Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tar Baby

This is a road..... a road that we happen to drive down everyday, well when we go to town anyway.
This road needs some work every 5 years or so.... and no we can't call the highway department.
This road would be dirt if Papa Byrd hadn't paved it many years ago, I hear in the '60s.
I'm sure glad he paved it.  And I'm sure glad for my husband who repaved it.

This is the machine that KD used to spread the tar....
it's the orginal machine Papa used almost 50 years ago.....
KD said it's on its last leg, but it worked one more time.

Butch gives us the thumbs up as he heads out to spread the tar.
Tar is messy by the way.... you don't want it on your clothes, your feet, or your car that's for SURE!

Tarring the road really isn't that fun, but these guys managed a smile. 
Maybe it's because we took them burritos and gatorade.

I just knew yall would be SOOOO interested in this!
Tarring the road is a BIG deal, especially when your husband is the one doing it.
By the way, he wore the same clothes and boots for 3 days and we just threw them away.

Thanks again yall for letting me brag on my hubby, he's kinda awesome!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farewell Cowboy

 We lost a good cowboy today.  Justin we will miss you!

I loved taking Justin's picture.

He was awesome with the boys too! 

I'm really at a loss of words today, so saddened that Justin had to leave us at such a young age.
Unfortunately, my family understands this tragedy too well, as we lost our Dad to a horse accident too.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Justin Bradley's wife and family.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pretty Pendaries

Pendaries (pronounced pan-da-ray) is in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.
It's kinda pretty.

Maybe pretty doesn't even begin to describe it.

Pake liked Pendaries too!

I wouldn't mind going back to Pendaries. 
It was kinda pretty.
As for our golfing game, well that wasn't so pretty,
but we had a pretty good time!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Big BASS Story

Last weekend we discovered something pretty awesome.  We discovered
Lake Alan Henry located about 15 miles from Post, which is only about 2 hours from our casa.

See my oldest Mr. Pake Ryder, likes to bass fish.  He talks about bass fishing ALL the time, he will talk about bass fishing to anyone that will listen, AND he buys bass fishing stuff everytime we go to town.

Little brother, he likes bass fishing too, almost as much as brother, but he lacks patience. 
Well truth be told sometimes his Momma lacks patience as well.... I don't know where he got it from =)

As for the boss man, bass man, anyway, unlike our youngest, thankfully he has lots of patience. 
He has patience with all of us, untangling our lures, lines etc....  thank you Mr. K Dawg!
So, the good news is that everyone caught a bass the first day...... EXCEPT for me of course.

The next morning we got on the water at 6 AM.

It was a beautiful sunrise, and Pake was smiling because he just knew we were going to catch all kinds of bass. The bad news is that we didn't!  Not that morning anyway....

But finally I caught one!  This was my first BASS ever!  

Later that afternoon, at the Lodge, Tater caught a snake. I guess this snake really liked his rubber frog.
Anyway, I just had to throw this in there.... sometimes I'm random like that ;)

So on our last day of fishing, Mr. Pake continued to dominate and catch the most bass.

This nice large mouth bass was a whopping 2 pounds.

Yep Mr. Pake just kept catching and catching spotted bass and large mouth bass
until KD just pushed him in...

Then, I caught the 2nd bass of my whole life and he was so cute BUT so tiny. 
So I just decided to kiss my bass!

We finished off the day tubing.

The Little Red Bass Boat wasn't quite as fun as Big Green, the ole ski boat,
but the boys tubed their little basses off anyway!

Of course, they asked all the way home when we're going back.....
I have a feeling we'll see this lake again soon and hopefully we'll catch lots of bass!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Stilts?  Yes stilts!  So yall wonder what all we do for fun at MacKenzie Lake campground? 
Well, sometimes we walk on stilts!  Well I don't, but many others tried.

Justin and Kerry Don just had to try.

And by the way, Barb is the stilts owner. 
 She found these in an old barn and of course she can out do everyone.

Justin had to try to get on the tallest ones, too!

He did of course.

This picture just cracks me up... while Danny never walked on the stilts, he was sure helping Michelle.

The Montana kids walked on them too!   I'm so thankful my kids didn't try. 

Well except for this big kid of mine, he wouldn't give it up. 
I was scared to death we were going to be on the way to the ER, but thankfully no one fell, not even KD.

Walking on stilts is great entertainment.  Thanks Barb and Happy Birthday too!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Almost all the Adams' family were in town a couple weeks ago, so they all came over for hamburgers.

Brenden, Kaitlyn, Cimarron, Tate (he's mine in case you didn't know), & Kyser.
Kendi, Joni Sue, Marli, Clay Bret, Aaron, Ty, Drew & Pake (btw he's my oldest)
I hope I spelled every one's name correctly but I'm pretty sure I didn't, my sincere apologies.
I'm just glad Marli got them all together for a picture =)

Kerry Don, his brothers & parents chatting it up after supper.  I'm pretty sure there might have been some farm talk involved.  I couldn't be certain, but I'm thinking it's a strong possibility.

In the meantime, the Adams' sister-in-laws (bless our hearts) had a nice visit too!

I always enjoy when the whole family comes over to the Backwards K....
it just doesn't happen often enough!