girls with Tate!
Rali and Jerz

Meg, Pake and Jerzi

The Texans... Brenden#10 and Tate #2

The Texans didn't come out on top but they played hard and had fun... the score was 12 -20 against Happy Black.

Pake, Lee (covering his face), Jaxton, Logan, Tanner, and in front Hunter O and Beto all 5th graders from Tulia playing for the Gators. The Gators also have some boys from Naz on their team.

Mr Pake.... He's having a great time playing tackle and he's learning alot! We had to travel all the way to Ralls for their game... but it was worth it! They lost too(6-12), but they had a great game. We're looking forward to another week... we just can't believe that it's already the 4th week of school!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Pake played in his first tackle football game. He looks so big in his pads, I can hardly believe he's old enough. Before I know it, he'll be graduating high school. The Gators didn't win but I thought they did really good!

My boys with their Daddy in the background.

Tori and Scout came to the game.... I think Pake was real glad to see them. It was great to get to visit with Tori and play with Scout. She's growing up WAY to fast too!

Pake #80

Scout wasn't having Tate lean up against her for a picture.

The boys on their first day of school!
Well school's off to a good start.... Looks like we're going to be pretty busy with football for several weeks. We're also looking forward to watching the Red Raiders this season!