Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Action Shots

I've really been getting a kick out of my camera, because I can catch soo much more action.





Goofing off........

Falling off......

Long Jumping......
This is just some of the action from my boys. I can't catch everything, but I try...
Now my computer is running out of memory =)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Branding Calves

One of my favorite times of year is when it's time to brand calves.

The cowboys start gathering at first sun up.

We got up at 4:30 to get there in time to catch all the action.

This one is alittle bit on the serious side.

These are your Tulia boys that cowboy for us all the time. I happen to think they're pretty good guys. Here they're sorting the Mommas off their babies

The Boss Man looking over his calf crop... I don't think he was disappointed.

Cousins having a nice visit over some calf nuts.

Tater playing with... well yall know what it is. He happens to think it's funny.

Cowboy Alan draggin a calf to the fire.

Flankin... it takes talent! Really it does.

The cowboys helped my boys with the little calves.
There weren't many small enough for them to tackle.

They loved it! And they felt very important!

I just love this picture, because the pink shirt cowboy was sure concentrating.
But let me tell you, those big calves will kick your pockets off.

Tater attempted to ride a calf, for one jump anyway.

We picked up donuts on the way.... everyone needed a snack.

Then, Walter counted 'em and sent them back out with their Mommas! Whew, that was hard work.... well not for me I just took pictures. But it was fun!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hauling Motorcycles

All my life I imagined myself, hauling horses! Little did I know I'd be hauling motorcycles, instead. I don't guess I'd change a thing though. Traci and I took the boys to Claude to ride on a new different, cool ,out-of-this-world (according to the boys) dirt bike track.... it was for Hunter's birthday! Ray and Cheryl came over to watch too.
Pake and Hunter drove the Excursion out to hook up to the trailer, and then loaded all the dirt bikes all by themselves. I have to say, I was kind of impressed and sad at the same time, with the realization that they're getting WAAAY too big for their own britches.

Adams and Owens boys love to ride!

Riding high!

This is my baby...

He's not much of a baby anymore.......

This is one of my favortie pictures of the day.

This track was cool! I mean really cool! I like the BIG jump....
I think it looks like someone's backside... mine actually! BIG anyway!

Mr. Brooks O on his 2 cycle KTM, 2 cycle motors sound cool!
(note to self: don't forget Brook's special gas next time - Of course Papa Ray saved the day)

Hunter O, my other left handed son! (he's actually Traci's but I claim him sometimes... I even made him eat black eyed peas the other day!)

The boys were in heaven....

Traci and her boys posed for a picture on the way back at Claude's Crossing. Pretty cool VIEW!

It's days like these that we make memories that we'll never forget!
On the way home, Tater already wanted to know when we can go back!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prom 2010

The PROM was a great success! It was fun to see the kids all dressed up and enjoying it!

We decorated on Friday night and my boys helped too!

They had to steam iron all the chair covers and tie the bows... there were only 80 chairs.

My friends Judy and Christy helped out too!

Tate, Aunt Sher and Pake (the birthday boy)...
what a way to spend his birthday, helping decorate for PROM!

Even my H3 got to come to prom... Bailey and her date Chaz!

I loved this old car! Several girls came in it as a group.

My friend Paula and her daughter Lexee... two really sweet girls.

That's me and my neice Bailey... it's so hard to believe she's old enough to go to PROM...

The Moms did such an outstanding job on the food tables. And the food was great too!

They even had a chocolate fountain.

This girl said, "Look Miss a chocolate waterfall!"

I love all the pretty dresses and hairdos. My favorite dress was Roosey's, she's front and center.

Bailey and her friends... The other girl is an exchange student from Germany.
She smiled the whole time!

The DJ tricked everyone into doing the Hokey Pokey... even the principal!

Taylor crowned the Prom Queen.

And we ended the evening by presenting the THS PROM 2010 King and Queen!
I was so relieved for it to all be over and alittle sad at the same time.
I hope the kids made lifelong memories! I know I'll never forget it.