Monday, April 22, 2013

The "C" Word Update

I decided to update my journey with the "C" word.  I had a 2nd surgery after my lumpectomy.  The margins were a little close on one side, so they wanted to take a little more to make sure they got it all.  I just got the results back today that there was no cancer in the pathology from my 2nd surgery. Yipeee!! I was super glad to get positive news.  My chemo will probably start on May 7th.  I had really been hoping for no chemo, but fortunately I only have 4 treatments 3 weeks apart. Then I will have 7 weeks of radiation 5 days a week.  The way I figure it I will have chemo May 7th, May 28th, June 18th, and July 9th.  Then, I will have radiation July 22nd - September 6th.  The dates may not all work out exactly that way, but at least now I sorta have a timeline and I sorta know what the future holds. Ever since I was diagnosed, I have just wanted to do what I had to get rid of it.  I wanted it done, over with, period, but it doesn't exactly go that way.  I went through waiting for this appointment, waiting for this blood test result, waiting for that test result, waiting for my next surgery, waiting on those results and so on.  I just felt like I was going to go crazy not knowing and not being able to plan (I think God might have been working on my patience lol).     I feel very fortunate that they caught it early and I'm on the road to being done with this!  I know it could be WAAY worse.  I have been through every emotion from sad, to mad, to feeling sorry for myself, to not wanting to see people, etc... However, I am determined to carry on with my regular life.... this is NOT going to get me down.   My prayers are with all those ladies out there going through the same battle.  I'm thankful for my husband, boys, family and friends.  They have all been so supportive and caring during this time.  Now, I just have to go wig shopping LOL!  

Thursday, April 18, 2013


We got a new piece of farm equipment... really!   It's very useful on the farm for building fence, changing sprinkler flats, chasing cows, hauling stuff, the possibilities are endless. 
I call it the BEAST!  It's also very useful at the ranch!
It's great on long trail rides.
It climbs big rocks!

It also hauls kids!  Ok, ok while the new ranger is a great asset on the farm,
it's also a toy and I know we are going to have lots of fun with it!

We had crew down at the ranch last Sunday afternoon. 

I had to include this cute couple... my nephew and his sweet thang.

The crew on top of rooster head rock... thanks Barb for taking the picture!

Target practice.

I was hiking along and saw a rock come flying through the plateau...
the kids were on the other side.... I love this rock with a hole in it!

Some punks beside the rock with a hole it it!

KD and Cracker across the way!

Auodad... we came up on a herd.

KD sliding down through the famous "crack."  Everyone had to climb up the crack...
except for me... I've gotten smarter!

Miss Meg made it up and down the crack... she's cool like that!

Here's the crew making the hike down from the crack. 

Then we had a picnic under the bridge. 
 We had a "BEAST" day at the ranch! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Game Cam

Pake has a hog trap at the ranch (he built it himself), but he still hasn't caught a hog yet!

We take rotten grain to bait the trap.

Pake has a game cam mounted on the tree near the feeder.

He changes out the sim card.
The exciting part is getting home and checking out what kind of critters were caught on cam.

First off, I've got to get Pake to change the date lol.... 
Hello Mr. Raccoon!

Seems there are plenty raccoons around!

Hello Mrs. Deer

Another raccoon, stop eating the hog bait!

Hello again, Mrs. Deer, same for you sista!  Stop eating all the rotten grain... it's for the hogs!

Mrs. Deer please go tell your hog buddies to come on down!

Ok now we're talking!  Hello there, Mr Auodad!

Hey wait, come back!  You can come live at our house... on the wall =)

So no hogs on the cam!  One of these day.... one of these days!

What time is it?

What time is it?  Yeah?  Don't you know!?  It's RANGER time!  Last weekend we were in Arlington for the 2nd Rangers game of the season.  It was exciting, the company was great, the stadium is awesome, the entertainment was great, the food was great, our friends were fun, ummm what else.... NO they didn't play well.  No they did NOT win!  But we did get to see a few home runs.

Rick, Judy, me and KD.... and that's my old principal behind us in the orange cap.  
Hi Mr. H!  I had to behave myself!

Thanks to a friend of ours (we happen to buy all kinds of insurance from him), we had a suite!   

The Suite was SWEET!

Katie Beth, JBug and I

All the players watching from the dugout.  They've been playing great ever since the game we attended.... maybe someday we'll go back and take the boys and they'll win!  In the meantime, Let's GO Rangers!