Saturday, April 21, 2012


Easter at the Backwards K is always large.  This year we decided to have both my family and KD's.  It was a great time.  I'm kinda mad at myself for not getting more pictures, but I did get a few shots of the cute Easter Egg hunters.

Scout, Kaitlyn and Cimarron Adams (no they aren't twins, but they're cute huh?) and Mr. Reno

Reno really wasn't too worried about the egg hunting, but look out next year!

Tater is almost too big (his Mama is having a hard time admitting this) but he had to get in the middle of the hunting too!  KD and his brothers fried up some fish and it was delicious if I must say so myself.

LaRue and Mary Beth we missed yall!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rowdy Raccoons

The boys got lucky the other night.  While spot lighting, they came up on a couple raccoons. 

Pake called having a fit, said they needed some help because they had two raccoons held up in a culvert.  We loaded up to get in on the excitement.  When we got there, Pake had the Scout parked on top of the culvert.  Pake had his gun sticking out on his side and Bray had his out on the otherside.  Maxie's ear were perked up in the back and of course Tate was waving the spotlight all over the place.  It was a funny sight to see.   KD shot into the culvert with some bird shot, that scared them out and Pake and Bray each shot one with their .22s. Talk about some excited boys!  Talk about some stinky raccoons!  And yes of course they put them in my freezer.....  welcome to my life!

Friday, April 6, 2012

rOcKs and more rOcKs

It's been a while y'all and I apologize.... been BUSY, BUSY!  I also apologize for this post because my pictures didn't load in the right order and I can't fix it with out starting over and frankly my dears today I don't give a... oh never mind I'm in hurry because I'm BUSY!  lol
Well I wanted ROCKS and FINALLY after a year of asking, KD loaded up the crew and we went to the ranch and got ROCKS!  I wanted really big rocks, but rocks are heavy! I know yall didn't know that but they are REAL heavy.  The little John Deere picked up some pretty nice rocks though and now they're in my yard and that makes me happy.  Who knew rocks like this could make a girl soooooo happy?  I told KD at least I'm into these rocks and not the kind that go on your finger ;)

This is really the rock I want in my yard but I think we'd have to move the house! 
Peace love and rOcKs