Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let's play in the MUD

It rained!  It was muddy!  We loved it!  We played in it!  We got stuck too!

Kerry Don also found this crawdad.  We went through a creek and the water washed through the Ranger's floorboard.  KD happen to look down and saw him.  Crazy!  

Jerzi, Rustie, Rexie, Meg, Tate, Pake & Bray

Love our ATVs!

This is one of our favorite look outs!

Rustie and Rexie.  Bless her heart she's on crutches, but she wasn't about to let it stop her from playing in the mud!

Lots of muddy water!

Want to go swimming in the mud?

Rustie, Meg, Cade, Tate, Pake & Bray

We call this Kristie's Place and we love to see it running!

Did I mention we got stuck?

We had lots of fun playing in the mud at both the ranch and the lake with lots of fun family and friends!
KD, Tate, Bray, Pake, Dusty & last but not least Mr. Newt down in front!

This Muddy Memorial Day Weekend will go down in the books, because we finally got some rain. 
It was good to see some mud and a rainbow too!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend Trip to Ruidoso

Last weekend we headed over to Ruidoso for the weekend. Tate rode with cousin DeDe on the trike and with Oakely one of the many dogs on this trip.

This special couple who happen to be KD's Aunt and Uncle were our awesome hosts.

The boys were up to no good of course.

Did I mention dogs on the trip.... yep Daisy, Oakely and Bootsy.

Kennedy, DeDe, KD and Pat 

The guys worked installing a new ceiling fan for Miss Pat for her birthday.

This is the back side of the cabin.... see the doggy stairs they have installed.... yes it's all about the dogs!

My new baby made the trip, but she didn't make it down the doggy run just yet.

It was all about the motorcycles too.... I like this Harley of Dan's with the longhorn on the front.

All the kids.... Jerzi, Rustie, Rexie, Rali, Meghan, Pake, Bray, Tate & Matthew

My precious boys that NEVER fight and I'm NEVER sarcastic.

So my big purchase: this mariachi band.  I love them so much!

Bootsy had a great weekend too, but she was ready for the ride home. 
Can't wait to go back to the cabin!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tulia Firefighter Golf Tournament

Tate requested to play in a golf tournament for his birthday.  
I said sure, why not?  So Tate and Pake golfed..... BUT not together!  lol
They had separate teams and quite frankly that is better for all involved.

Tate golfed with, JD, Chris and Peyton Watson.  Peyton and Tate are golfing buddies.  

Tate putting

Karson putting

My golfer boys

Hunter, Pake, Karson and Zach did a great job for 3 freshmen and sophomore.

They all had a great day and golfed for a great cause.  
Our fire departments are very important, especially during this drought!  
Pray for RAIN!  And golf when you can =)

Monday, May 12, 2014

KD's Fishing Trip to Venice

Yep KD went fishing in Venice.  Venice, Louisiana that is!    

Venice is past New Orleans. 
 KD said they drove with water on both sides and they went until water was in front of them.  
It's waaaaaaay down there. 

1st day - Redfish

2nd day- Tuna
Jeff C., KD, Jeff J., JB & Wade

KD said the tuna weighed close to 100#s


Reelin one in!

I can't remember the name of this fish, but evidently JB thought it was a good one!

3rd day - Amberjack and Tuna

They also saw this WHALE.  I'm pretty sure they had a whale of a good time. 
 KD said he felt like he'd been to fishing 2 a-days.... lol!  I said, "Bless your heart!"

Friday, May 9, 2014

Work at the Ranch

The bull dozer man who is a pretty cool guy I might add, came out to the ranch to work on some of our trails.

This was an old mule trail (we think) and he made it into a road for us! 

We were so excited!  Yes we get excited about things like this!

Come to find out the neighbor's cows got excited too and they moseyed on down the trail onto our ranch.  Problem is, there are not water tanks on our side!  Anyway, we had to herd them back and put up a gate.  It's a pretty fancy gate!  LOL  Hopefully it will keep them out though considering it's this flimsy hog panel gate with a cliff right beside it.

We let some of the cows out at the water gap.  Who the heck is that you ask?  None other than KD's brother aka Cracker.  

Speaking of Cracker, he painted the gate and Drew made our sign.  

Cracker is also crazy enough to climb windmills.  Hopefully, we'll have water there soon.  That'll make everyone happy!

It'll especially make this herd of auodad happy!

We also had this trail bull dozed.  After we had tried to blow up this rock with tannerite, but I'll leave that whole story for another time.  

These boys went for a hike too and let me tell you they're almost like auodad.... they can cover some ground. 

After all that, it's sure nice to hang out by the fire by the plateau at the ranch.